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Loving you
My dear
How I loved you
Deeply and Vastly
And yet
Our love
Was the most exquisite
Form of
Self destruction
For now I lie here
And hurting
Wishing that I
Didn't fall in love
With you
Love is dangerous... interesting;[ use of spaces..
It is such a shame to witness such tragedy
to see a girl grow up.
A girl who once believed so passionately in fairy tales
in magic, her fragile mind amongst the clouds.
But now she has now been struck down by the reality of her demons
Demons in her mind who make her afraid to love
and force her to believe there is no such thing as happy ending
or a dream come true...
~Love is such a magical thing~
A midnight dream
a morning spark
my words help me bring light in the dark

I write to remember
I write to forget
words for a certain mind-set

They often confuse
generating questions
with only a few minor exceptions

I want to make sense
I want to be clear
but my words often engulf me with fear

I make mistakes
I always do
I guess that means I’m human too

So, read my words
consider their meaning
and choose which ones you find appealing.
Rhyming poetry...
There is a girl somewhere, somehow;
impossible and true. She shouldn't exist -
she should have evaporated so long ago
yet somehow she kept on breathing and existing,
condensing and condensing
until she finally moved with solidity.
She sang in sorrowful silence,
was free in the terrors of the night,
lived and loved
regardless of the loss in her heart.
She survived because life told her not to
and now she is there, running
pure and clear as a dream,
wild and crazed bewilderment
shining in her alive eyes.
That Latin beauty, she is vivid and gleaming
in the light which shines
true and bright and effervescent.
She will be waiting for the liquid to return
and to dissolve into transparency once more but,
as she always forgets,
she will never die out.
We are all like her
in some way or another.
~~ For Katy. ~~
That girl
an abstract beauty
with a dictionary of words unable to define her

She is perfectly imperfect
with a broken heart
that few will ever see

The way she spoke and moved
had boys chasing her like a setting sun
that was just too far away

She creates art with everything she does
and yet she remains unaware of the art
that is her own body, mind and soul

That abstractly beautiful girl
Her smile when i read it to her!..
I wan't to be close to you
Feel connected to you
Emotionally and physically
No layers just skin on skin
Knowing that I don't have to hide anything
To see you raw, pure and free
So that when I look at you truth is all I see...

— The End —