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2h · 21
Holiday of Light
Holiday of Light
The holiday celebrating the miracle from a death

A spirit healing itself through his father.

Light had shone down to healing forgiveness

Even to his enemies who inflicted such harm

Upon an innocent and caring profit

Out of fear over what they didn't understand

or felt the jealousy of a brighter mind and heart becoming a source of truer loving leadership

A selfish need of attention

Their demands of forced beliefs of their own failed teachings

Clashed with Jesus’ truer teachings

Life and Growth

The hearts’ leadership that was stronger than Earth’s governors

Lead him to be crucified

Forgiveness even as he suffered to his death

He flew to the heavens

and still sought to bring

the evil ones

up with him to the promised afterlife lands.
4d · 57
Angel Friend
Angel Friend
He is an Angel Friend.
Old, Wise, and Designed to have a huge heart

A hard working soul that never quits or did such weaken to bend.
Upon his birth..
Designed for brilliance - the bigger, brighter, and more
significant  of life purposes..

A legacy forged
At his birth
An energy made itself A great and bright start
Elderly ages equals wisdom and a fatherly care
Energy in a heart forged from gold - such strength shared and Naturally    grown
Such vines to sprout and bond
Connections created and they never detach
Away from the one's who have shared such energies, in return.
A beautiful artistic creation
Created through heart's truer matches..
Selfless gifts
Formed from the kindred spirits - like the silk worm's
Carefully generated stitches of silk
From their gratefulness and directed sharing of portions of their life's force

These fibers are  woven into  unmeasurable
Dime Worthy estimated or appraised "trinkets"
of breathtaking Tapestry Blankets or  "clothe windows.."
Joined forever as one, from one starting love's warmth to another,
train on "crazy rails in need of redirection.."
Such souls see and hand over irreplaceable rider tickets

Clothe pieces of spirits joined as one - as  tapestries .
Quilted  generations bonded by their loving and sharing connections in Golden Spirited   worth .
Heirlooms handed down between life's generations
New births of fresh spirits
Climbing the ladders of time
as cherished timeless gifts
Given to those whom he cares for
Bonded to even those outside a "family" pool
until the very last breath.
Spending not a dime.
He shall toil until his spirit leaves the Earth
Then such energies stay with those whom he cared for
All timeless and unmeasurable ticks of the clock
or sands of the hourglass
Light shines upon the extension of the cared one's family births

Therefor , he has always been earning a defined role
"The eternal force of caring.."
"The warrior's toll."
In edition to the medals of honor
Golden Wearable awards, given unto him, by the Creator.
Titled  as the "Creator's Golden Heart" and "Love's earned Crown."

As written in the Latin Life's Wisdom Scrolls" as:

per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
Dedicated to a wonderful friend and supporter Mace Rubinstein. Your spirit is Immortal. To James Sutrina, a true friend and God-Brother. To all who support me, unbiased and unselfishly. Last, to all who have gone unnoticed and misunderstood in this life, who had the heart as detailed in this poetic illustration.
Mar 27 · 88
Beacon From The Static
Support to the brighter soldiers....
"Making America Great Again.."
It's not a statement... it's a way to a new life...
From living one like a has-been.
Never throw your hands up...
Energy needs to surge
Before you throw your guts...
All over in fear's purge,
"You need to stay strong.."
It's automatic....
We unite as one....
Victory Becomes
The beacon of vision
Through t.v screens full of static.
(C)2019 By Kevin Michael Kappler. Beacon from The Static. Let's become great people...we are..we just lost the way. I know we can find this road, again. I hate seeing good people giving in to the hate and violence. Blessings to all.
Mar 27 · 71
Life's Gallery
Foggy memories
A dream or a nightmare?
Pain and stress...misery.
Give me the pills for the pain....
****, I'm a little quack!
I strike hard to make the ball a winning shot.
I sweat life ..
all of the remaining strength that I've got.
Down the same old halls...every day.
A gallery of my life.
I smile at the visions.
For I've survived ....
I deserved a name plate...below the art
I survived over every hectic way.
(C)2019 Kevin Michael Kappler Life's Gallery
Mar 24 · 53
A rare breed
Down and under the depths of harsh waters
They fight the elements and their enemies
In fish made of steel
They prove their bravery
In the art of war
The value of destruction is overly clear
They attack without a sound
Their damage in attack
It is quite large and profound
The sailors know no fear
As they load their weapons
A badge of honor for each of them
This is what should be pinned
As they surface
and their images appear
dedicated to all submariners
Mar 24 · 68
The White Winged Dove
She has leather
Golden locks
And wears plenty of Lace.
The golden heart
Has shown plenty of Grace,
She has earned plenty of days in Shanghai-La
She's even more beautiful at her age
The gypsy sparkles
As she dances
A "white winging dove"
It sounds like "she has been singing"
Music to my heart
Peace Bells are ringing.
Sparkling from her shine
I've been under her sweet spell for years
My midnight dream is clear
How I wish she was mine.
Dedicated To Stevie Nicks. An angel and sweet legend.
Mar 14 · 79
Anybody Home?
No person ever says, “hello.”

