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I am me and I am free
From a higher ground
Where I stand alone and proud
I am boundless and true to my nature
Reckless and one of a kind creature
In the deepest of the jungle I thrived
I am an island that will survive
Isolated and hated for I am pure and alive
I'll strive against any crisis for I am
A legend that will never die
broken pieces
frozen in time
looking for purpose of their own lives
Trying to get
over someone
you never had?

that's the worst
kind of struggle.

Darling, you are so pure

and it seems like I lie through my teeth
more than I grind them in my sleep

I simply don't


that I am nothing more than skin stretched over cracking bones.
Some sort of heaven
     These people, this land
Some sort of heaven
     Your hand in my hand.x
fermenting on my lips
while they shrivel
at the memories
the cold months bring
late night
again with this vibe
and feel the inner tension rise
my own demise
written in the sands of time
of what we were
lets go back
journey through guilt
its almost as if i feel a tilt
maybe acknowledge what i did
but you forgave you say
but i'll never forgive
so now my mirrors covered
and here i lay
its late night
i deserve to feel this vibe
the electricity runs through our veins
and past the street signs we rumble by
in the car you stole, we go fifty above the speed limit,
the roof of the car is the noir sky above
and the midnight rain pelts our upturned faces
the dancing drops of water drip onto our smiling lips
the sound of the sky collapsing
echoes the flashes that streak the sky,
the flickering light casts paved roads with a brief brightness
(as if god were wearing light up sketchers)
the lacy brallette that wears me
gives me the bravery to stand up in the speeding car
the velvet pants that ripple with the wind
drink up the nighttime rain
and the rare headlights race past us,
heading into homes and hearts
the mellow playlist that connects the aux cord to our ears blasts
so loud, we can no longer hear our insecurity
the mascara that once clung to my eyelashes
now streams down my face.
on a two way street,
we drive down the middle
unafraid in the face of direct dangers
so unaware of the towering empty skyscrapers
and instead highly exhilarated
from the street signs we drive by
too fast to read the blocky lettering
the road signs glint, smiling as we wave and reach towards them
the cigarettes you smoked are thrown through the open window,
still smothering slightly.
i can still taste the smoke on your lips
and your hand tucks my hair behind my ear
and as the wind objects and inhales
unreal in the hazy a.m. car trip
the tunnel rushes towards us,
and we both hold our breaths,
as if breathing would contaminate us.
the lights that glint, cast a yellow-white glow
and for once, i see you for who you are
a boy too buzzed to feel
a kid who only felt "sort of"
a person who couldn't heal
and a lover who could never give love
about a boy who was my living teenage dream // nothing scarier than finding a broken loveless boy who makes you the same
You changed
You don't seem like yourself
As if you turned into a different person

Or maybe you didn't
Maybe you always were like this
And I just never knew
The real you
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