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  Sep 2015 GieAn
Just Melz
I would happily suffer
   because of how much I love you
I will put myself through misery
    just so you feel no pain
I would walk on flames
     and put them out
         so you can walk through
I will drive myself insane
     so you can have no part of the blame
I just wanna believe
        that you love me
               that much too
GieAn Aug 2015
Today is the last
August was a blast
All the shadows have been cast
Away with you, not an easy task.

But tomorrow it'll be different.
I need someone that is consistent.
Won't let my heart bleed again,
This is the story,
of how ours will end.
  Aug 2015 GieAn
You are the sky,
And I am the stars.
Always together
and never apart.
Some days when I don't shine,
don't think that I'm not there.
I'm just hiding behind the clouds.
Watching you from afar.

You are the sea,
And I am the waves.
Always together,
side by side.
When I rises,
I bring tidal waves with me,
and you're the one,
giving me strength,
helping me rise.

You are the beauty
In every little thing,
I see flaws and mistakes,
I still love you the same.
GieAn Aug 2015
Will you go?
To a place we both don't know,
Without time set
Even place, I bet
Just a date.
You and me,

Will you go?

*I hope so.
GieAn Aug 2015
Now we are together
Sitting outside in the sunshine
But soon we'll be apart
And soon it'll be night at noon
Now things are fine
The clouds are far away up in the sky
But soon I'll be on a plane
And soon you'll feel the cold rain

You promised to stay in touch when we're apart
You promised before I left that you'll always love me
Time goes by and people cry and everything goes too fast

Now we have each other
Enjoying each moment with one another
But soon I'll be miles away
And soon the phone will be our only way
Now I'm in your arms
Feeling pure love and warm
But soon I'll be alone
And soon your voice will change of tone

You promised we'll never break up over the telephone
You said our love was stronger than an ocean apart
Time goes by and people lie and everything goes too fast

Let's not fool ourselves in vain
This far away trip will give us pain
We'll have to be so strong
To keep our love from going wrong
Distance will make us cold
Even put our love on hold
But soon we'll meet again
And soon it'll be bright at noon again

You promised not to loose faith in our love when I'm away
You promised so much to me but now you've left me
We go by and then we lie and all this time we wasted
Time goes by and people lie and everything goes too fast.

Time went by and then we died and everything went too fast
Everything went too fast
Everything went too fast
Everything went too fast
(c) Julie Delpy
  Aug 2015 GieAn
she may hurt, but she is not pain.
she may fail, but she is not a failure.
she may be tragic, but she is not tragedy.

*she may feel worthless,
but this, too, will pass.
so it's always worth reminding people (i.e. myself) that just because you feel something in the moment doesn't mean that it's permanent. an emotion is an instant, no matter how long the ache lasts, and an instant cannot define you.

(thanks for the daily!)
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