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sometimes i want to
push you down the stairs
do you have any clue
of all the pent up feelings
i have inside
sometimes i want to paint horrible things
i want to write poetry
that would have me jailed
in 23 states
i want to scream
is it too much to want someone
who says, yes go run outside through
the woods naked
better yet , join me
yes, sometimes i wish i would just die
sometimes, just sometimes
wanting love,  passion, excitement  feeling my age
From out of the ashes of the old
A new year has arrived
Out of the many downs and lows
By grace we have survived

This day begins the start
Of a slate that is brand new
A chance to strive for what is right
A chance to renew

A time to let others know
That by you they are loved
A time to forgive a wrong
A new hope for peace and love

Out of the ashes of the old
We have been given another year
Go forth in faith and courage
Leave behind all doubt and fear .
 Jan 2015 Monique Pereda
It’s not easy when I was five
It’s not easy to grasp everything
Learning these new ‘signs’
So others would empathize
Demoralized only to be scrutinized
Wondering why they always laughed
I never knew how it sounds like
But it hurts me deep inside

It’s not easy when I was ten
They wrote on the board
How I always pretend
I keep smiling despite everything
I did pretend
Pretending tomorrow
Everything will end

It’s not easy when I was fifteen
Almost everyone doesn't comprehend
These hands I use to eat & speak
I can read their lips saying,
But this time I didn't pretend
Mama always told me before she left
"Your voice is louder than the rest!"

It’s easier now that I’m twenty
It actually gets better if I believe
I found true friends along the way
They get furious if I get played
Diminishing negative thoughts to dust
I know now life has its eminence
There are more others like me

What my mama meant before she left
Help those who are in need
Especially to those who are-
*Special like me.
(I didnt expect it to get featured as the daily poem! I'm so happy I get to share this message with everyone. A better understanding to these gifted individuals:) And if u have a friend who's deaf or learning ASL. Let them read this:)
And once again. Thank you so much To everyone who liked and comment!)
Give your love.
Even if you're the one being received.
I just had to write about this.
And i don't see it as a disability,
I see it as a gift.
(Dedicated to this young girl i saw in the train helping a guy in a wheelchair. She was showing directions! I stood there appalled in awe)
P.S: I need a suggestion whether to name this title 'Gift' or 'Hand Signs'??
I think both stood out.
Comment below.
And I also would like you guys to check out this website.
If you buy their headphones you would be giving hearing aids for the   less fortunate.
And I'm not sponsored to do this. I just want to make a change and help to raise awareness:)
If you can help them, please do.:)
"What's it like to always love,
And never be loved in return?
She asked me.

I told her,
"You feel like the sun, a star,
Warm in cold space,
And you can see the other stars all about you,
But you can't reach any of them.

It's like being the last kid picked for the team,
Except you're never picked;
You're a spectator, but not by choice.

You're a kitten in the 'FREE' box,
Abandoned on the side of the road.
A great idea, but not many seem
To actually want you,
Everything you get is pity.
Oh, hi. And stuff.
There's a few days
I don't think
About you

Those amount to
A total of two
And one of
Those days
I slept

The other
I was too
to see

Too concentrated
On breathing
To feel
The expanse
Of my heart


What does this mean to you?

More than something

But not enough to make it all go away...
I'm just not sure HOW to stop feeling this way...
I turn my heart
for you,
shaking it
out and allowing
the contents to
to the ground
where they remain,
lain out around
your feet
because you have
no need
for the little pieces
of me
and so I stay

Unfinished but hey
"Cradle my emotions in the gentlest of whispers"* ~~ *Ryn

Hold me
Make me feel something
Be gentle with me
I've been hurt lately
Despair courses through me
Regret, guilt
Can you help me?
Don't just tell me
What I want to hear
Tell me what you really feel
Take away the fears
Don't scream
Tell me softly
Whisper in my ear
The beautiful things
I need to hear
Make me feel something
Cause lately
All I've felt is...

Absolutely nothing
Quoted line from "Don't Wake Me" by Ryn, for Frank's "Let's Do A Line!" challenge.
This line truly spoke to me, so soulful, sad and wistful, basically how I've been feeling of late. Thank You Ryn for the inspiration, you're amazing.
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