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  Apr 2015 Rosalie Walker
New damage
new separation
and stitching
awaits sealing
and new union..
Knife and fork
breaking bread
for inner rising
in new strength..
Surgery on high
removed a rib
Eve's attraction
urges re-joining..
A line reading
linear distortion
yearns for
whole in-sight..
Surgery creates
and stimulates a
New Day...
  Apr 2015 Rosalie Walker
D Connolly
You said
The most brilliant thing
You said it was
Like a heart surgery
But he was only a
Surgeon in training
And had neglected to
Mention beforehand
That it was only
Exploratory cardiac surgery;
And it was just for his
Simmering curiosity
(He couldn't have carried
Out a simple angioplasty?)

That he cut the aorta
That's what you said
And his curiosity subsided;
And he left as you bled.
Someone I know used a brilliant metaphor the other day.
  Apr 2015 Rosalie Walker
I feel sorry for the moon for what he has to see every night.

The madness of people that only shows when the sun leaves.

I feel sorry for the moon, he cannot run away.

I'm too selfish to let him go.

I know he suffers from his undying love for the sun.

I know he whispers apologies in the night air hoping for the sun's forgiveness.

I know the sun will never listen.

I feel sorry for the moon for he is alone and can never live without the sun.

I feel sorry for the moon for the shame he carries on his back.

Heavy and hidden.

I'm falling for the moon and he will never know.
  Apr 2015 Rosalie Walker
Most days I find it hard to look in the mirror.
At times,
I convince myself that nobody would miss me.
If I were gone,
My scars tell stories that I wish I could keep,
To myself.
I cry for no reason.
And have trouble figuring out the way I'm
Suppose to function,
When my mind is such a scary place..

*But I got out of bed this morning,
          That's a start...
  Apr 2015 Rosalie Walker
They say that
once you've grown up,
you're going to make

I ask you,
Have you done
any mistakes?
Mistakes that are worth
of many dreams
you wished to pursue,
but then
crushed by any of our
idiotic decisions?

I tell you,
my dear beloved heart,
you're right.

It was idiotic,
but dear heart,

are just chances
you took
and see it
as if
it was a huge

Dear heart,
where are you now?

You've gone through enough.

And now,
you can be
the wingless angel
that few can adore.

you can be
a hornless demon
that everyone cursed for.
  Apr 2015 Rosalie Walker
we slept to drugs and loud music
hopping in cars, drinking beers, cutting our hair
with stick and poke tattoos that faded and
lips that's touched each other's and the taste
of salt from tears and she's a sunset,
she's the greeting to the moon coming home
she's the safety and comfort of a lover and
the anger and hope of a parent

we fell to soft, kind boys at the same time
with bandaged hearts and arms holding to
each other for strength and love
with big ideas and dreams and
stars in our eyes to match and
i am the sunrise, the kiss goodbye when
he leaves for work or school or for
another woman and i am the joy of a
child for exciting news and warmth of a
mother for devastation and we're full of
so much love.

she the waxing moon and i, waning
and we compliment each other to make
one big light that floods the ground with
sparkles in our energy
for my soul mate boo-bestie-baebae: maddi
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