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Lies Cut Short Jan 2015
Her throat is growing flowers
But she's got cobwebs in her mouth
She has so much to say
But she just can't get it out
Lies Cut Short Dec 2014
My bulletwounds
I took for you
But you're the one
Who held the gun
You hurt me so much and I have to let you go
Lies Cut Short Dec 2014
My mind is a battleground
I fight all day and all night
            this is your own fault
My body shows my battlewounds
Scars and bones and scratches
            you did this to yourself
I need to eat
   but you can't
It's just food
      but it's not
My minds thin
         but you're fat
This is breaking me
            I'll fix it for you
I'm going too far
               you're not far enough
I need to turn back
                  that's not an option
Release me
                     not happening
I've gone too far
                        push it a little further
I can't
I            can't
I                           can't
I                                                can't
I                                                                    can't

                                                                           *I think you've gone too far
I'm a mess
Lies Cut Short Jun 2014
I like the way
Your breath feels
On my neck

I wish that I
Could feel it
  May 2014 Lies Cut Short
Delilah Moon
If i were braver...

I'd be dead
Lies Cut Short May 2014
I need to stop apologizing
For things that you did
I won't let you rule my life anymore
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