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Nadine Swain Jul 2019
You may be

But I can see
Right through you
Nadine Swain Oct 2017
Too much love to give
Despite never getting any in return

You’ve been hurt
You’ve been shot down
With nowhere to turn

With every heart break
On your weary soul
Comes another crack

Like waves
Beating against
A stone that can’t fight back

I know you’re tired
I know you’ve hit rock bottom
But you have to get back on track

Some people love
Some people don’t

One thing they can’t break
Is your heart that wants to give up
But won’t
Nadine Swain Sep 2015
he might be the one,
says the heart

but be very careful,
says the brain

give it your all,
says the soul


I was wrong,
says her broken heart

I told you so,
says her brain

I'm so sorry,
says her soul

It was all a lie,
says her voice
fuckboys, right
Nadine Swain Sep 2015
I stare at the ceiling
listen to the silence
think of one thing or two

and how you will never
love me the way
I love you

This prayer for
my love to reach
the insusceptible heart of you

Am I praying in vain
I sure hope not
I really, really do
Nadine Swain Sep 2015
you say the right words
no one has told her before
everything you say
she believes

you do the sweetest things
no one has done to her before
in everything you do
she believes

you told the worst  lies
she has never heard before
every lie you laid before her
she believed

how much of an *******
a scumbag
a worthless piece of trash
can you be
to lie to the girl
that in everything
and in everyone
she believed

you should know that
you are responsible
for taking someone innocent
and naïve

feeding her lies
and deceit
and in everything
and everyone
never again will she believe
Nadine Swain Sep 2015
she trusted you
and your words
and your lies

she endured
those nights
when you would fight

she'd go to sleep
with a weak heart and
tears in her eyes

she defended you
against her friends
you so despise

yet here you are
having the audacity
to think

that she wasn't
good enough
for you

who deserves
nothing close
to something like
Nadine Swain Mar 2015
the warmth of
your arms around her
and your hands in her hair

while she listens
to the sound of your
steadily beating heart
and even breaths

only to look up
into your eyes
and suddenly hear
the pounding of your heart
as you look back at hers
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