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- Jun 2014
like the sea to the shore
embrace me

like waves to a surfer
dance with me

like tsunamis to the crust
crave for me

like rivers to waterfalls
save me

like typhoons to the wind
breathe me in

like a raindrop to the ocean
*come home
- May 2016
is the saddest word

It's never enough
it's quite, but not entirely
nearly, but not exactly

almost does not make
quite a difference,
does it?
- Jun 2016
it's going to hurt
before it starts to heal
- Jun 2014
I am here
trying to save you
when I can't even
save myself
and if I end up
saving no one
I really tried
but I'm not
strong enough
to save us both
- Sep 2016
She was moved
even if his hands
never touched her
- Sep 2016
They say you cannot give what you do not have, I do not agree. I have given more than what I have - with more than I can ever give, even if I feel empty - to people who may or may not deserve it

Because in fixing other people's hearts, I fix mine; in changing other people's lives, I change mine.
I may be empty, but I am complete.
- Apr 2016
Everything was
Too much
Too soon
yet it wasn't enough
- Jan 2017
I loved the me I see in you
But time got the best of us
We stayed together
but lost each other

And to this day I still cling
to my favorite version of you
Hoping and wishing
It's still me you'll choose

One day I will win you back
like no other person could
One day I will heal you
from all the pain
and all your wounds
One day you will feel adored,
I will give you all I could
One day I will be right where I lost you, but this time,
*I wouldn't.
- Apr 2016
How do you say goodbye
to someone you don't want to leave?
- Apr 2016
And I am confused

I don't know which

I am lost

I am lost in you

I am lost with you

I am lost from you

I am lost

I am

Am I?
- Jul 2014
Why do we keep breaking
those who are already
- Apr 2016
"Something changed"

"Yep, me."

"Better or worse?"

"I don't know yet."
- Jun 2014
I gave you everything
even the things that I didn't have

and now you're telling me
*I was not enough?
- Apr 2016

this is the period to the fragment we keep on skipping

this marks the ending of the phrase we don't want to speak of

let's stop putting commas and semi colons
let's start making sense

whatever it was
whatever it is

the end
- Jun 2014
I just want to mean
the same thing
as you mean to me

but I guess
I'm just a dead star
in your cosmos

while you are
the universe to me
- Jun 2014
I've always wondered
why I see you
when I look
at the sky
And then I figured
that the universe
is a graveyard
of all the beautiful things
that once shine so bright
- Jun 2014
You made me believe in wishes and shooting stars
For a time, they were my source of hope

But when you walked away
You took e v e r y t h i n g

My wishes turned to lies
And my good old shooting stars
became fragments of something *dead
- Nov 2018
"I am more than my anxiety."

"I am more than my anxiety."

"I am always enough."

Say it louder for the monsters at the back of your mind.
- Jun 2018
I hope we are all
more than who we
thought we  are
- Nov 2015
I emptied myself
to complete you
And in return
You poured it all
to someone else
- Jun 2016
here we are standing
at the end of the road

you asked for the signs
i've given you a lot of it
but they were not the ones
you're looking for

you let the universe decide
and so it did
it asked the pavement
to just come to an end

a list of things I want you to remember
1. I wanted you to choose me
2. but you didn't
3. and even if you did
4. i'm just as weak as you are
5. so I understand
6. I will stop writing
7. but please never forget
8. the stars in the sky
9. they would always be about you
10. love
- May 2017
the sun still rises around 5 am
the trees still sways and the wind still blows
the birds, they chirp; the dogs, they bark
the sky still blasts orange and purple rays around 6 pm

these people around me, they are still the same people that I've known

but without you in it,
it's a totally different day
- Sep 2014
She saw your best
in all your worsts
- Sep 2014
my heart &
my mind
are in some place
my body
is **not
- Mar 2017
6,921 miles
separated by territories
but my soul sees no walls
my mind sees boundaries
my heart knows no seas
- May 2016
"Thank you for holding my hand while I try to fix myself. But baby, as of this moment, I am burning; and I don't wanna see you turn into ashes just because you love me too much. I don't want you to lose yourself while we try to find me. I don't want to be unfair."

"Then I guess we'll burn together"
- Jul 2014
I don't know whether you really left a scent
Or I just remember your smell
But it sure smells like you
Or it sure smells like memories

I wore this tonight because it's cold
I remember how your hugs gave me warmth
Now all I got are chills
And this sweater that doesn't even fit

I wore it a couple of times before
I wore it one Friday night
It reminded me of how we used to go out on movies
and eat whatever we like,
but mostly candies and chocolates
and cold coffee and ice cream

I wore it one hot afternoon
Weird, I know
Maybe I just want to feel you
or I just want to remember how it felt
I miss being cuddled
But being near to a piece
of clothing that once was yours
is the closest and only thing I got
Better than none, I guess

I wore it on our anniversary
It was sure a heck better if I celebrated it with you
But nope, all I got were mementos
and high hopes, and this sweater
along with other things that don't fit
your shirts - too big for my frame
my thoughts - too messy for my brain
memories - too overwhelming for my heart

**Funny how I treasure
the things that don't fit
I miss you.
- Mar 2015
until my soul
fills your lungs
with flowers

until my love
the cobwebs
beneath your ribs

until my heart
pumps the blood
your body needs

until my bones
crumble to cover
your veins //

**breathe me in
and never
exhale me out
for you
- Mar 2017
And like a caged bird
I've always known I deserve the sky

Yet no matter how much I long to be freed,
I am afraid to flee.
- Jun 2017
Moon to the sun
Plateau to the ocean
Light to darkness
Hero to the villain
Start to an end

I to you
- May 2017
Stop staring at me like that. Your eyes, they pierce through me, they cut me deep. You're searching for something that's not in me.

