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Apr 2021
Magic Soldier

Locked up like a criminal

A recluse

A lone straggler

I treat life as an auction. Yes, I’m a Haggler.

I am bankrupt inside

I am a magic man

See me thick skinned

Here is a broken man,,,

Strong enough to make his stand.

Hiding my broken heart with this stubborn pride.

Losing my family

Blamed for other’s financial and heart destruction..

Respect is a luxury

Life is a school. A learning institution

I hardly taste this Caviar

I try and out run my history.

I have traveled with my baggage quite far

A damaged good

Inside and out

Beaten, *****, and emotionally controlled

Another travel to the glamorous neighborhoods.

Those in which I see the inhabitance gawk and

Point in their polished homes.. shocked at this visitor and feeling
“April Fools” Tricked and trolled..

I rose up like the Joker

I’m the crazy man “who just sits there to pout.”

Giving up the future

Half way to an elderly ward

He gets through the thick scenes

In his strength.. spirts used in bouts..

Words cut a man to his bone..

Stitch my heart with sutures

“Make due and mend.”

I am brave and sane

Even though it hurts to see others as one

and I am all alone..

Even when I was stuck in a corner

Drugged in a mental ward.

I look out a window. Tears hitting the pane.

I became the spokesman for strength

Take my words, my hand, and Human value

I refuse to stay

I am far from what these images of my shell appear to you.

Alone without his plan and potential forefilled

Even the Pandemic couldn’t **** me

I manage a miracle and provide some skills

That set my pain free

Even on the wrong chemically induced life path

I dried up and learned

The right ways to be a friend

A rogue soldier

Strength like a tank’s armor..

Dreaming and fighting for the life

In which he has always yearned.

I shall never let myself end this life

Even though moments of hurt cut me like a knife..

without gaining what I deserve

After losing the battle

I’m winning the war

See him stand tall

A tall man matched with challenges

That never to his they rattle

Steady and viable

Due your worst

As I can fight and dance to this “rock and roll”

Now, see him his feeling heart

Through his Starts to burst.
Kevin Michael Kappler
Written by
Kevin Michael Kappler  Illinois
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