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When ‘cherished friends and relatives’ are within your presence..
They can smile, bless you, and laugh with you
at your corny jokes..
Compliment you on your looks and talented creations…
You fall for it every time.
Outside of your dwellings of hours in your
living space…
They gossip and they avoid letting others now that you even knew “that someone”
The signals work their way, slowly, to a heart
Choking on the smoke screens
That spell to his heart “what a morbid disgrace.”
Everyone has their “painted on perfections”
To hide crooked teeth, skin blemishes, and such “outer imperfections.”
Deep down. .Inside  their souls..
They are the ones who look at themselves and over-question
What and when they are to become..
The head of the “pack”
of “sought after sheep.”
Instead of the Black sheep
Always eating by himself
Alone in the far of forgotten pastures…
When the wolf comes to devour you…where will the outcast be?
Surviving past this horrid situation….
At least the wolf couldn’t catch and eat him
As he only knew too well that being in the spotlight
All of the time. Over working. Over sweating…
Leads to a temporary perfection and trend…
A sign inviting “the wolves of greed”
To an “easy to find buffet special..”
At the “café du’ Sensuale…”
Licking your blood of his saliva and blood stained chops.
He looks for the next sign..
Of those who flag him on..
Needing to be the light that always shines
The magazines printing your “perfection” in Tabloids
and fashion Magazines….”
These are his snacks, in between…
His meals

As he stalks the likes of you down…
The ones who are more imperfect than I….
the ones who “act” and who “never get the education…”
This is his delight…his favorite dish.
A mislead group….hand picked for their “shine..”
Soon, upon their souls, he shall then dine.

— The End —