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D Connolly Jun 2016
She's quiet nowadays
And she doesn't pick up the phone
But from facebook and snapchat I see
She's doing okay I guess, who knows.

I wish she'd let me in
And let me actually see
How she feels,
How her year has been.

I know she has a hard time really letting people in.
But I know I can crack her,
I'll eventually win.
D Connolly Oct 2015
I don't know what to do this time.
All I've ever wanted to do is help you,
It's the least you deserve.
D Connolly Oct 2015
She's perfection
And I need her to be the best
Have the best
It pains me
To feel her in pain
And I'm so happy
To know she
Has a 'crush'
She won't have one for long
She gets what she wants
She's a funny one
And she always gets what she wants
And when she gets him
I hope this one treats her
Like the
Piece of
That she is
  Oct 2015 D Connolly
kaylan joseph
Me and her are from dark places
She's from sharp razors of anxiety  
Cutting her vocal cords scared to speak of reality a broken voice that striped by her so called family
But to finally have some have someone listen to her raging thoughts and non parted lips seemed like an anomaly
So she told me what was on her mental
About the abuse from her dad
The fear of men who whistle at her
Men you harass like kids in a crowd yelling hey batter better to grab her a attention and tears fall from things she didn't want to mention I hug her and tell her what's wrong with me the loneliness of being in a room of people the depression creep and nightmare of creatures on top of me so from then we decided to speak with me taking care of her and her taking care of me
  Oct 2015 D Connolly
pluie d'été
What do you write to the saddest girl in the world?
Do you write about the beauty in the moon
The way its reflection
Stains the waves white?

Do you write about the way the rain
Falls on the surface
Of the water
And how it looks from underneath
Dancing with the oxygen
You exhale

Do you write about the wind
Non- existant leaves?

Do you tell her
About your cheeks stinging
When the sky is grey
And how it feels to have drizzle
Falling across your closed eyes?

Do you tell her about the little boys
Who pick flowers
Just to see her smile
Or the girls who spend minutes
Writing her name?

What do you tell the saddest girl in the world?

Do you tell her
That everything is infinite
Or that it is necessary
For all things great
To end?

Do you tell her
About the flowers
You see
And the smiles
You can no longer count

Or do you tell her about the flowers
That lose their petals when she
Forgets their beauty
And the people who fade away
When all she sees
Is grey

Do you tell her
When you miss her smile
Or do you kiss the tears
Off her cheeks
And dance with her
Across the bed
With rumpled sheets
And lines
And lines
Of sunlight

Do you tell her
That you love her
Without her sadness
(God, I hope you do)
But with it too

Or will you
Never tell her
The way she never tells you
And will you keep
The receipt
That she had written
About never telling the person you love
The most

How much you love them.
  Feb 2015 D Connolly
Jake Griffith
The only reason coal exists
Is to fuel the hatred
We have towards it,
Or  to blind us
With its pressurized beauty.
Just as paradoxical
As these thoughts
that fill me to the brim.
Contrast brings out
The brightly painted smile
You wear on your dull face,
And the warm façade
That covers your
Cold flesh.
The sun,
Keeping me warm,
And burning me
Just when I'm starting
to have fun.
You’re more than
Just a picture
I’m painting in my mind.
And you’re more than
The thousands of words
That could never explain it.
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