Stop. Don't step closer. Do not move.
- Mar 2017
And like a flower
I keep losing parts of me
Is it the wind's fault
that it blows too hard?
Is it my fault
that I easily fall apart?
Is it the petal's fault
that it can't hold on?

And like a flower
I try to bloom

But like a flower
I always wither
- Dec 2016
All stars shine in darkness
But one star always stood out among the rest

Now, people call that star Day

*I hope it's shiny where you are
and I hope the light comes from you
- Mar 2017
Dearest Angel,
Why do you keep on clipping your wings? You were born to touch the sky, I know how muched you loved flying. Yet now I only see the sun setting in your eyes. The sky I've fallen in love with is not the same without you in it.

Dearest Angel,
Are you okay? I see trails of ashes. It's raining with charcoal. The sky burns and I guess it burns you too, well a part of you at least. I can no longer see your wings. Why do you keep on hurting yourself?

Dearest Angel,
How are you? I haven't seen you in a while. I guess you have moved on. I wish I did too.

Dearest Angel,
I long to see you.

Dearest Angel,
A blinding light talked to me,it showed me where I'll find you.

Dearest Angel,
My back hurts. I think I'm starting to grow wings. It hurts being able to see you, but can't touch you.

Dearest Angel,
I tried cutting my wings like you did, it's not that easy. I can't get rid of it.

Dearest Angel,
Now I understand why you had to burn your wings.

*Dearest Angel,
Why didn't you tell me? I burnt my wings, and myself too.
- Jan 2017
She's the kind of girl who asks,
"What if it doesn't work?"

And he's the kind of guy who says,
"What if it does?"
- May 2017
And even when we're worlds apart, my soul reaches out to you.
- Jan 2017
Once there was a volcano
living inside me
I feel it everyday
It burns, it warms
Gives me purpose

I think I lost it
*Dormant (n.) - alive but dying
- Jun 2014
You are sunshine
I am rain
We go near
I will fade a w a y

only from afar
can we both exist
oh what a nice way to live
- Apr 2016
whatever we think we have
is destructive

they say opposites attract
but what they don't say is
damage seeks out damage

we both know this is temporary
we'll never gonna choose each other

we are asymptotes
staying close to each other;
would never gonna cross the line
or would we?

maybe we're perpendicular lines
we'd cross the line
but that's it
or is it?

maybe we're each other's point b
each other's end point
but i doubt that

I think I know what we are
We are black splats
or stains hiding
in each other's blind spots

we see each other
when we want to

hide each other
when we want to

and I am tired
of being your temporary cure
because healing you
is like alcohol
it kills me but gets me addicted
makes me miserable yet happy
healing you is like being offered
space cakes
no matter how hard i try
to convince everyone it's harmless, it destroys
it builds me up
then lets me down
makes me feel everything then nothing at all

i don't know how it happened
all of a sudden then all at once

we both know this won't last
please erase me
wash the stain
open both your eyes
let go

whatever we think we have
let it die


let This die
but dont forget

we'll stay close
enough to keep each other warm
but not too much to let each other burn
- Oct 2017
‘Til death do you part
And yet even after that

She waits for you to come home every night
- Mar 2017
I am losing myself
just like how I lost everyone else

Slowly, painful, little by little
then all at once
- Jan 2017
Humans are angels
who were prohibited to leave

They are angels
who fell toward the earth
only to keep on falling
toward someone else

They are angels
who were tasked to stay
maybe for a purpose
or for a role
or sometimes
only for a while

But be cautious
because as soon as they get attached to someone;
their wings start to grow

before you even blink
they've already flown
- Aug 2017
That face
Your face
I know
I'll be looking
for it everywhere I go
even if my mind forgets
I know my heart won't
- Nov 2014
my body's tired from doing tasks that I have no passion for
my eyelids are getting heavier by the minute,
like no amount of coffee can ever keep me awake
i am drained;
the kind of exhaustion that neither sleep nor food can ever cure

my teachers say they're preparing us for something bigger
i worry about my sleep debts but i worry more about passing
i just hope that the "bigger thing" is worth more than my health

yet here i am writing this poem that has nothing to do with the things i am required to pass
but at least it has no format,
it has no rules;
& more importantly,  i have no one to please

for my professors this poem is a waste of time
for them, this poem doesn't matter
but it does
it does to *me
- Apr 2016
I wish you nothing..

but someone who will love you the way you deserve to, but someone who knows your worth, but someone who does not only make you feel like home but is also at home with you

and I don't necessarily mean another person

*that someone could be yourself
someone already found you,
it's time for you to find yourself
- Jun 2017
She who breathes poetry,
make me fly.
- Jun 2017
I will strive to be the best version of myself in order to provide you of what you deserve. I will give you everything I am, and everything I have to fulfill what you need. And even if it means I feel empty, I will fill you with love and hope. I will protect you from harm and love you for eternity.

And you - you just need to stay.
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