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Chaotic Angel Jul 2015
Everytime we passed by each other
My heart begins to beat faster
From that moment, I knew
I was already falling for you

Something in you has captivated my heart
Now I see you as a wondeful art
It's like your eyes were speaking to my soul
Making me want you even more

Then I saw the way you look at her
At first I did not really care
For I thought it was just nothing
Not knowing she was you everything

I tried to suppress my feelings
But it's too late, I'm already hurting
Then I realized why we were meant to be apart
*Unlike you, I was a very chaotic art
each day
you always remind me
that i can't reach the star*

Chaotic Angel Jul 2015
You are my favorite song that I will never get tired of listening to.
Chaotic Angel Jul 2015
I still love you even if you have a weird voice, wide smile, messy hair, bad posture & strange mannerisms. Your flaws made me love you even more.
Too bad you didn't know
I tried so hard to let go.
Yet the past still sneaks up on me just as I'm moving on.
  May 2015 Chaotic Angel
Belle Victoria
I loved you because you were broken
my soul could look at yours and see home

every minute we spend together was like drowing in the ocean
I would sink deeper and deeper and eventually I would choke
but the darkness of the water never botherd me, I liked it
maybe because you were always there with me

in the morning I would look up and see the sunlight
coming through my window, the lights would touch my face
and every single morning when I would open my eyes
the first thing I always think of is you and how much I love you

I wish I could have you near me, like everyday
but we both know that never was a great idea
after a while we would remember how much we are a like
and I would hate you for being that way, you would hate me
maybe that is why you are my soulmate, why I love you

Im looking for parts of myself in the people I love
it gives me comfort knowing there are kids out there who are like me
a little bit mad, a little bit broken, but with golden hearts and voices

I always loved the idea of us being in love forever.
a lovestory about two broken teenagers that would never work out.
Chaotic Angel May 2015
This girl had a supportive family
She had friends who loved her fully
She believed that her life was already perfect
There was nothing in it that she would regret
She was already contented with her life
Thinking no one would ever stab her with a knife

But one day, something in her changed
Her heart was beating faster, which was strange
Her eyes were shimmering
Her cheeks were blushing
She thought that what she felt was wrong
It should be stopped before it becomes deep and strong
But the more she was suppresing her feelings
The more she did not like what was happening

Until one day, she became very depressed
So without any second thought, she grabbed a knife and stabbed her chest
It was her only way to stop what was happening
And save herself from love which she believed was an evil thing
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