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SamBee Jul 2017
my girl body sits in the nurse’s office
yellow room with blue cushioned seats that have arm rests that are too high
there isn’t a curtain to draw between the sick and the waiting
and I hate it ‘cause it makes me think
what is wrong with them what is wrong with me

they tell me I have to take the eye exam to prove it
but I’ve been telling them for months I am blind
and yes, I messed up bad
abandoning the boy in the woods
but I just couldn’t see him anywhere anymore
so it’s not my fault really that he died
it just happened like that
  Dec 2016 SamBee
The year is almost ending
oh how fast 2016 had been
It almost seems like everything is still the same
Yet a lot of things are different
I haven't written anything for months
and now I feel like a bucket filled with
water from a faucet streaming more,
overflowing and have nowhere else to
go but wherever the ground leads it.
I've been through a lot
Yet still not enough
My mind is filled with thoughts
Yet my heart still feels empty
What a year, this year has been.
  Dec 2016 SamBee
i may just be a player
in the game of life,
and to you i'm nothing but
a side character.

that's okay, but
to me you're center stage
right along with me.
SamBee Dec 2016
spend half the time ~zonin'~
the other half honin' skills
stack my thrills
******* laced
in your face
queens come first
but don't worry b,
you still a king to me
now sing for me
and trust me,
when I give love
it don't lack in lustin'
could be you me and cleo
folding out for a trio
now it's time to bust it

Think funkyyy
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