I search for actions

To better my existence

Fake Promises and Infractions

Of crimes plagued upon me

That others voices echoes inside of my head

“laughter “ at this joke

Why? Because he is broke? Or just “Ill?”

Is this a dream? Or a Nightmare?

Am I dead, in this quiet, before the next

Vulture who swoops down on this “seeming dead”

Soul - can’t people see that this is a “human”

in there?

Never taken seriously.

Laughing, aloud, at myself.

I look in the mirror

Like the movie “Pink Floyd the wall”

As steam and shaving foam hit the mirror.

A busted smile remains delirious.

Until my “trial”

Will people ever come any nearer?
Mar 14 · 79
Dying Inside
I'm dying inside.
My soul inside is dimming
Other entities ride me like a motorbike.
Out and made an example of for all of mankind.No pride.

Crashing my soul into a brick wall.
I have too much physical and mental pain
To keep pretending
with all of my strength
Not to fall.

The dark people
who bash you about like Raggedy Andy
Deny their acts
You feel untrusted and crazy.
A "toy" that is sweet, to them, like "Candy."

I cannot prove my worth to deaf ears
Nor blind eyes
I pay my dues
Who knows how to silence these fears?
I want to run.
No way to go.
I wish to end it and fly into the Heavens
No bravery to finish what my mother started.
Am I lazy for needing to rest?
Or am I destined to be the failed "dearly departed?"
Mar 6 · 37
Bonnie and Clyde
She came through a dimensional portal
A fictional Character
My Bonnie was flashed to her "Clyde"
In a world in which she did not belong
We are both mortal
We shall stand together and fight until our deaths.
To remain, true to our bonds of love and honor.
Although she was once "unreal.
she is "real" now
Even if those skeptic wonder , "how?"
The other popped through the same flashed gate
The "Dillinger" that was the policewoman named "Kim"
tried to end a "great thing" on a whim.
We drew out our swords
we fought the "law"
we kicked her in the "jaw."
She ran back to an area, safe, away from us.
The Two of us "Bonnie and Clyde"
Jumped a bus
We find another  area to live free and start a family
Free of this "law" that almost ended the two of us.
A freshly written start of a new eternity.
A family name
Full of Electricity.
Feb 17 · 125
Strength’s Journey
Staying strong

Providing a listening ear

Even when fear is reinforced

Strength shines sunlight down on me

dries the tears.

Hope is  there.

The light at the end of my journey’s tunnel.

Through thick and thin

I never give up.

For, in life, we never stop trying…

Until death’s stalker’s follow

Feb 17 · 131
Climb That Mountain
It is easier to look up at a high mountain

Deciding it is too tall to climb.

Things are easier when one refuses to walk through tough times

riding in a wheel chair

Rather than baring the load walking on their own two feet.

Nothing is impossible

Unless one gives up - that is simply a choice.

So , get your life’s gear, climb that mountain

Even if you need some help making it to the top

You had the strength to try.

Instead of staying at the bottom

and deciding to “give up.”
One beautiful sunset

Snow sugar dusted streets and homes

Chilled winds that refresh the soul…

As one’s day starts and the alarm clock rings the start of a bet

To enjoy more than “what meets the eye.”

Inventive explorations and Creation of new mapped way-points

Mark the daring explorer as he never settles for the “lesser roll”

A gamble number landed on the tops of “life’s” challenged dice

To win a new way of life

rewriting history…

Not just for the journey man….

However, for the world…….A newer fashion added to an old passion..

