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Maia Boncan May 2016
here we are again
lying next to each other
never do we kiss
idek honestly ok
Maia Boncan Feb 2016
bound us, tied us to one another
when we were unaware, naive even
of what Fate could do
with us, to us, for us

but when i saw you
i knew that
it was Her who finally
brought us

and now
i beg, plead to Her
"once more, Fate"
for Her to bring us
together again
**** it
Maia Boncan Feb 2016
like how the Sun hides from the Moon
so that he doesn’t burn her radiance
always leaving too soon --
the ever-tantalizing romance

like how the Sky kisses the Sea
only through heavy rain
separated by Time, never free
forever driving them insane

like how Life and Death
chase each other for eternities
away you take my breath
despite incompatible personalities
for literature class
Maia Boncan Feb 2016

bright white tiles
sanitized floors
intravenous, unattached
a door, ajar


mascara stains on
untidy pillow covers
without remorse, unaffected
a never-heard goodbye

absence; loss
intentional or not
deliberate or not
-- gone

nothing is worse
nothing is worse
i promise you, nothing is worse
than an empty bed
Maia Boncan Jan 2016
unexpected, although assuming
breathe, self -- he’s two feet away
and gazing at you
don’t look, don’t look, don’t look

heart pounding, walk past, stride gracefully
great job -- so far, so good
pretend you’re busy, smile
laugh if you must, do not look

i failed, he looked back
we caught each other
fixed eyes at one another
what is he thinking? should i smile?

tick tock tick -- the end
**** it...
Maia Boncan Jan 2016
you’d think that he’d be right outside your door
when you need him the most
you’d think that when the rain pours the hardest your doorbell would ring
you’d think that he’d be holding the umbrella he forgot to return
you’d think that he’d run to you with open arms
you’d think that he’d kiss you time and time again because he was sorry
you’d think that everything would be alright
you’d think that he actually loved you
you’d realize, you’re wrong
Maia Boncan Jan 2016
what makes one fall in love?
is it the curves of her collarbones,
or the edges of her hips?

is it the way she throws her head back, laughing
or how she hides her face, crying?

is it her firm, undeniable confidence
or the way she cowers from her fears?

is it the way she whispers “i love you”
or the her never-ending arguments?

when are you going to admit to yourself
that it’s just the loneliness

seeping into your unguarded heart
at three in the morning?
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