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Maria Russo Sep 2017
I know I've never looked like a sinner,
I've always been the angel of your nightmare
but,baby,let me be the director and the star in your wet dreams.
I'm the Beatrix that held your hand through your hell,
though it hurt like hell,
I'm waiting for you to reach for Paradise.
I'm the spark in your imagination,
the touch of red in the middle of your blue,
killer and victim of an endless platonic desire
that has never felt so real.
Maria Russo Mar 2017
I will touch you,
when the hands of time will be echoing a melody of despair,
I will touch you,
like the morning breeze
that gently sits on the pine watching over my window,
I will touch you,
rest will have your shadow,
my embrace to be the sole owner of your warmth.
I will touch you ,
slowly, in the dark
of existence
I've been drowning in blindfolded.
I will touch you,
like waves do with shores,
overwhelmed by oblivious silence
of you and I, two worlds apart,
growing apart,
lost and unfound,
eternally untouched.
Maria Russo Feb 2017
My soul is the canvas you had been painting all your dreams on but couldn't wait for them to dry.
Colors consuming me while you're getting black and white.
Maria Russo Feb 2017
And you
would you jump on a plane
for me
that would be able to steal a star from the sky for you?
I'd steal it
so that you could come after it
to realize
I'm both
destiny and destination
Maria Russo Feb 2017
Oh stranger,
this pain and love, this pain of love,
everything's been getting unendurable.
The charge of my soul gets heavier
through the passing of time,
our clocks stand still,
though we share the same time frame.
Blindfolded confined in a labyrinth,
any given time
I found myself drawn towards
your lonesome and gloomy shadow,
drifting to be yielded to you.
I wrote this one inspired by several lines by Walt Whitman though they are filtered to my own individual experience.
Maria Russo Feb 2017
"How do you call it when you quit believing in the only thing you used to believe in?
Losing my religion.
Since I stopped believing in you, I've got an atheist heart beating in my chest."
These are quite controversial lines. They may come off strongly religious but actually I used religion,in this context, to emphasize the intensity and the devotion of the attachement this love was characterized by.

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Maria Russo Feb 2017
Amongst all of the satellites in the sky above me,
my beloved,
you are by far the Sun,
and,certainly I'm the Moon,
constantly longing for you,
running after you,
each night by night
aware that you'll be doing the same,
aware we won't actually ever meet.
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— The End —