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Jul 2019 · 232
missing you
Alice Jul 2019
i miss you
in sweet morning dew
golden sunrise
alights anew

i miss you
at blazing noon
sun tip top
descending soon

i miss you
while sky blushes pink
pastel sun
at sky’s brink

i miss you
when moon ascends
the feeling refusing
to rescind

i miss you
with the moon
with the sun
broken heart’s
unending tune.


Mar 2019 · 225
Alice Mar 2019
I opened my eyes and saw a light;
through childish sight
the light took flight.
cried my sister dear
but I saw fairies
flitting near.
Little wings
delicate and soft
they would break
if I merely coughed.
I closed my eyes
and sprouted wings
a firefly
of the spring.
Listen, listen,
do you hear me sing?
The trees are the chorus
rustling in the wind,
the river adds music
wild and unpinned.
My wings carry me
higher and higher
I feel my soul
burning with fire--
“Sister! Sister!”
blink blink
open my eyes
but I still like to believe
that they’re
not just

to: a magical midsummer night
Mar 2019 · 1.2k
Alice Mar 2019
the sunset
even enamors
the clouds...
they blush pink
when he comes
to meet
the horizon
sinking below
to: a spring sunset
Dec 2018 · 281
Alice Dec 2018
When I drifted away
on a star-kissed wind
in a velvet night
the moon watched me
with silver eyes
and whispered to me
the secrets
hidden in the dark
told to her
by forbidden lovers
hiding in
the mask of night
and when I asked her
she told me
that she would like
to see the light
just one last time.
Dec 2017 · 709
Kiss the Ocean
Alice Dec 2017
When the sun kissed the Earth,
I was born on the shore
of a crying ocean
and my heart got lost
in the midst
of the waves.
A little girl
gazing out
into the water
if I jump in, will I find it?
Wind nips my cheeks
the waves reach for me
singing their tune of
longing and love.
I take one step closer,
until I am knee deep,
chest deep,
in over my head,
kissing the waves,
and one
with the ocean.
I am the child of the sun and the ocean.
Aug 2017 · 5.5k
Forbidden Eclipse
Alice Aug 2017
'The sun loved
the moon so much
that he died
every night
to let her breathe.'

the beautiful forbidden lovers
never able to meet
to share warm kisses

but I remember the sneaky Moon
she sneaks out of her dark domain
I see her in bright daylight
swathed in the Sun's golden touch
opposite in the sky
they watch each other
with love so pure

although she is forbidden
in his bright domain
she is there
because she believes
that nothing is impossible

and the day comes
when they can meet
for but a few minutes
they embrace in fire
and we stare in wonder
as they meet
but then they must
drift apart
with broken hearts

she blows him kisses
'goodnight, my love'
as he sinks beneath the horizon
bursting into colors
and the Moon cries
and whispers
'I love you.'❋
To: the long awaited Eclipse.

— The End —