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Jacob Christopher
Buffalo, NY    All works ¬©Jacob Christopher unless noted otherwise. Honestly, if you have to steal my words be my fucking guest; I'll just create more and you ...
Christopher KD
Bronx NY    Son Friend Brother Romantic Seaman Drunk Poet
The Tinkerer
24/M/New Zealand    Indian I believe in the power of language and the influence of perspective. A Wanderer, A Ponderer. An Amateur Poet I say it as I ...
K Balachandran
Kerala, India    Poetry to me is self exploration that reveals submerged landscapes, otherwise one is unaware of.I love to read fiction and poetry.As a daily news journalist ...
India    An awake dreamer...
Kelly Rose
F/Port Charlotte, FL    Love to read, love to learn I don't claim to be a poet, just set down thoughts and feelings Sometimes see life through a dark ...
John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo
Shady Pines NC    I am a Barroom poet and fulltime drinker and published poet and writer . I am a former comedian and you can also hear me ...
cody dale
Tx    is there a love for a broken heart? a heart with out love that is nothing other than hate but of course who am i ...
Jamie King
you know    "Having yielded up his lusts, his errors, his opinions and prejudices, he has entered into possession of the knowledge of God, having slain the selfish ...
Sam August
Boston    So many words. Read between the lines and ye shall find. "Follow your nose!"
Liz And Lilacs
America    My writing is from the heart. I spend little time planning my poems. A thought pops into my head and I give it freedom. All ...
Cameron is real
just a wanna be who loves to write
I am no poet, not even close. Everything submitted here will be completely reflective of my life: Past, present, and future. I need to share ...
Daniel Arocho
Georgia    I'm a twenty something musician and teacher. If you're liking what you're reading let me know! I'm always game for a little old chit chat.
Daniel Mashburn
26/M/Cumming, GA   
Shyanna Ashcraft
West Virginia    Hey!!! I'm Shyanna, you can call me Shy. I love anything creative (music, art, and of course writing,) and am always open to new ideas ...
Ria Nagpal
Singapore    Ria Fresh, charming, composed, pragmatic Sibling of none Lover of chocolates Who fears parasites Who needs a candy a day Who gives love and friendship ...
Arlo Disarray
In your imagination    I'm not here to save the world, or destroy it. Simply, just to live in it.
tertius oculus
i bleed ink.
Abigail de Jesus
Canada    Filipino-Canadian

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