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 Jan 2017 Prescott Robbins
when it was storming
in the darkest of the night,
where were you
to save her from danger?
when she was scared
and needed you the most,
where were you
to kiss her and hold her?

anywhere but her side
- that's where you were.
please comment your opinions on this piece. i'm kinda unsure about it.
 Jan 2017 Prescott Robbins
We live beneath the shadows of the Gods
And carry the world upon our backs
Tightly bound together
We exist,
Only for each other.
Our days are spent under brilliant suns
And fading stars,
We can disappear like mist.
Out running seasons
We die on our feet
So our spirits fly free.
We are beauty
And we leave our past behind.
If eyes are windows
to the heart and soul
an inkling of what
lies beneath the skin

Then thank goodness
for locks that veil a face
and hide in waves
what lies within

If eyes are windows
to the heart and soul
then welcome shades
dark or rose tinged

A screen between the I
and the world at day
where none can see
the core within

If eyes are windows
to the heart and soul
a glimpse into fears, tears,
when a heart cries

Then thank goodness
it takes but a moment
to draw down lashes
and close the eyes
only small minds believe
putting others down
makes themselves bigger
 Jan 2017 Prescott Robbins
I crawl the floor

Collecting broken glass

To protect feet of those who do not know

Do not care

Whilst rejecting offers of company

As music moves the floor.


When all is quiet

I enter the night

To walk along roads alone.

A bogeyman of myth

Stalks these streets

It's ok

For I am not the prey he seeks

I am not the prey he seeks.
You burned down my villages
You pillaged my temple
Only to conquer the land you desired
Until you heard of the nearby Empire
The one with towering walls
Where they say gold is abundant
A new conquest awaits you
While I'm left to rebuild
Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
My feelings were none of your concern,
but so are my face expressions,
or the tiny twitches that I make.

My actions were none of your concern,
so are my words, my beliefs, and,
my perspective of anything at all.

My problems were none of your concern,
you hardly have time to hear them.

I am none of your concern,
which is why I try.
I try to be none of your concern.
It's the little things you can't do that ends up bothering you the most.
 Jan 2017 Prescott Robbins
You hold my hand
on this cold and starless night.
I can see it in your eyes;
you'll make everything alright.

You hold me close
and kiss me gently on my cheek;
move a strand of hair from my face
and to me you softly speak:

*"You are the shooting star
that used to light my skies,
but then you fell down to the earth
And now you light our lives."

"A cold and starless night
to which only you bring meaning.
Your love is all I'll ever need
on some enchanted evening."
Co-written by my amazing and talented friend, Mysidían Bard :)
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