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Lilliana Lucinda May 2015
I feel sorry for my pillow
Because it drowns in my tears,
I don't cry for you.
I know I'm not alone,
I cry for the years
That have come and gone.
There is love surrounding me,
Yet the heartache goes on.
Ripping through my soul
As if there were no walls.
I tremble and I weep,
Like a terrible storm.
Once the tears stop falling
I turn over the pillow
To rest my head upon its dry face.
I'll wake up in the morning,
As life continues on.
Heartache desperation sleep no sleep life strength emotion storm love sadness
Lilliana Lucinda Mar 2015
I loved you once,
Although I never had you.
I suppose that's why I wanted you.
As I fly over the Rockies, I can't help but wonder what mountain you and your board caressed.
I saw you there last week in photos.
I know your love for flying with the snow.
As I look down over the land the topography brings me back to our conversation,
You know the one we had in the aisle of best buy in front of the speakers.
I was on my hands and knees and you were looking down at me.
Oh how your gaze would melt my heart.
Those eyes that seethed into my soul with understanding and mutual oldness.
I told you about the topography of the land and its similarity to the structure in our own bodies.
The rivers are our veins, the water our blood.
We find these veins in leaves, in intricate patterns in the mountains, in sediment run off and in lightening.
I tried to make you see what I see,
That we are not separate from nature, but in fact we are nature in a complex and beautiful form.
Intelligent and loving.
I thought I could make you happy,
But you didn't agree.
I'm still so sorry that you never had me.

Lilliana Lucinda Mar 2015
The dry desert calls
We all fall in line
Lost among the footfalls
The mountains are my shrine
As the rocks hold the beat
While nature sings her song
And the sun brings his heat
As the wind pushes me along
Lilliana Lucinda Mar 2015
There is darkness inside me
He lives next to the light
She tries to outshine him
But he always strikes back
I try to push him away
Something makes him stay
I try to convince myself
They should exist together
To find a balance
That could last forever
A sad love story
Between these two
Oh what I would do
To heal the pain
He brings to me
Moreover disdain
She comes to soothe
Once again I am renewed
Lilliana Lucinda Mar 2015
My soul yearns
My body turns
Mind racing
Intrinsic thoughts
Extrinsic emotions
Where do I belong
What is the purpose
Lilliana Lucinda Mar 2015
Slowly I walk to her
Bending over to embrace
Her scent of *****
My heart swells
A lump in my throat
Tears release
Falling onto her shoulder
I don't dare let go
I am apart of her
And she of me


— The End —