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  Dec 2018 Diane
Micrography-Mike D

You have brought back these feelings
Resurfaced those fears
Of the fire inside
that had so many tears
A weak flame that was dying
Alive once again
Has now muddied the line
between lover and friend

That's how it goes for me
I don't know about you
The words passing might be
in that moment were true
They kept traveling on
Possibly a comet
As my feelings grow strong
Expectations not met

Once again feel a fool
Even though it's not true
And my heart gave to you
Time again I will do
But this time not the same
It's because you weren't here
Could not reach out and touch
So our bodies weren't shared

Just the words that were said
And the sound of your voice
Resurrect from the dead
Could not stop; Had no choice
Seems like that's how it is
In your lasso I'm snared
All it takes is one tug
And again I will care

Pilot light to a stove
A slight twist and it strikes
You've invaded my heart
Bursting flame will ignite
But if carelessly handled
It's me who gets burned
Walked all over and trampled
Same dolt who won't learn

I have built up the walls
But we're both trapped inside
The tight space is so small
There's nowhere I can hide

Face-to-face with you now
It begins and it ends
I'll get through it somehow
Are we lovers or friends?
Written: October 30, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
Diane Dec 2018
It's 2:34 a.m. and you're not here with me tonight,
For all the days and nights I used to talk to you alright,
For all the parts of me you didn't see right,
And for all the mixed signals and now dimmed light..

To a universe full of wishes,
Full of hopes and dreams turned for a blind eye.
Times we were alone and hopeful..
Here's for us, once we never wished we'd end with a sigh.

Love can stare right at me
Tell me all its secrets and deepest desires
Love can kiss me and hold me
Yet I still teach myself to ignite a fire.

Love can be reading a book,
Solving a problem, or distance.
Love can tell me I'm beautiful..
Or it can teach me how to dance.

Now it's 3:13 am
I don't know why I don't see you alone
For what it's worth?
I can't stop staring at my phone.

For all the little things and the biggest smiles,
For your unprecedented touch and unknown feelings..
For the words I wish I can say,
It was 2:34 am when I didn't want you leaving.
Diane Apr 2017
For so long I've wondered how
Dreadful would it be
For me to forget how complicated
Things are between
You and my thoughts
At 12 am, caressing a cigarette.

Darling, you were the song to my music,
The dreaded prince to my long gone story
Of whatever happiness this world
Made me believe.

As I speak the words of longing,
My eyes wander to the stars,
Hoping you'd hear the hints of my
Bottled up emotions.

I am leaking.
Leaking with fear, self doubt.
I don't want to bleed
Bitter memories, ugly utterances of
How miserable it is
To love you.

I am spinning in one place,
Trying to stay, trying to heal
The cracks of my broken
Faith in you.

I love you, darling I do.
Even if I have bottled emotions that I'll never show you.
Out of the blue crap.
Diane Mar 2016
For even days, months, or years,
I see the world as if it was another plane,
A plane for curiosity, pain, and joy.

I breathe in simple air, as if my lungs were embedded with the same spark of freedom.

Though I walk with silver heels, as if I float along with my golden gown,
I never thought of thinking,
"How would it be amazing if my demons were in twined  with your angels?"

I look at you, as if your lips were the treasures I want to seek,
The life in your eyes takes me beyond than what I would think doing.

I touch you with a simple graze yet it is enough for me to pound myself into reality.

Though your arms were as gentle as the pillows I seek at night, I see to it that my heart is caged in a box, unless you shoot me a glare to think otherwise.

My dear, you are the best escort of the day.
I laugh at the idea that I am here, wishing to dance with your grace,
Wishing to learn to move with my demons craving for more,
And to the idea that your angels will never mine as someone much more.
Diane Jan 2016
It was never easy,
To love and maybe find somebody
Who would love
The whole.

What was unique?
You may ask with small verses
And even with rhymes.
But it was never easy
To fall, to tilt or to even glance
Right at the person you knew was enough.

It was never easy,
To stand up, look up and even breathe,
Because maybe you think that
Someday in this dark world,
There would someone
Enough for you.
And who would be
Satisfied with who you are.

But, for me, it was never easy,
thinking that someday, he would love someone more than I could.
And maybe in that someday, we are both in each other's arms, wishing that was never today

And it was never easy,
to heal your wounds, scratch the old skin, form a new life..
But all of that pain and suffering,
Offers a brighter tomorrow.

And maybe in that someday,
*You'll find the love that was always yours.
Diane Dec 2015
But you never stayed anyway.
Diane Nov 2015
After a year, you talk
Like I was
Already alright.

I am. I am now better.

But I was enough
For you to think
That you have
Enough ears, enough eyes
To look at you.
feel you
Touch you

I was mesmerized
By the idea
That you were
More than enough...

You were a dream.

I should be happy,
I should be okay

maybe these are the same thoughts in your pretty little head

Thing is I'm okay
I'm alright

I'm better now.

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