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Nala Alfira Oct 2021
sometimes i don't want you
to be kind to everyone
to adapt to adjust
to like everything

you're as lovely as a doll
as plain as a canvas
don't let people paint
anything the want on you

when you asked
"what do you want?"
your heart doesn't answer anymore
you've silenced it for too long

be honest with me
let the tears out
take off your mask
you can rest now
Nala Alfira Sep 2021
i can only collect clues
my hypothesis is i have no chance with you
so i withdrew
but i hope it doesn't feel okay for you
i hope deep down you desired me too
i hope you're hurt when i called you "friend" because it hurts me
Nala Alfira Sep 2021
a lot of things happened in the past
and you have fought well
so whatever the future is going to be
you are a winner
Nala Alfira Sep 2021
you build me a castle
but you give me no room
to be myself
to feel myself
Nala Alfira Aug 2021
even when i know the answer
it's still hurt the most
even when i'm an adult now
it never really healed

maybe it's just how life is
what comes will go
maybe it's just better for me
to stop asking why
Nala Alfira Aug 2021
i'm here
i can heal you
and when you're happy
come back to me

don't go around
and get your heart
broken all over again
remember me
Nala Alfira Jul 2021
they always talk,
but can't listen.
it's okay.
i'll listen to your stories,
every detail of them.

when i look at the mirror,
i always think you're pretty.
so don't compare yourself with others
and just focus on us.

you were always so selfless.
but honestly,
among other people,
i love you the most.

i would fight fiercely
yet wait patiently
for you.
so please, accept me.
love yourself.
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