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  Apr 2018 Kat
Fox Friend
And on the final day,
I watched the flames
lick up my words.

I set them all ablaze;
none of them
made you
Kat Apr 2018
Steps for Life:
1. Wake up and brush your teeth twice and use mouthwash.
    Make sure your teeth are pearly white.
    Floss so your teeth don't rot with grim.
2. Drop in some eyedrops,
    so no one can see that you cried.
3. Choose your clothes.
    Don't choose something that isn't name brand.
    Don't choose something that's **** or unflattering.
    Wear your waist trainer so that your waist can be thin and your
    stomach is flat.
4. Get your makeup together.
    Wear the right color eyeshadow, make sure your lashes long enough,
    make sure you choose the right color to match your outfit.
5. Pick the right shoes.
    Choose the heels that are in season.
    It doesn't matter if they aren't comfortable you have to wear them to
    be cool.
6. Go to school
    Go to school and suffer.
    Hang out with the popular kids.
    Be rude to other girls and criticize them for not having the money to
    afford clothes like yours.
7. Come home.
    Lift a few weights to keep your arms thin.
    Swallow a nasty concoction and have dinner so you can rid of it.
8. Repeat for the rest of your life because you won't ever be good enough.

To a girl, why is life about the size of your thighs?
The thinness of your waist.
The color of your eyes,
The color of your skin.
The flatness of your stomach
The shape of your jaw.
The length of your legs.
The way you walk and whether or not you fall.

They hid the pain.
Because pain is beauty.
And beauty was all that matters.
The biggest goal is to be popular but to be popular you have to be liked.
No one likes an unattractive girl.
No one likes a girl who isn't pretty.

To be popular, to awesome to other people, to be cool,
You have to make yourself suffer from the pain that is beauty.
You can't eat anything you want if you do you'll gain weight and you'll be fat.
You can't eat all 3 meals because you'll get fat. Instead, you have to eat a bit for some energy but then force it all back up because too much food will ruin your flat stomach and no one likes a girl who's fat.

You can't eat certain foods because it's messy and people see your face being a mess than say goodbye to your popularity because no one likes a messy girl.
You can't join certain clubs and you can't get straight A's. This is because no one likes a brainiac girl or all the other fantastic words.
You can't wear sweatpants if you aren't required too. Sweatpants aren't flattering and if no one likes you then neither should you.

You will suffer in silence
Because everyone thinks that you're fine.
You have to follow a strict diet or else your popularity will die.
No will see the cuts on your thighs because that's the only place they won't show.
You can cut your shoulders, your wrist or stomach but people will see and think of you as a depressed emo and no one wants to be seen with that freak.

Society has girls be trapped in a box where they follow the same horrible routine.
Inspirational people say that the box is paper and you can just break it to be free.
If the box is paper why am I so weak?
Why can't I break it?
Those inspirational people are wrong.
The box isn't paper.
It's stone.
*DISCLAIMER* This poem could be triggering
Kat Apr 2018
Everyone enjoys a good competition.
If they say otherwise it would be a lie.
They can say that they don't like to compete
But they enjoy watching.
They have races and competitions everywhere.
Everything in life seems to be a competition.

In school it's:
Who has better grades?
Who's better at sports?
Who can do this better?
Who can do that the best?

In families with children it's:
Who's better at this instrument?
Who's doing better in school?
Who's taller?
Who's this?
Who's that?

With me it’s:
Why is she prettier than me?
Why is she better at this than me?
Why does she think she’s garbage when she’s better than me?
Why is she more social?
Why is she better at music?
Why is this?
Why is that?

Humans are a completely social race.
No matter how introverted or socially awkward a person is,
At least once in a while,
They enjoy humans interaction.

Human interaction comes with conversations
Conversations come with stories and experiences.
The people having the conversation, they're competing
They spill story on story
Toping one another.
It doesn't really seem like a competition but it is.

