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night child Mar 2018
I chase
Sprinting forward
With a smile on my face
And your picture in my hands

I will search the ends of the Earth
Till I can see that smirk once more
Please, ease my soul
Give me that simplicity

The sun blazes down on me
As darkness follows close behind
The night child gives her moon
For the soul who craves warmth

I am not addicted
But enjoy every moment
That I sit in your presence
So I can feel exactly like myself

This is different and new
Like testing unknown waters
I finally figured out how to swim
And am ready for new waves

I think
This will be
A new adventure
With less mistakes
night child Feb 2017
In the darkest of nights I see you,
You are watching me, what should I do?
Are you looking for light,
Or simply keeping out of sight?
You are my shadow when there is no sun,
The reason why I up and run.
I could easily drown within your dark,
It’s exactly how you make your mark.
Restless sleep of nightmares awake,
There’s only so much that you can take.
The world may be yours through your eyes,
But eventually your darkness always dies.
Am I scared of you, because you’re strong?
No I am not, because I know you’re wrong.
Never again will you frighten your prey,
And that is all I have to ever say.
Perish forever sweet nigh'mares.
night child May 2016
I sway like the ocean,
I sway in the wind you've created.
Hail pelts my skin and I cannot bear it any longer,
but I mustn't give up.
My heart has sank to the bottom of this lake,
yet I stay afloat.
In the air I drop like a comet,
burning up as I go.
What once lifted me,
has now brought me down.

Seize the moment, they say,
for it may be your last.
I've had my last moments with you,
but they were not great.
Boy, you've got me writing ****** poems,
and you're probably having the time of your life.
Why'd you leave me in the past?
We could've been more than good.

We could've been great.

We were.
night child Jan 2016
Blue and purple stain the sink,
As she continues to not sleep another wink.

Her eyes could stir the sweetest guy,
But all she wants is another high.

Blood-stained drains and deeper pains,
Screaming to try and stop the migraines.

You'll never know what she is inside,
I asked her things but she only lied.

And this my dear, is my warning to you,
Please don't go down that road too.
Dyed my hair blue an purple, waiting to wash it out.
night child Nov 2015
I taught myself to feel pain before I knew what it was.
I felt the scars of the future like they were already burned into my skin.
I've felt the heaviness on my shoulders while it was still light.

She was the child who felt the stare of a billion eyes,
and she was the child lost in the crowd of her own mind.

She grew up with her mind but never realized it could turn against her,
as chewable vitamins turned to pills and warm milk turned to *****.

Soaked faces and open wounds turned her into her own enemy,
as she thinks back to when she predicted her fears.

Every paranoia slips her into another trance of endless doubt,
as the life drains from her face and her thoughts drown in the sea.

She is the last note ever played on an out of tune piano,
and the first note to be played at her own funeral.

happy endings don't happen to sad beginnings.
night child Jun 2015
The creative mind makes sadness beautiful,
But does that not mean it is full of lies?
Pain is not pretty, scars are not stunning my dear.

It's the want of turning frowns into smiles,
Or the desire to turn tears into starlight waterfalls.

We constantly crave to change things,
Sometimes you just need to let a feeling come and go,
Like the moon conflicting with the sun.
They do their dance throughout the year,
Sometimes more sun than moon, vice versa.

But, who really wins in the end?
Well darling, you do.

You always do.
night child Apr 2015
The music in my mind, is not the song they like.
They want to change the tune, just for their delight.

Crazy is what they'd call me, but I would not deny,
I love the way I am, no that is not a lie.

The ones dressed in white, and the others dressed in blue,
They tell you that they'll help, but what can they do?

Slip a pill down your throat, put a smile on your face,
Make sure to always accept a warm, loving embrace.

They can't make the shadows go away, because you need the sun in your life,
Just like how you can't rid of kitchen appliances; a steak needs a sharp knife.

So instead they'll numb your senses, so you'll never feel the pain,
I've never heard of something quite this inhumane.

Keep me away from there, they'll never let me out.
I will fight against my will, don't even try to doubt.

Just let me be, I'll find a way, to live another day,
Because I will refuse to eat hospital food on a little dusty tray.

Let me sing my song, you can listen if you please,
But do not stop the track, unless I start to sound like Lise.
No need to insert the story to express the use of my sisters name.
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