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I live in pain, for that I am grateful. I recently realized that life isn't the desires we make in our heads or the dreams we want to achieve. Instead, it is a never ending cycle of bits of happiness replacing the pain everlasting pain for just a short while. As much it is necccessary to rejoice everyday for the small acconplishments, it's also very necessary to acknowledge pain. Pain forces us to grow up and accept life and struggle. We will never liveĀ  in a fairy tale where everything goes according according to plan and there's a happy ever after, reality is the we can only hope and that is okay.

I just hope that in whatever place you're in, you're trying. As much as I would love to tell you that happiness is all that matters, the truth is happiness is like a rainbow, it's there when it is necessary. All we can do is try and be our best selves even through this atrocious thing we call life. We will get there, we all will.
this is not a poem. its a letter.
our parents were broken by their parents
who were broken by their parents.

& now they break us.
It's in those jeans.
It's in that white printed tee
It's in those converse sneakers
It's in that half cracked smile you pull
It's in those shades
It's in that face.

The detail in which it's shaped and made
The colour which intensifies your smile
The hair which makes you black

It's the love you always feel  
It's the hate you always resent
It's the mediocrity you oppose
It's the fear you never feel

Heart, honour, respect.
To the decent man
The Earth is undeserving but the sun still rises.
It still gives life every morning and still gives hope and meaning to life.

It doesn't deny love because of the ***** skies or toxic air.
Instead, it gives it a second chance.
Give it all it can, every time.

The reason I try so hard is that humans need understanding for validation.
Human nature entails goodness.

I know you want to be better.
That's why I try so hard.
I was never the one
I am not the one
All the time
I'll never be the one

A smile
A kiss
A feeling

I am all of that expect the one

The next is always the better
The next is always the one
So they say

I am always the drizzle
I am always the breeze

I am never the rain
     The wind
A capable wife is far more worth than treasure
She lives for the good of her family
She works hard for her own
She is independent but still dependent upon the Lord

That is a woman you need in your life.
She will stand by your side and honour her vows
She caters for all, even the poor.
She is generous by heart
She is everything and more

She is wise
She is appreciated
She is respected
She is loving

She is not shaken but mere earthquakes, instead she embraces the beauty in faults and the lessons in mistakes.
She will stand with you through thick and thin, through sickness and health and through this miserable life.

Man, when you find a woman like this treasure her with all you have. Appreciate her insecurities and love her through everything you will put her through

Charm is deceptive and beauty fades but a woman who honours the Lord should be praised.

— The End —