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Qwn Feb 2020
Being beautiful is not just the best thing about you.
You give an eternal love to people who feel so blue.
You give all and recklessness is not even your word clue.
A comfort zoned- home is what I found in you.
You simply are amazing and it mesmerizes me.
You're the ball of hope that makes the day shines so brightly.
You bring an electrifying happiness when it's dark cloudy.
Your tantalizing eyes give hope when things get so blurry.
The tender hugs you give lightens me up when it feels so heavy.
Your love is always the best cure.
Just thinking of leaving you already feels like torture.
It's still unpredictable  what is about the future.
I wanna keep you in my heart; this is for sure.
To my honeybabee <3
  Apr 2015 Qwn
I hate your voice so gentle,
And how your eyes look at me.
It's just so awkward,
Seeing you face to face,
Listening to your sweet lyrical voice.
I hate how you smile,
With your most awesome lips.

Now I'm just saying this,
For you to understand,
What I really felt with you.
I'm just really nervous seeing you,
Or it's just my heart, beating so fast,
A sign of being in love with you.

I may not be sending to one person,
But trust me, right now, it's you.
I was inspired by you to create this,
For the special one I ever dreamed of.

My love may come too soon,
Or later than I expected,
But how I wish he's you.

I will start by saying this,
3 words and 8 letters,
I love you.
When love was young and happy and sweet.
Qwn Apr 2015
I learned that true friendship is not about how long you talk at night or how often you see each other. It's about who stays by your side at your best especially at your worst. A true friend is someone who knows everything about you but love you just the same. It is not about how she comforts you when you are down. It always is about how she could make you realize that you’re wrong. It is not about how she could make you feel complete but how she could make you feel empty. There are times that she would make you mad and disappointed but she knows how to limit it. In times that you are happy with other people, she is at your back looking happier at you. In your broken days, she wouldn't break the guy’s face but she would break your heart even more upon waking you up with the truth. During your dramatic mood, she is there to be your living journal. There are times that she fails at comforting you but she always offers the most comfortable hugs. You could always talk about guys you both like without the thoughts of having a fight about him. She is your other person but is always better than you in times you need her most. She is one proof that a friend can always be your soul sister for life. :’)
  Apr 2015 Qwn
i am miss brightside
He’s no musician.
He doesn't make melodies through violin and guitar strings.
Yet he composed, haunting ballads in dramatic tempos,
Rhyming every lyric,
Harmonizing, making it dance in a musical euphony.

He’s no seamster.
Yet he cuts and he traces,
plain words and printed phrases;
Then he sews and he weaves it skilfully,
into a lovely concrete poetry.

He’s no painter.
He just has a palette of pigmented letters,
splashing colorful lines on his blank canvass.
A blast of contained evocative memories,
Streaking and shading mixtures of kaleidoscopic imagery.

He’s no storyteller.
Yet from him, I heard the most romantic tales-
One, of the moon and its lover sea.
Reciprocating shy glances, whispering I love you’s,
while kissing behind the sprawling mountains.
Though the dawn will come, they do not fear.
For after the majestic tribal sun leaves his stage,
There’ll the lovers be once again reunited.

He's no poet.**
Yet he writes--
stanzas and verses.
And oh! it revives,
every strand of emotion,
every sense of intuition,
Inside me.
A lyrical perception,
Sheer perfection,
Arousing perpetual reactions,
From me.
I am not good at this. I just want to express my pure gratitude, appreciation and awe for you.

"I am no poet. Never thought of myself as one. Just a guy dabbling clumsily in words"
Yet even, everything you do amaze me.

Thank you all wonderful people on Hello Poetry. I just realized this moment that this poem was featured as Daily poem yesterday.  I have never imagined any of my work will be posted as daily. Thank you all for the hearts, re-post,share, comments and messages. You really made my heart and soul so happy. :)
And most of all, thanks to the man who inspire me to write this one. :)
Qwn Apr 2015
A sweet little girl won’t give her favorite doll away
Because it’s the one who beside her will stay
It’s the only one who secures her when in pain
A friend who’s always with her until the end of the day

The little girl and her beloved only doll
Is like me and you, my dearest pal
Because without you by my side is like a cream without ice
And just like a jelly that is in two is sliced

You’re the missing piece in my life’s puzzle
Without you my life would be hassle
It’s pretty obvious that I’m not complete without that missing piece
I’ll do anything to take it back to its right place

But since you’re miles away from me now
I only have the hopes to have a glimpse of you one time
I’m really looking forward find my favorite doll since then
Can’t wait to hug you tight and see you smile once again.

© Quenniebells
  Apr 2015 Qwn
Arlo Disarray
I like my beer in a bottle, and he prefers his from a can
But if we could drink together, I'd let him hold my hand
I'd tell him things about myself that no one else has heard
But he will never hear my voice, he only reads my words

This planet isn't right for us, Pluto might be a better place
I'll meet you with a sweater and a scarf for your cold face
And as we dance around to music that we cannot hear in space
We will scream until our lungs bleed and our hearts begin to race

Something about this pain is addicting, you're the heroine inside my veins
And this hurt is making me lose it, there's muck coating all of my brains

I'll meet you on the dance floor in your dreams tonight
And maybe one day, I'll catch a flight

And I'll finally get to see the smile that makes me smile more than anything

The face that makes the monster inside me revert back to a tender and real human being

You make me want to hate the world less, even though my whole world is a mess

Twenty two days ago, I told you not even nothing was important to me

And that was true
Until now

Because you're important, *******

I care about you
Qwn Apr 2015
You’re like an ocean for you always look calm.
But I know behind it is a ******* fire in town.
A woman who is being idolized by everyone;
For you got your word voiced out even if it’s troublesome sometime.

Your personality is like your favorite seaweed.
Spicy yet it gives something to cherish.
You’re like your favorite ramen noodles.
Mind with worries feels like doodled.

You are the sweetness to my bitterness.
By just your wiggling eyebrows, it causes happiness.
You are the chili to every made kimchi.
Always looks fine even if it’s orangey.

Your mood somehow blends with your favorite colors;
You have adopted the calmness of the blue sky; the balancing aura of gray;
The peacefulness of white; brown’s friendliness in a simple way.
These interesting sides of yours will always be remembered.

You are the sour taste in a homemade sinigang.
The happiness I felt in every chocolate’s bite.
You are the coldness in my ice cream;
That balances the feeling that is in warm.

Your dramas are amazing just like your Korean films.
Those songs I love to hear whenever you start to hymn.
You’re proving enough that there is this thing called forever.
I would miss your cheerful smiles and long your crazy laughter.

© Quenniebells, 2015
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