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Prescott Robbins Jan 2017
They go into battle, not against an enemy seen
But of the human mind, in pursuit of a life long dream
A profession which defies logic, there's danger we agree
they long to be firefighters
so off to the academy

Their hearts call them out
ready day or night
To walk through doorways burning
For the ones trapped inside

Each time they leave the firehouse
Their fear left behind
Cars crushed together, bodies ripped and torn
Bending steel with pressure, the jaws of life once more
Return to the station, ready for the call

We each in our mind create a block
of doubt about the unknown
Bravely they will walk
brothers through the smoke

The fire continues to rage
each time the bell tolls
their mission is a timeless one
no one left alone

They run through doorways burning
of themselves they seldom think
Storming buildings willingly
For hostages within it deep
Prescott Robbins Jan 2017
Our lives are vast;
minds endless thought dreams of love
Souls long for oneness

Spinning silently uncontrolled through closed doors
Eyes upon me lonely, scared,
yet hurriedly confident
Feelings masked by frozen smiles

Lying down, blanket pulled over head just short of my eyes
Seeing through everyone
but not pass myself

As the morning glory opens to the new day
and closes at night
My heart opens to love and closes to darkness



awaken once again to my reflection in the mirror
  with eyes closed
Prescott Robbins Jan 2017
family and friends are like the stars
some times their bright
other times without light
sometimes you see them
and other times  you won't


like the stars during the day
you can't see them
yet their always there
Prescott Robbins Jan 2017
I'm thankful every time I see your face in my heart,
for it will never become a memory
my mind may steal from me
Prescott Robbins Jan 2017
So it's come to pass
I'm asking myself alas
what on earth have You planned for me

I've been blind you see
Unbeknownst to me
Yet created for your love wholly

I've got all the stuff
Which man measures as enough
Yet my soul screams---it's still empty

I'm asking you why Your son had to die
Was it just so I may breathe?

I've made my own way
It's not bad some would say
However unsatisfying to me

The road sign I see
On the highway I speed
Reads ***, drugs, money and greed
Although I gave in
It was fun to begin
It's only led me further astray

At the end of our time
We sit and wonder why


Well I'm glad that you asked
For our Lord Jesus Christ
Preset your purpose eternally

So give Him your life
Lessen your burden and strife
Living by his book will set you freeC
Prescott Robbins Jan 2017
I remember when time started to matter and I was unaware.
I remember when the stars were further apart.
I cant remember when the earth was flat, but should it matter I didn't roll off.
My belt wrapped tightly around my waist secured to my belt loops.
I've never felt gravity ******* me towards the edge.
However I've watched birds flying in formation beyond the horizon taking a steep dive and then gone
from sight.
Did clouds continue past the shear face of the earth unable to maneuver the ninety degree turn?

I've dreamt I'm flying with arms spread wide, over my house, the neighborhood, the ocean enshrouded within those clouds as we nudged each other towards the abyss.  

I've heard the old ones talking in the pubs, brandy in hand, saying that the first ships that sailed did see the edge.
That the whales gently tried to nudge the great ships back away from the edge.
And yet, the harpoons flew through the air piercing sharply, deeply, and deadly into the ****** sides of the whales' dark round flesh.
Their blow holes sounding their last lonely warnings cry,
turn back,
the edge is near,
turn back........
Prescott Robbins Dec 2016
remembering how I felt
walking through the door
wishing I'd never opening it


The words you said to me ringing through my ears

"I have nothing left,
I don't care about your feelings!"

The door slammed behind me
tight to the jamb
the windows shook
feelings took
my heart be ******


knowing you were right
I loved you with my feelings
which is never enough

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