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Mariam Baalbaki Dec 2018
Everything has an ending.
You favorite song gets annoying,
Your friendships fall apart,
Your passion evaporates,
Your book has it's last dot,
Your life ends.

But every ending is a beginning.
You find another song,
You connect with other friends,
You discover new feelings,
You read another book,
The memory of your being stays alive.

Every cicle has an ending,
So it can start fresh again.
Mariam Baalbaki Sep 2018
Our children screams
As loud as they can
Don't shoot them in the face
They are just afraid
Don't look them in the eyes
They are begging for mercy
They don't wanna hide

Our history burns
The anthem is silence
A country with no rules
Where the people are blind
The government hides
The mess and the chaos

There is no life
We lost it waiting in line
Bleeding because of a lost bullet
Screaming for help
But no one hears
Until we die
Until we are silent

The future is dark
We can't see it through the smoke
Our television is rose colored
Always telling lies
And I can't decide
If I fight for this country
Or let it die
Mariam Baalbaki Aug 2018
It's almost midnight
How will I survive?
I can't see through darkness
I won't make it alive

My head is spinning
My hands are shaking
My breath is lost
My mouth is dry
My heart doesn't beat
My life is gone.

It's almost 7am
How will I live?
I can't see through brightness
I won't die anymore

My blood covers my hands
My breath is in control again
My mouth is quiet
My heart is broken
My life has began.
Mariam Baalbaki Aug 2018
All I see when I look at the skies
Is purple stars
They feel so nice,
When the bright side meets my eyes.

All I feel is now outside
I screamed it out last night when I was alone,
Singing old songs trying to sound right
All the feelings stop!
You come to my mind
And the songs that once gave life to my empy room

A piece of me is lost,
I reward the one who finds it
I don't even remember the last time it was with me
Maybe when I was born
Or when we first kissed.
Mariam Baalbaki Aug 2018
I close my eyes,
Not even God will erase the memories from my mind
Red covering my mom's shirt,
You yell at her, she cries
She fights back, trying to process
Where things got wrong.

Now you live your best life,
And my mother can't lie, but she tries to fake her smile
I feel pain when I lay at night
Life's not great, life's not good
All because of you.

I try to catch the light,
I ask for guidence
Please, I don't want to break again
Breathing, sometimes, feels hard
You think everything's fine
All I can do is fake a smile and lie,
Saying 'I love you' when you call.

— The End —