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Aug 2015 · 426
He's just not that into you
Mia Aug 2015
"Have you ever read the book "He's just not that into you"?" Is how this conversation started.
Within a matter of minutes my head had been slammed into the spinning door of consistent "he's just not that into you"'s.
But I can't help but hear your voice fill my head with fog, condensation of your velvet voice trapping me again with your sweet nothings. Sweet nothings that led me to believe you were into me.
My heart breaks at those words.
What made me so awful? Is the only question I can ask myself.
Once the question is posed I'm brought to my own personal court. Trying to defend myself from my brain mapping out all the wrong things I've done, all the things wrong with me. These are the reasons nobody loves you the prosecutor yells at me.
I have no more defense left.
The only answer is to slap on the handcuffs and accept that my heart is just not worth loving.
It hurts to hear things from people who you know aren't wrong
Apr 2015 · 590
Mia Apr 2015
I want to moan out
Your name
And feel your fingertips start fires
On my skin
I want the graze of your kisses
On my lips
You've awoke desire
Creeping slowly from my belly
I can't help but feel the blaze of lust fill
My bones
And my heavy heartbeats that now pump
Your name through my veins
I need you to put out the flames
This spark created
Because my body can only last 3 days without water
And my water is you
This all started because of a single kiss.
Apr 2015 · 474
A Shower of Words
Mia Apr 2015
She was listening

To the chatter of the crowd

The accusations like bee stings

A pinch of pain

She was listening

To the praise in her awards

To the freedom in her laugh

The joy that mends her wounds

She was listening

To the fight inside herself

Reinforced by her surroundings

The joy has dissipated into doubt

She grew quiet

Her wounds weren’t mending

The bee stings turned into daggers

She is left for dead

She became silenced

Because no one believed a word she said

She had no breath left to fight

Their words became her

She continued on

Her thoughts consumed her, leaving her empty

Day, Night, Asleep, Awake

With no soul to care

She believed

A future she would power towards

A life she looked forward to

Maybe not today, but someday.
Mar 2015 · 426
Mia Mar 2015
After what seems like an eternity
Of a long line of "could've"s
Pieces of my life are falling perfectly
Like the leaves in fall
Or the snow in winter
Similar to the loose petals of flowers in Spring
Just as the grace of the wind carried them
It is carrying me
To have everything come together
Like the perfect symphony
Composed effortlessly
Mar 2015 · 3.1k
Mia Mar 2015
With the rage of a thousand tsunamis
I want to slap you across the face
Tear down your walls
Rip up our roots
And wash away the pain
But then I want to kiss you better
Hold your hand
Feed you and give you shelter
Now that you have none
And say I'm sorry
Over and Over and Over
Feb 2015 · 572
Mia Feb 2015
No amount of people can fill the hole you left in my heart.
No amount of anyone can cleanse you from my insides.
You’re moss; growing strong from the waves of my tears that stream endlessly.
You leave longing in my heart.
The days are spent drinking you away but, as a ship must come back to port, my heart always comes back to miss you.

— The End —