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Imagine us being together,
maybe us being forever.
Imagine us being happy with one another,
and cuddling underneath the covers.
Imagine me kissing all over you,
and my hands wandering all over your body too.
Imagine me with my hands all in your hair,
and telling you how much I care.
Imagine yourself running your fingers down my spine,
and you saying "you're all mine".
Imagine us messing up the bed sheets,
and listening to each other's heartbeat.
Imagine our bare skin touching,
our naked bodies cuddling.
Imagine one of my hands clutching the bed,
and another rubbing the top of your head.
Imagine me scratching you down your back,
and giving you all the love you have lacked.
Imagine us being together,
maybe us being forever.
I remember watching you lean in,
as I started to grin.
Then I felt your lips on mine,
& I knew everything was going to be fine.
The way I gently touched your face,
your jawline I traced.
I could never forget the way your lips felt on mine,
so gentle and so kind.
The way your tongue met mine,
& the way it intertwined.
I felt butterflies the whole time.
feeling like you're drowning in water, trying to breathe
heart throbbing
head spinning
body shaking
you're not in control
can't breathe
can't think
slurred words
1,000 people but no one sees you watching
but what could they do?
Take my head and lead the way
Let's just take it day by day
Let your voice whisper in my ear
All the lovely things I've been waiting to hear
Kiss my lips and touch my skin
I feel a slight rush, it's my adrenaline
Trace your fingers down my spine
That'll make my head spin
Tell me you love me
And don't ever let me be
Run your fingers through my hair
And tell me you'll always be here with me
Sing to me till I fall asleep
Then tell me I'm something that you'll always want to keep
Hold me close at night
And whisper "everything is going to be alright"
I'll wake up to you looking into my eyes
My eyes blue as the morning sky
You'll kiss me passionately and say "I love you"
I'll reply and say "I love you too"
Then we'll run away from our problems and you'll take my hand
And watch our love expand
Sometimes at night,
When I look up into the night skies,
I starting think of you and ask myself "why?".
Why do I love you?
I think and smile
Because I know the list can run on for miles.
Your soothing voice, the warmth of your touch.
So many little things that make me love you so much.
The way that you care and show such devotion,
The way your kiss fills me with desire,
And how you hold me with the warmth of a blazing fire.
The way your eyes shine when you look at me,
Lost with you is where I want to be.
The dreams I dream that always in love you.
The possibilities I see and the things we can do,
I could go on for days telling you how I feel.
But all you really must know,
Is that my love for you is real.
Wrote this on September, 4 2010.
I think our eyes play tricks on us.
Am I really seeing her with bruises?
Am I really seeing that man sleeping on the street?
Am I really seeing her arms marked like tally marks on a test?
I think our eyes play tricks on us.
Or am really hearing silence in the family home that should be filled with laughter.
Or am I really seeing the kid at school wearing the same things over & over?
I don't think our eyes play tricks on us.
I think our eyes see the truth of our world.
I remember everything you said to me
And how you wanted everything to be
I remember when you said forever
And how you wanted to be with me whenever
I remember the way you used to smile
And how you wanted to see me walk down the aisle
I remember the way we used to be
And how you said you only wanted me
I remember when you said "I love you"
And how ecstatic I was to say "I love you too"
I remember the way those words rambled off your tongue
And how people said we were too young
But I remember how I felt about you
And how I knew it was too good to be true
Because I remember the way you left me
And how you just let me be
You hung up the phone and left me there to cry
But I wasn't ready to say goodbye
I'm still not ready to move on
But all my happiness has been withdrawn
I just wish you would come back
And give me back all the happiness that has been lacked.
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