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Stephanie Frank Oct 2018
Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud
He trudges forward feet soaked in mud
Eats your brains, lips glossed with your blood
Sorry, that's not how this poem goes

He no longer heard the chirping of birds
The smell of the sea meant nothing to him
The colors of the sunset were black and white
He stared dead in the eye if someone tried to fight

She no longer tasted the richness of chocolate
She couldn't care less for beliefs or fate
Emotions were foreign and love was alien
Suicidal thoughts were a daily companion

Motivational quotes and speeches made him scoff
Rosy smells and scented candles made him cough
Fancy razors replaced money in her purse
The stick and light now made her feel worse

One foot in front of the other, their subconscious said
Their organs were sentient and worked at will
Consciousness, however, was a different story
For though parts moved, their minds lay still

They spoke without zest, like programmed robots
They made love without passion, out of habit
There was nothing to live for, no raison d'etre
They were sleeper cells, zombies on a clock
  Dec 2017 Stephanie Frank
At 5, her smile was bright,
Which soon burned out like a fading light.
Made some friends, lost some more,
Tried being happy with a heart so sore.

At 13, she caked her face,
To fit in a world which was a maze,
Was called a ***** for trying hard,
Pierced her heart like a game of dart.

At 17, she found a love,
Thought she found a pure white dove.
Love was lust and shattered her,
He left her like a toy mere.

At 21, everyday she cried,
She ain't living, she just survived.
Wore a white gown, took a piece of blade,
Soon the white gown whole turned to red.
Stephanie Frank Dec 2017
Cut me cut me little blade
Save me from this mess I've made
Rupture my arteries and veins
Stop the red blood choochoo trains
Hush now hush now little blade
Don't tell them that I'm in pain
No, I'm not suicidal. I'm not romanticising suicide. It was boredom and depression.
I could write the loveliest poem ever,
A lonely dove went cooing by and by,
Yonder rill, yonder hill, yonder river,
Whilst it winged into a clear blue sky.
Lovely is the sky in her robes of blue,
Velvety blue I mean, as eyes of thine
Never bestowed upon any seraph,
That upon my soul kindled love divine.
I could croon the loveliest tune ever,
And whisper it upon rivers of time;
That fairly stream by and by forever,
A tune that in thy heart could ever chime,

  If only I could glance at thy bright eyes
  To once stray upon shores of paradise.
#Shakespearean sonnet
Stephanie Frank Dec 2017
A Romeo he is; obsessed with love
He saw me and swore I was sent from above
How on earth do you tell such a sucker
No matter what he can't make you pucker

Used to playing house with the *****
He claims he's not seen my type before
Though his ways I all but adore
I'm too nice to cause a war

Who's next? Ah! The pompous knight
Noble and fair in all his might
Seeks my hand to the Lord Viking's head
No thank you, too gory for my stead

Then there's Sir Geeks-a-lot
With his eyes and nose buried always in book rot
Should he maybe win the lot
Think absolutely not

Is that a ghost lover from my last?
Coming back for a lot to cast?
No siree! I've run out of chances
And the heart hospital I'm sure of braces

Wait, here comes the mommy's boy
Hangs around her finger like a toy
I think I'll pass, I don't need a wand
That waves at mother's every demand

A soldier came to pitch his tent
Glorious and capturing in his form
Soldier came soldier went
Soldier I could not reform

I'm the one whose heart they stake for
But I've got more to lose
I'm torn between two, maybe more
No inkling whom to choose
It's supposed to be funny.
Stephanie Frank Dec 2017
Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder
Sometimes it makes it forget
And what doesn't **** you doesn't always make you stronger
Sometimes it tears you apart with regret
Stephanie Frank May 2017
I hate it when the night comes
That's when ghouls come out to play
When ghosts come out to haunt
When the mares come out to sway

I love it when the moon shows
Because I can play with my shadows
While watching lovers do their dance
Like a scene from a Shakespeare romance

But then I hate the twelfth hour
When the black cat's purrs awaken
When the witches' chants devour
When the clueless souls are taken

Alas the tenth hour is my favourite
It's when my beloved comes to call
So we can have few moments of unlawful bliss
Ever alert of Papa's foot fall

Whether or not I love or hate it
The night time doesn't seem aware
Or maybe my conflict fuels his humor
Or doesn't ***** it enough to care
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