A sweet and exciting mixed up “spice.”
Feb 13 · 150
Hearts Fused
One more moment
Is all it takes
Eyes met eyes
And the souls fuse
such as quick drying cement.
both hearts beating as one
A beautiful rhythm
A song speaks
singing the words of our love
Together, we need not say a word.
As we feel peaceful.
As our souls take flight
LIke the White-winged Dove.
Feb 13 · 54
The Soul's Chain
I am learning to coexist
A refreshed and a new and reborn soul
Meets new faces
His confidence is the sweet toll
On which he pays to run down the roads of greeting and meeting new friends
Souls to enjoy the fun and fresh times
As life's clock measures the moments
Of intertwined souls
Employing new ways to share their existence
a feeling, oh so sublime.
Energies that spark a new power of life's forces
Charging the once drained batteries
of the HUman heart.
One can meet a potential life chain linked soul, anywhere.
Keep your eyes open.
Or you shall miss another fused chain link and intertwined and enjoyable fused soul in which a relations
of the heart and soul
shall make their start.
Feb 13 · 32
Whimsical Clown
The sun peered out
Rays through my window pain
Warms my soul
Brings me back to life....a song cried out.
An artistic meaning  to enlighten my mind
A sweet melody to start my day off
Feeling warm and kind
A smile broke through a once dark frown
I felt alive and full of life
As whimsical as a clown.
Whimsical Clown, Kevin Michael Kappler, Sunlight and being Alive, Sonnet,, Midwest Poets, Rising Writers, Inspiration
Feb 7 · 51
Climbing To Fall
Climbing to Fall
You wish to fly.

But you have broken wings.

You must nurse yourself and mend the wings to fly.

A scavenger hunt for life’s tools.

Sure , you might own some tools.

Toolboxes to fix things hold many more tools than you can afford

During the days you are in a cage.

A doggy in their kennel to wag his tail and do their tricks.

They fail to see your true talent or value.

As their own needs come first and fights irrupt if they are questioned.

What you find hope and healing from and need anything to finish such tasks

are undermined by the needs of the other who demands and brings pity light to what his toolbox needs.

You remain without mending supplies to fly away

On broken wings

So many years have past

where communication to others are garbled

Selflessly you toil onward

up the mountains of challenge

without safety ropes or nets.

If you should fall

It appears if there is no one below the steep cliffs that you climb

to catch you.

You fight to climb to the top to the bright hope filled future

and your success for family, career, and self care.

Those who treat you like “batman’s sidekick”

Do everything to make sure that they are further ahead

As they look back and ask, “aren’t you coming?”
Feb 7 · 67
Pay For Light
Pay for Light
Money for friendship.

Gold for survival.

Once you run out of such funds for “Livelihood”

You go bankrupt owing those who “are paid to care”

Your life as collateral.

You are disciplined to treat such people kinder than yourself.

All your career, future hopes, and dreams are “poppycock.”

“Just Deal with it or find someone else who will deal with you.”

Traveling to only where they wish to go

They hold deaf ears to places you hold dear to visit.

To ask for help is deemed as “selfish”

as you are a burden to them.

Even though they offer.

Down on your luck with credit and avenues of other to plot a course down..

Your life is lived as a hostage and as their pet.

Sleeping in small spaces upon a space on the floor.

Tears fall.

As it is hard to sleep.

Not knowing if a future is a right for you to keep.
A new drink
From the bar.
I never have to roam far
For as my tears flow
and my thoughts grow
In insanity and darkness
I get intoxicated off sorrow's drink
"self Devastation."
It is such a rush.
This free drink. Such speaks to me.
The "sorrow's" bartender gives me a drink.
And then another....
I don't need a tab or check for this visit.
As such drinks are paid by "insanity."
Feb 3 · 107
A Russian Detour
Midnight in Moscow
The cold and moonlight hit my face
Smiles and welcome
Shouts of cheer
From all over the place.
A glistening and beautifully strong city
Inventive personalties
Hospitably people warm away feelings of gritty.
Beautiful women and the sounds of dance halls
The Kremlin brightly lit
and protected by high red walls.
What a handsome sight to see.
As I took a walk and then a tour.
It was a worthwhile vacation.
An "every day life" detour.
Feb 3 · 22
Sleep's Debt
Sleep is a rare commodity.
Add the weight of stress and the thoughts of worry
or doubt
The scale tips
The sandman has no pay for any more credit
to be maxed out.
Rains shall fall
Not just your eye lids
Relaxation is harder
As you slip into confusion
Clear thoughts forbid.
After one falls
Falls from exhaustion  or heavy-bodies
Sleep comes as the prize
the body resets
and the mind mends from the calamity.
Now comes a new way of thought.
About face.
The scale balances out the once "large"
of debt's size.
I am my own worst enemy
I lost my mind

Tears - they kept on flowing.

