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Nadine Swain Mar 2015
you may not know
how fragile her heart is
because of the strength
enduring brightness
she so unbelievably exudes
that practically shines
with the twinkle in her eyes

let me tell you one thing,
looks are all too much
and she is skilled in hiding
what's inside
her shattered heart
her tormented mind
her damaged soul
all these things
hidden behind
a smile that can light up
Time's Square on
New Year's Eve
smile hidden heart damage torment soul
Nadine Swain Feb 2015
she is the very embodiment
of euphoria and ecstasy
whenever she is happy

she smiles and laughs
as much as she can
because she knows
that this feeling is only temporary

and she tries not to think
for every thought she might have
could wipe off the smile on her face
and silence every laugh

isn't it depressing to think so?
Nadine Swain Feb 2015
you tell me
I'm beautiful

and I thank you
for describing someone
I don't recognize
Nadine Swain Feb 2015
she does everything
the same way
every single
******* day

waiting for the time
when she has
enough power
enough love
just enough
to make a difference
Nadine Swain Jan 2015
as the city is bathed
in the resplendent glow
of moonlight

and the wind dances
through the trees
emitting the celestial
sound of the night

she is wide awake
her mind adrift
her eyes as coruscating
as starlight
Nadine Swain Dec 2014
your eyes drag across words
spilled onto the pages of a book
and as you read on
the more you wish

that the world you live in
was as predictable
as the love story
you're reading

with every turn of a page
with every word that pulls at your heartstrings
you yearn for that life, that love
but all you can do*

is get pulled into
the chaos and misery
we label as reality
when the words run out

but then you remember
that a beautiful mind
wrote that book

how bad can the world be
with people that remind us
that there are little things in life
that are worth living for
Nadine Swain Dec 2014
we wake up every morning
to the sun
creeping in through
the gossamer curtains

the rays of the sun
traveled all the way
into your room
to brighten up your day

but all you ever search for
first thing in the morning
is the artificial light
from the screen of your cellphone

why cant you take some time
to stop and stare
at the dust falling around you
dancing in the ever iridescent sunlight
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