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lilac Jul 2019
pink cheeks and saccharine eyes
cover the briar roses
a flower escapes her lips,
but the thorns cut her throat

sweet, smart, and kind
the fairy godmothers say.
a rose for her, a kiss from him
on lips as pink as dawn.
lilac Jun 2019
I throw away the letters,
ponder the scene.
I drown in the numbers,
cry in the shower,
pluck at the pillows
and stare at the pictures.

I sit in my room
with no place to go,
rip apart the numbers,
sing in my soul.
ok idk
lilac Apr 2019
my desperation lies somewhere
between a pumpkin carriage and
glass slippers.

my truth is cinder ashes;
of feet too big or too small,
of a dress cinched so tight I
cannot breathe.
i haven't been on here in so long eep
happy poetry month !!
lilac Oct 2017
i live
in a world with dust bunnies
lilac Oct 2017
tick tock goes a mind,
a mind so in love

tick tock goes the clock,
time rushing by.

tick tock,
nothing left
but a sad heart.
tick tick tick tick booom
lilac Oct 2017
they caught a glimpse of my heart,
broken, tore, shattered, stitched

trembling hands to hold up the sun,
heavy shoulders with pleading whispers

a burden too heavy,
and a glimpse at my heart.
wha t
lilac Oct 2017
trying and sobbing and
all to get better in a
perfectionist kind of world
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