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I have a Raven in my life,
It follows me just out of sight.
I catch its presence now and then,
I glimpse its flight, its hovering.

I am aware the Raven's meaning,
Its raison d'etre in life's scheming,
But what of its intelligence?
The Raven is a puzzlement.

The Celtic bird of mystery,
The Nordic seer of prophecy,
The guardian of Royalty,
A culprit of great trickery,

In all of this behaviour
As Joker, Thief and Saviour
Who put him there inside our minds?
Why let him follow close behind?

The Raven is ourselves of course
Our lighter mood, our darker force.
To understand we must give in
And sometimes let the Raven win.

His randomness can make us fools
His certainty can help us lose
But in all these times he is Us
And we should let him ***** it up.

The Raven is our twin in life
To make us wrong or make us right.
The thing we should remember is
Raven takes just as Raven gives.
I love the Raven archetypes in human history and our stories. It has a richness and prevalence hard to account for across so many cultures. I see him as more personal than mere archetype however.
I'll drown in my wine tonight and
  rise from the dead at 7 for work.
  I'll drag a corpse around the office
  glad hand and back slap 'til noon.
  My corpse has hair of the dog and is
  back to life of the party they love.
From the depth of my soul
And sins of my heart
I compel the pains that
Bound my energy
To a level to repent
So my spirit can
Regain trust
Back in life...

Spilling thoughts.
A magic trick for our amusement.
Make a coin disappear. Magic.
Put a family in a box and they are
like Schrodinger's cat. Dead or alive?
In a world of music
And images
In her mind
She sleepwalked
Through life
Watering the roses
With her blood
Looking through
The mirrors
The cellar dwellers
Waited for her
To be one of their own…
There must be happiness here in this place
where I stay, the sound of the seas calling
me in the morning light, beckoning me to
come towards the window and stare at their
existence, watch their kingdom glisten like
gold, glisten like an array of galaxies,
so still and tranquil, iridescent and magnificent,
the surface of its escape a boardwalk
of infinite bridges.
If we wait too long we have only
Tomb thoughts to meet up to
Got nothing to say to you
On the other side

I wanna say it & learn it
On this side
Of the curtain
Please talk
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