18 electro-convulsive therapies later…

My mind’s all scared..

Like nuking meat in the microwave…

It’s sad and glowing.

On and off the wagon

I hurt my leg and couldn't keep walking.

I beg for help

But I couldn't afford the crutch

Can I play this game, any longer?

Before I lose everything..everyone that I care for?

What I need in my life, so very much?

The storm was started

As anger lit the match

I mended such broken parts back together

Can’t you see? Insanity?

It might be said “to last, forever.”

“Will you get the best of me?”

I have suffered through Ednos and Adhd,PTSD, and Addictions for many years. I was never broken. I got my help and stronger with the right family. Friends. I got stronger. Support to any who still suffer and have yet to find their own ground.
Feb 2 · 33
Asleep in Manila
Asleep in Manila
upon steps in the astral plain...
I stayed in hotels lined with gold....
5 senses awake
Even though my body was fast asleep
My body was left my spirited
vacation did my soul Take.
I traveled to her upon beams of light
we fused together
Visitations of youth and light
Kept the woman over seas within my "kinder" and more "loving" sights.
we stayed together, there
walking the streets.
Greeting fellows and then walking the waves crashing upon the oceans' shores
as the sun hit our faces and we felt lonely
no more.
Although I had awaken from what was considered
"Just a dream"
The memories remained.
Just as in any physical vacation.
No matter the means of travel..
I considered such a "temperate" daydream
Just with another way of travel..
With the aid of soul's aid
My feet touched down on more beautiful gravels.
Feb 2 · 146
Feelings of Chill
Feelings of Joy from the chill
Arctic colds freeze the body
Also, it purifies the soul
Out flies astral travels of my Human will.
Visiting lands at the speed of an "Outer Body " "dream"
Landing states are quick and also unneeded
Communicates with other souls
adds to a sweeter and a more "clear eyed" vision and
a more "grander" scheme.
Fly with me upon golden wings
Join with me against star lit scenes
As we dream together, even in the real land..
as astral waves are painted with a truer light with lesser burdens...
No worldly issues..just me and you.
Maybe you've seen me enter your "dreams?"
as I joined with your soul
and beautiful travels bathed beautiful avenues
without tolls.
Under the microscope
you are the bacteria
under study to make sure it's 100% perfection.
The teacher throws your Human remains through the meat grinder
Inspecting every molecule which makes up your soul
As there is no room for any ,however, other than those deemed
"a minder."
You are a puppet on strings
You must obey every tug on the strings
as being the "Black Sheep"
Never has any light from which becoming such a "new puppet" brings.
You must walk their walk
Do not show any human instincts
One false move
You are the smashed insect that has now gone on the lists of the extinct.
Talk their talk.... Be their idea of "pure.."
Better drink your Holy Water
As the hounds follow and investigate exactly where you are and where you have been.
There are no exceptions to the rules to making no mistakes
for it is your soul's light
That shall be burnt on the stake
If you show what "weaknesses" the masses wish to expel from your natural Human will
Better beg for your ability to have acceptance from "the socially pure actors"
as it shall be the loss of care and heart's light that shall place darkness upon you
as your remaining life and blood begins to spill.
Jan 18 · 38
Acid Rain
Acid Rain
Loneliness .. an acid that eats it’s way to the bone

Questions remain why silence must remain

in your boxing ring to remain strong and able to stay in safety’s zone.

Others question you on why you remain a solo act.

Some ask you if you even know what love is

or if you have a ***** motive….

Tears silently fall inside of you…drip…drip

No notices the pain…as you sit and admire those who already experience the miracle of such

Your beating heart remains weak and deeply sensitive..

The long hours that mark the time of another day

as your head and soul screams for release from this prison

Sunlight shines… maybe a miracle will find you and guide you on a bright and less hectic way.

You and never show your feelings

over freezing in this cold

storm of the “Heart’s winter..”

Blazing trails and fighting the war of those of doubt

Wood frames of shelter explode until the structure that protected you

falls into ashes and splinters.

