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Joseph Mar 1
if I were given the chance, would I take it?
to start from the beginning, all over again,
before the tears, before the pain,
to when we first met, that night on the train,

to a time filled with excitement and infinite possibility,
would it be too late to rewrite,
what is now, our history?

'it wasn't meant to be', over and over I repeat,
much like the brush strokes of a troubled painter,
attempting to brighten a canvas oh so bleak,

if that questionable line were indeed true,
why do I dream, reminisce,
yearn to be once more, together with you?

why is it so difficult, for me to let go?
just as relief approaches, I stop and listen,  
(our song playing on the radio)

seems no matter how hard I try,
i can never forget,
the moments we shared and I whispered,
'I love you, Juliet'.
Joseph Sep 2018
Witnessing leaves falling from a tree,
Gracefully drifting, undecided, to the ground below,
The Earth welcoming, as a family to a returning son,
Embracing the gift of nourishment,
As to the creatures which call her home,
Trees, animals, earth, all playing a game,
A dance in the circle of life,
Not one superior,
Not one dispensable,
Together they share,
Together they play.
Together they love.

— The End —