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Your words stirred something deep inside me
like a ***** martini sipped with thirsty lips
my body intoxicated by the very suggestion of you.
I like how our hands seem to have their own
conversations, apart from our mouths.
I like how we tell things we can't seem to say out loud.
In these spaces between,
Our fingers meet and they fit.
No walls, no secrets

I like how our hands know how to be together
In times we can't seem to.
Life is a thousand times more beautiful when you know you won't go through it alone.

He has the most genuine heart more than anyone I've ever known.
The brightest smile that could light up the entire room.
Words that either break me or make me fall in love even more.

And I'll gladly live this life with You beside me as we travel into the unknown.
Falling in love is not rational. It's madness. A beautiful, wonderful moment of magnificent insanity.

Look into my eyes...

and they say
"I'm obsessed with you. Utterly, willingly, and wonderfully"
Please don’t fall for him too much
He might break you
Faster than you’ll ever know

Faster than how you fell for him
30 lines

1. I love the way you are
2. The way you get scared and nervous with things
3. I love the way you’re so sure of what you want
4. The way you re-assure me that everything will be alright
5. That you’d message me the following day or after a few hours
6. Or even ask me if it’s alright if you’ll be busy
7. I love the way that you’re responsible
8. You make me smile out of nowhere it gets scary
9. The way you care for me and for other people especially your mom
10. How you see the simplest and smallest of things that I do
11. I love that you’d always message me good morning and good night even though you’re makulit
12. How you’d want to keep me company even when you’re tired
13. The way you treat Eclipse, it shows me how mature you can be
14. It’s the way you’d consider what I want or my opinions
15. The way that you always know what to say next even when you leave me speechless
16. I love that even when you have insecurities you’re still willing to try and that didn’t stop you
17. I love that you’re very consistent it’s rare these days
18. I love that you’re old-fashioned and that you wanna ask my parents about stuff
19. I love that you read books and judge movies based from books
20. How you tell me that the songs you’re sending has a meaning
21. That you listen to the songs I like
22. The way you make simple hirits and makes my heart skip a beat
23. How you notice the things I do and analyze them
24. I love the way that you made a list of the things you like about me and was willing to share them with me
25. The way that you always say “a lot” whenever you tell me you like me
26. The way you get shy when you ask me things like if I wanna hang with you or when you make hirits
27. How you’d always say sorry and feel bad whenever you tell me you’re bad at something
28. I love that you’re very consistent and always asks me if i’m good
29. The way you judge me when I message you during class
30. It’s how you manage to make me fall for you each and every day for the past few days

But honestly it scares me that you’re all of these things because these are what makes me like you. I have insecurities I mean we all have but what if I disappoint you like what if all of a sudden I wasn’t your type. I’m really nervous to meet you cause I don’t wanna mess things up I kinda want this to last.

I’m not shy, really, but you make me shy. I tend to hold back my feelings at times I’m sorry it’s just that what if you don’t like me. I’m chubby, I’m not pretty and I can be all around the place, i’m not perfect or maybe not the girl you have in your mind.

I wouldn’t be this scared if I didn’t like you this much. I still hope you feel the same way that I do
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