Don’t show weakness

You must never accept your Human Nature drawing you into attraction

as misunderstandings and hurt come from problems miscalculated

Some follow and wait for you to trip, fall, and have a finger to define

what it is you truly want…..Not anything lustful, attraction at times, only Human…

Another subtraction

You feel like a failure as a true noble being that you've tried so hard to beam on those dark and judgmental about you….

another space vacant

where Human presence used to thrive

You have a golden and rare heart..if people would give you the same head start that other “worth whiles” seem to be given

As this Rat race to end the acid rains of a lone man

Beg for an end to the burdens of constant trial and questioning in Love’s court

You merely go on your weary way and you show yourself, through pain and pleasure, that you are doing the very  best that you can.
Jan 17 · 193
United Yet Divided
United We Stand
Divided... We Have Fallen
Balance is the Key To a Better Way....
So why isn't the Balancing beam being set up....for a success and a brighter day?
A Volcano of lies
Lava Scolds the Truthful and the Innocent
Sitting on our hands
We merely die like lost sea creatures boiling on the sands..
Of life's Symbiont energies peacefully brimming with  healing purpose and fluid intelligence to heal our Misguided people from destruction..
The Oceans push their waters .. harder then harder
As the Gods of Fortune, Health, and Care..
Buddha's tears fill a great portion of the ocean.. devotion...
We must stop and bath in these of nature,,,
End the senseless ignorance and violence,,,
Becoming who we know we can be..
Gentle creatures over-flowing with gleaming gifts of solution and equal distribution of rights and softer tolerance.
Until the Volcano is put to sleep with truth's song...
Until the destruction of a great world comes...
At the rate and on the road on which we have traveled, wrongly, down...
The time until the Vengeance of our Angry and Devine Creator, upon us, his wrath shall be seen quickly and deeply strong.
We, as a free and gifted world, should united and see the gifts of our creator signaled to end the suffering of ignorance. Self made unneeded trials.  Not just in government and this "migration violence" "drug dilemma" the world is a beautiful place..if we unite and work, listen, and care as one. Together.
Jan 11 · 70
The needle skirts the medicine
Into the naive veins
of the overly trusting
The medical profession
does what THEY want.
The adverts flaunt
merely a fantasy
while the patient dies from miss care

The democrats cheer
as the sick die
and undeserving thrive
here is another chapter
another hefty and fraudulent bill
the poor die from the uncured chills
the rich idiots enjoy their kills.
Jan 1 · 81
New Year's Clock
The year's clock finally ran out.
We made it through struggles...
Fought some of the most grueling wars..
Earned numerous victories...
Here's what New Year's renewal clock is all about.
Pain in the heart..
Agony in our bones...
Diseases that we have fought to eradicate..
Fighting with Selfless Charity and Self Support
We braved the waves of another year in life.
We cheer and shout, for yet another refreshed and clean Slate,
as we Stay past the Midnight Deadline...
Cheers to us, who never gave in or up, who stayed strong and proud..
we stand, together, united and true, bonded true and forever..
Singing,forever, the unity
Souls start to intertwine.
Dec 2018 · 88
Singing the blues
I have many travels tales to tell.
War and Funny Life Stories
That will make the heart laugh and learn , as well.
Strength breeds numbers.
Energies shine abroad.
Whether negative or positive
What energy you cling to is absorbed by those nearest to you.
Watch out of pity demons and negative spirits..
Instead of beautiful songs..uplifting and full of dance..
You shall be playing, all alone, to even smaller numbers..
While singing the blues.
Dec 2018 · 30
The True Victor
The quiet hours pass by like turtles crawling to the shores
of life's huge oceans
However long the trip the need for it is the hearts of those who can endure..
True Devotion.
To a task that might make one shed blood,sweat,and tears
As long as your souls fails to give in or out
The body will follow suit
We soon run out of fears.
We faced the stinging of aloneness
The burns of sun heated gravel along these streets we travel
Moments end in miles
Traveled earning much experience
You gain and earn
So never give in or up
In the end, you..this "lone conquerer" ..smiles
He holds up his head and smirks to those who once thought of him as weak
and cheered as he started to fall.
However tempted to give in to those nasty cheers of the mean-felt crowd...
He never listened...he numbed his heart and ears....
For now he has conquered and earned it - all. Of which he wanted.
He sent blessings and true heart for the healing of those wicked chanting for him..
the one who never fell...
"for true victors can share their spoils and wish all enemies..
Good Heath and a heart that shall, once again, become sweet, caring, and shall feel this warm energies and swell."
Dec 2018 · 116
A Holiday Miracle
Holidays are of what one makes of them.
No matter where we spend them or with whom we share
these times with....
It comes from the beats
of a Human Heart
from which flavor of the moments in which we place out there
Cheers to staying true,blue, and real
It takes strength to remain in such a beautiful state
The celebration of the one's who share your life
memories of those who passed on
Even just sending a text to those who think of you...
Such are things to cheer and sing
and cut the first piece of holiday pie with a favorite knife.
Traveling,stationary, or in high-octane work modes - we flow
with the beat of this season's cheerful reminder in heart
of the miracle we have been given of family, souls in memories of those we shared our life with, and the moment we have to be free and at rest
or doing such things
that bring out our best
in this life we have only one try
To remain strong, true,blue, and a force that remains
in flow to the next future and also remains in the written books of history.
Dec 2018 · 46
Solo Holidays
A solo holiday season
It's not that Bad
I have freedom to sing my own versions of Christmas Carols
Have my own dinner party
Watch some movies
And feel the Happiness of Self Company.
Five years rolling. Who's counting?
At least people think of me.
At least I know that my lost loved ones' spirits are with me
So I raise a toast, to yet another solo holiday....
Where I can cherish their memories
Reach out to those who care
Enjoy another winter day.....
And write new futures which shall out do the
Rocky Roads I've traveled
In my life's history.
Dec 2018 · 53
Me,myself,and I
I seem to be engulfed in an exciting conversation
Topics of sports, politics, creativity, and relation..
The partner and friend that I am enjoying this "flow with"
Is me,myself, I, and the situation of Seclusion.
Brainstorming my escape.
My partner draws in his ideas that are of worth
He is so smart
While the other conversationalist in this duo
Feels like jumping the gun, going on the flight, and leaving people cold and cruel.
I satisfy my urge to release my steam at my partner as he is only the reflection in my mirror.
He sees me so much more clearer
He never talks back or denies a chat
as we are one in the same
A brain hungry for another to plan, create,express,and debate with.
Exactly where to find the moment and place to find such an entity is quite narrow.
As I'm here, there, and I'm almost everywhere
where the right people seem not to be
So, until then, I love my conversational partner
He stimulates and entertains me.
I never feel alone
As me,myself, and I have a date to be and stay free.
Dec 2018 · 43
A shining star

