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Juliet May 11
To all the laughters that we shared,
Smiles that we tried so hard to keep,
Mean things that we blurt out that we did and didn't mean,
Tears that we wish never existed,
Fights that we fought,
Hearts that we've hurt,
Stories that we lived together,
And ties that we thought would bind us forever...

I'm sorry.
You will be missed,
But that's all where you'll be.
The past that I don't even want to see.

To all the forced laughters that we've had,
Conversations and hang out sessions that feel like an obligation,
Beliefs and ideals that we no longer share,
Inside jokes that start to feel old,
Priorities that we no longer understand,
And plans we no longer want to do,

Thank you.
For making me understand,
That some friendships doesn't always last.

My world has gotten bigger,
And so as yours.
I've met people whom I have connected better,
And so as you.
I've learned to laugh louder,
Cry harder,
Smile wider,
Speak wiser,
And act in foolish manner.
So have you.

So here's to you:
To the acceptance that we would no longer be friends like we used to,
To the curiosity that will always linger,
Wondering about what-ifs and what-could-have-beens,
To embracing the fact that we were always bound to end from the very beginning,
To waving goodbye to the only kind of friendship I knew growing up,
And to loving the growth,
That we both had,
As we fall apart.
Have you ever outgrown any of your friends, for sole reason of growing up? Because I have. I went to a different city for college, and understood what friendship really is to me. It's supposed to be easy. Not scared. Not awkward. Not pretentious. And most certainly not judging and jealous.

But regardless of everything else, I've learned to thank that difficult friendship for it was all I had back then.
  Nov 2020 Juliet
Unconfident Enough
Susulat pa ba ako?
Naubos na ang laman ng puso
Nailahad na ang bawat laman nito
Ang sakit, ang kaba, maging ang saya ay naging pinta ng tinta

May hahahanapin pa nga ba?
Tila yata ang inspirasyon ko ay gasgas na.
Wala ng maidulot na saya
Ang pagbaybay ng ngalan mo'y pinagsawaan na

Pasensya na
Ngunit tila naubos na
ang lahat ng nadarama ay nabuhos na
sa pamamagitan ng tula

ang may akda ay naghahanap ng inspirasyon
saan pa nga ba lilingon
nakakapagod din pala
yung ikaw lagi ang inuuna
  Nov 2020 Juliet
Elizabeth Jennings
At this particular time I have no one
Particular person to grieve for, though there must
Be many, many unknown ones going to dust
Slowly, not remembered for what they have done
Or left undone. For these, then, I will grieve
Being impartial, unable to deceive.

How they lived, or died, is quite unknown,
And, by that fact gives my grief purity--
An important person quite apart from me
Or one obscure who drifted down alone.
Both or all I remember, have a place.
For these I never encountered face to face.

Sentiment will creep in. I cast it out
Wishing to give these classical repose,
No epitaph, no poppy and no rose
From me, and certainly no wish to learn about
The way they lived or died. In earth or fire
They are gone. Simply because they were human, I admire.
  Nov 2020 Juliet
Elizabeth Jennings
I visited the place where we last met.
Nothing was changed, the gardens were well-tended,
The fountains sprayed their usual steady jet;
There was no sign that anything had ended
And nothing to instruct me to forget.

The thoughtless birds that shook out of the trees,
Singing an ecstasy I could not share,
Played cunning in my thoughts. Surely in these
Pleasures there could not be a pain to bear
Or any discord shake the level breeze.

It was because the place was just the same
That made your absence seem a savage force,
For under all the gentleness there came
An earthquake tremor: Fountain, birds and grass
Were shaken by my thinking of your name.
Juliet Nov 2020
You are rain,
Accepted in comfort,
Born in love,
And never of hate.

I am storm,
Welcomed by protest,
Born with rage,
And never of love.

You were handed a spoonful of rice,
Because of the beauty you helped grew.
I was given an uncooked grain of rice,
Because of growth I have destroyed.

For hundreds of years,
And thousands after that,
You were the symbol for everything:
Strength, beauty, power, wisdom.
Whilst I am the symbol
Of things that I have long been fighting for
And deemed a monster
Whenever I try to do so.
Juliet Oct 2020
I always go back to what I know:
you'll never know unless you try.
So I bathe in the rain
That I only used to watch from the comfort of my home;
Have my body soaked
From the fresh water of the universe;
Walk as fast as I could
To cover the tracks I could
Before they get wash away.

But the rain could also be a storm:
Chasing me in places I don't want to be found;
So I took another step backwards
Instead of stepping out,
Didn't stick out my tongue
To taste the bitterness of the universe.
Bravery could only take me
To places I have considered mine
But even then
They only exist
When familiarity is on the line.
Juliet Aug 2020
The veil would open,
The veil would close,
The veil was in my skull
And all its icy shores.

Sometimes it freed things,
Sometimes free things freed it.

Sometimes it speaks,
Sometimes it cries,
Sometimes it creates,
And draws all the worst lines.

The veil was my brain,
It protected me to harm,
But sometimes the veil,
Was itself the harm.
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