You already know that life is a competition.
Who can become the wealthiest?
Who can become the CEO?
Who has a better house?
Who has nicer clothes?
Who has a prettier face?
These are just a few examples of things that people compete for in life.
Everyone just wants to be the very best.
This was so bad. I'm sorry. The part when it says why is she this or that, the she is a reference to someone irl. She’s on hello poetry and I’m kind of jealous of her.
Kat Apr 2018
Lost fur flies through the air
Off the backs of black cats
There innocents yowls echoing with sorrow and pain
The traumatized cats have been dumped into the streets

Why? Is there a reason? YES, It’s their fur.
After hundreds of years, people are still scared of the black cats.
For reasons of magic,
For reasons of evil,
For reasons I don't understand because they are normal.

It doesn’t matter the color of their fur
Cats should all be equal because they are good.
Cats shouldn’t be like humans
Who has their segregation?
They make colored people feel bad because of past descriptions.

I don't understand why people just can’t move on?
Why don't they see that all humans are equal?
No life matters more.
People should learn to see and understand that instead of making them fall to their knees and have tears dripping off the floor.

Humans can scream
Humans can yell.
They make signs and protest until the segregation stops.

But imagine how black cats feel.
They experience the same brutality but they can’t
Because they are cats.

They can’t make signs, they can’t protest.
All they can do is endure the pain or avoid it.
They feel the same thing that the colored people feel.
They are hurt and abused by people who don't care about their life
Humans are cruel and should value the lives of black cats.
Black cat equality and equal rights for all.
Fun Fact: Did you know that black cats are tortured on Halloween night because of people and their superstitions.
Kat Apr 2018
From what I see everyone fits in somewhere
I stare enviously at the people who others who shower them with so much care.
It’s uncomfortable for me to hang out with my middle school “friends” they all have similar interest and have forged something deep.

While I’m over here trying hard just to fit in.
Like in a YouTube video makes by Spechie,
I’m feeling like a snake because my personality is kind of fake.

Of course, this has changed the way I see things.
I’m no longer naive and see things as perfect and pretty like I did in the 6th grade.
When my eyes were forced open my the things my “friends” talked about I felt like my life was a lie.

The people I hang out with they are a little weird.
I’m not weird enough to fit in with this group
But I’m not normal enough to fit in with everyone else.

They all talk about things that concern each other.
While I’m over here talking about things that concern me.
I feel self-centered and conceded.
That’s not what I want not at all but I don’t know what to say.
If I don’t have something to say quickly the topic will change.

Everyone talks about their own experiences
Everyone talks about what they’ve seen
When I do it though I just get stares because I’m not funny
When I talk about me I think that I am self-fish.
I honestly don’t belong anywhere with these people.
I diffidently hang out with certain people.
Some of them I hang out with.
They are really kind
But I don’t fit in with them
And I always feel alone even when people surround me.
I’d like to add a happy ending but it would be lies.
This is something I’m feeling now, any advice?
Kat Apr 2018
In the dictionary, poetry is a                          work in which special
                                                  l i t e r a r y
intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

Bland and boring that's what that definition is.
It has not any feelings
It has not any life
It's boring and bland like the words of a textbook.
That's what the definition is.
It's b
         o                                   .
             r                             e
                i                       m
                  n                 a
                      g   and l

To me, poetry is MORE!
It's when I write my heart a       w       a       y.
It's when I write about things I like or care about.

For me, poetry is a way to vent
be fuming and mad
but still be calm and cool
writing about an event that happened today possibly at school.
To writing about what/who I think should go                                away.
To write about the people I care about.

The poems I read all have affected ME in some way.
Making me currently happy, sad or anything like that.
Sometimes the words in a poem have so much meaning.
It's hard to disagree with the poet when you hear them basically SCREAMING at you with their strong opinions.
That's what makes a poem great and c l a s s y.

It's not the words in a poem that make it lasting
It's the effect it has on your
          ­                                         i
       ­                                                  e
                                                             once it ends.
Something I threw together in 10 minutes.
It was based off of the last 2 lines.
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