Slowly Growing unstable

Due to the lack of energy.

Quiet hours and halls

The cobwebs aren't just in the attic

they are in the city

Where are the people?

They are all in another land.

Cyberspace or Shallow Pools

You walk about

Playing the part of the fool.

You do not have a map

to guide you to the right places

To bright and friendly new faces.
Dec 2018 · 25
Merry Holidays
Merry Holidays

The music blasts through your head

All the stores and televisions rant about this

season long celebration to countdown to that one day.

Cold winds blow as you have a lack of connections

to stay social.

At least your heart still beats

Big and true

Something special.

No exchange of presents

No dinner with family and friends

Cold stares at a clock

Creative notions passes the quiet ways

past a sad moment

My will is strong

I hope the best for everyone

As this lone wolf travels about

Getting through days called “holidays”

to pass about and end.
Dec 2018 · 119
A Soul Questioned
I have dreams
Dreams to invent for a brighter humanity

The lack of ways to my destination
have lead to my insanity.

A man wants his own family
A man wants his realistic dreams to become reality
why cannot other's aid in those Nobile creativity?

Thousands try to emulate the same idea
however, yours always stands out, jealousy.

Those you are close to are too busy to help
such is life you understand and support

Such is , sadly, they fail to have time to stand back and to see
Could this be the end of the future for me?

I sit stagnant and plan out idea after idea to make my creations a reality

Donations of my creations are all  I wish to do is brighten the world
Money takes time even to volunteer for such, overseas.

What do I have to do for the "charge" appointees to see
such breaches in communication is causing my hope to cease?

I stay hopeful and strong and fight to spread my messages
Not for fame, money, however investment helps one gain needed tools....

In this conflictive would, how must one become less than one of the dark and given in fools?
Dec 2018 · 319
Piece of Furniture
You are a piece of furniture
Those that are close to you
act like they own you.
You are their "Loyal Subject"
In their "Kingdom"
in which....
They rule you.
One dare to question or rebel to this
and it is you who are disrespectful
and have the face ,in which , on it, they ****.
What you own they have a right too.
What they gain is the object.
What you don't
Don't feel sad...
for in "their kingdom"
That's a breaking of a rule
and such...
would be  a "way"
"in which you have just  traveled"
Justly Right or unjustly wrong....

it is you who must leave them or endure such..
That is -  "you must be the one silent and remain much more strong."
Dec 2018 · 118
Catch 22
My Personality seems to be "too nice"
when other's attack
and you cannot seem to lift a fist
A conflict lasts too long
Another Sacrifice.
You are forced to settle for less
Because the other friend wants more.
If you fail to win this game
Than it is you that loses to their score.
Their beliefs are fact.
Yours are "insanity."
"you need to do better"
even though you've tried "too hard"
and even showed  fair tact.
How can this road trip to the Devil's Land
Benefit both
In order to avoid a separation  or collision
and keep what's important intact?
Nov 2018 · 182
I was recruited to fight in a war
Not overseas
However massive and ******
It was a war on our own land.
Dark people forcing darkness on the inhabitants
Now the clash has come
from those sick of the tolerance of violence
he sided with those true
and became a worthy combatant.
A shield of truth and a gun of brighter ways
Holds the guilty in the scope
as truth fires the killing shot
The reward in which they have earned
from crimes against humanity
on these conflicted streets...
Justice is what they have gotten.
Nov 2018 · 444
A regal Flower
He rose out of the ashes of corruption
He pledged to protect our beautiful nation
Befriend by many leaders
Trump proved himself as those around him backstabbed
a bright person to bring light
upon a clash of crocked ideals
Never selecting a "paid" vocation.
He uses his heart and pride of country as payment
as he smiles as those who fear and run from the truth
their feet run on the pavement
As they try to save what little they have left
in a dark legacy
Say what you want
they can never replace a true and noble warrior
Who took the oath of leadership
Over the strongest Nation in the world
The flag waves high in pride
as he steps on the White House Lawn
In earned light and proud stride.
I support him.
Our "Cheif of Nations In Command"
of honest power and dignity
I shower him with respect and praise
as he earns a rose, the regal flower.
As he makes a path, for all, a brighter day.
Nov 2018 · 465
when he shows interest in any lady
he is often avoided, mistreated, or misjudged.
He wants to love and enjoy beautiful  kindred -ship
why is the stereo station tuned
to type "his age and outer shell"
as the announcer broadcasts ads for "the better gentleman."
He has become "everybody's fool"
His favorite song details this soul near ruined...
"Actions are speaking louder than words"
Deaf ears cannot hear, however, they see the words
His motives are questioned as "absurd."
what is it that he must do to pass the "social equality test?"
As he tries to simply "show his true and lovable self"
and enjoy being accepted
and allowed?
to be in social groups
with all of the accepted rest
of society
who passed such requirements?
He studies for the exam
another try in the morning
Will, he beat the odds?
and meet all of society's
acceptance through presenting the right "prerequisites?"
Nov 2018 · 138
Non Investment
He has endured a chronic pain
Both in his heart and in his worn-out soul
At least his heart beats
There is air in his lungs
He yearns to be more
Than a mannequin
wearing the uniform of the
"underprivileged American."
He might have handicaps
That people notice more than his soul
"To help the world and invent newer items of luxury and of life's ease"
Are the successes that he so desperately wants
If only the investors and people around him could see
Placing stock into a brilliant, but, limited soul
can bring them new collections of creation
to enjoy their own life and
make it through everyday tasks
with ease.
Nov 2018 · 59
Wanted silent like the dead
Never allowed the freedom to shine
The world cannot see this "zoo animal"
who is locked away....tears are the only objects to shine.
Invites happen when money can pay for a temporary
exit from the padlock paid to become unlocked
He gets a taste of the world
of freedom
As the people around him grow bored and lustful for more silver
His soul is returned to the cage
Until the next pay-check
or interest to play
with the tortured soul
who has limited ways
In which to escape this ritual
of being owned like a *****
He tries to break free
as help never reaches him
He is not the "political" definition
for the charities to choose him
On a selfish whim
Nov 2018 · 35
Dusty Antique
He sits in an empty room
An old soul that people simply don’t want.
Discarded and left to barely survive
His heart withers as he tries to prevent it
from stopping
as he has failed to thrive.
Money seems to be the **** that brings people near
The lack of it keeps him isolated, hungry, and
keeps the Grim Reaper’s vision
to take your soul, soon, in your mirror.
His worth was measured by greedy people
Claiming to care
They were but a service
Whom you had paid to be there.
As tears fall in the silent hours
Memories of your defeats
Echoes of a heart-palpitating
As the next day..he dreads.. and waking to it
What is the meaning of himself?
What is his true worth?
Peter Pan Advice is all he hears
Laughing...he nods to “agree to disagree”
Always being the compromise……
He fades further away
As people fail to treat him like he toils
harder to respect
or see his true self
His life is like a dusty antique
In a shop…..dusty...gathering cobwebs
on life’s shelf.
Nov 2018 · 51
Stay, Patient!
A victim of anger
Both inside
Down and out
I clashed with the forces of reality
A scarecrow in the trash
Thrown forth from the energies
storms of "the Stranger."
Wicked beauty...
I rolled down town
A cracked out clown
Down with the sickness
I never wear my permanent frown.
I hold on
I surpass all the danger.
So look at me
Stronger and free
The sun now shines
and the new inner me.

Rap rhymes, kappler,chrystal kaye, poetry, victim of anger
Nov 2018 · 84
Why must I feel?
Interest ..
Or Welcome
If curiosity and such
Killed the cat?
Why does the woman in HIM
hold back....
If the outside seems to define...
When only pies in a bakery
Need a tasty crust?
Why should one feel scared to...
Admit attraction....
Admit Interest....
Admit Fear
Admit Loneliness...
If such means weakness and Shallowness
When only bodies of water
Can become such.
All of the above is....
Nov 2018 · 344
A paired experience
I have yet to receive
My mutual love
From that one I put forth energies ,to.
Freedom of feeling uplifted
When the signal is returned
I fly on the wings of the Dove.

Nights go by
No answers to my connection
The one whom I hold dear....
She  seems to never hear
Or has seen the true admirer,near.

What is the price
To receive what love
I selflessly put forth
As  a signal to gain her attention?
Gold,youth,ot fame?
Questions arise as the pain
Of her silence plauges me

Does she fail to see
That id give her my whole world
My life
Just to have her return my energy
My feeling
My true care
My heart?

To create a brave and new miracle
Of a new life
A newer world
Mutually together....
As a brilliant start...

Of a better existence
Than remaining a loner
A drifter
In a large world
Uneeded by those fakers
And those who fail to except
My invite
To a better world
After all we've been through .
Such an answer
To end painful lonely days
With you by my side
Each day ... A paired experience.
Nov 2018 · 91
Thanks For Life
No matter with family
Or celebrated solo
Thanks to life and friends
Your soul is no low.
Energy to understand why
Grateful energies lift you up
Is worth more than a dinner
And a wine filled cup.
Thanksgiving is the celebration of
Freedom,strength,life, and appreciation
Not just for friends and family
For every thing you've earned,enjoyed,and the life you are still in
Such things are worth cheers and celebration.
Thanksgiving,life,respect, Kevin Michael Kappler, chrystalyx
I hold respect in my soul.
For women who are gifts and also many other things...
True care
They know what they want...
So I hardly disrespect a miracle.. a gift
through being shallow and *****...I never taunt
I never try and be the power of any relations with a lady
I wish to win her heart through my inner heart shining through
No one earns a gift of such a beauty
without staying honest, clear, and supportive. Never shady
Although I might show attraction and also interest in her...
I slowly understand and grow to know her

For if I am ideal for such a miracle. She shall stay near me
grow with me
Show her interest in the most beautiful of ways
As we slowly win each other's hearts

Their is never any doubt
As we look into each other's eyes
spending every moment we can, together

Enjoying the bond in which it starts.

The miracle comes as she notices more than my looks
and sees into my eyes and true patterns of communication

As I see into hers and feel a mutual energy
drawing us together
to enjoy each other's companionship
Marriage and love are two forces united
One dies without the other's life giving energy.
Materialistic wants
****** Passion
Status and Fame. They are meaningless
Never fueling the true energies to draw her near - a flame fails to become ignited
Eternity is the bond between two souls
as they spend the rest of their soul's existence
after vows are shared
Both of you knowing one cannot live without the other, near

To guide, comfort, and lift the other back up through rough times

It is those who part from this "adherence to this bond and force"
due to inner fears
of how to handle this strongest of bonds
Only the true feeling and loving hearts fuse to the other in honesty
true virtues
and the longing for her spirit to color your eternal life

quickie ***
beauty from the outside
and the dates that brought you two to meet
are merely a test of a beginning

to see if your spirits are meant to fuse with one another
when the time is right
you both decide to ignite the flames to burn your love into forever's wall of signatures of true care and wishing to be two people meshing into becoming one heart

one force that has been tried and has succeeded

family is created. A beautiful mother.
A faithful and unfailing father
to never cheat or leave her side
to never break the vows
that brought a gift of her to you

Marriage is more than a simple commitment of law and or conscious
It is true future's which, together and forever, were meant to be.
Forever the light shall shine from both of you and upon you
a signature glowing as you live the rest of your lives
a light of a miracle that both just simply cannot hide.
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