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I whisper 'i love you'
With a deafening silence
I caress every inch of your body
In my mind every minute of every day
But you turn away and nestle against
The one you chose to spend forever with
You and I both know you're not in love
But It's quiet there
It's safe
You're comfortable
While I, I am left with this love
Gnawing at my stubborn heart
I lay every night rapidly combusting
Wishing for the burning to end
So that the ashes that do remain
Will blow away, travel with a gust of wind
And settle upon
Your soft, conforming skin
Then you and I will finally become one
As you always promised we would
Shared on Hello Poetry on October 19, 2016 Copyright © 2016 Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
 Oct 2016 Kaitlyn Marie
I guess you are not aware
that the light you possess
takes away her being's despair
and clears her heart of all the mess.

I guess you never knew
about all the nights she spent
bleeding words of different hues
to express what her heart meant.

I guess you never noticed
how her eyes would adore you
and how she's easily pleased
by capturing you in the view.

And I think you're missing too much
of this wonderful mermaid girl
whose heart you have touched.
She's worth more than pearls.

I hope you don't stay blinded
while you shine your light to her.
With the darkness you're surrounded,
everything must be is a blur.

When your dark side shows
And you think you're being a bore,
when you're in your lowest lows,
I want you to remember ㅡ

there's a mermaid, strong but frail
To you, she's incredibly fond.
And she's willing give up her tail
just to get a closer glimpse of you on land.
to jm
I sincerely hope he takes notice of your love for him for it is pure and most beautiful.
i love your heart,
i love it because
it dwells on beauty
and bravery and gold.
i love your heart,
because your heart
has learned to love
its brokenness.
i love your heart,
because your heart
looks beyond and
finds light in the dark places.
i love your heart,
because your heart
hasn't stopped loving,
because your heart
refuses to be disappointed
by what it finds in this world,
because your heart
hasn't given up,
because your heart
still believes in grace
in love, in kindness,
in wonder and light.
i love your heart because
it keeps beating.
 Apr 2015 Kaitlyn Marie
Make Love
 Apr 2015 Kaitlyn Marie
I don't just want to have ***
But rather *make love
Doesn't it sound so much more beautiful?
hands, remember her hands
running along your skin
touching your face, loving you all she can
i can't believe i've come to love again

my love for you is like
the way the universe expands
infinitely growing, endless and out of sight
i just remember your hands

i hear the sound of your creations
flowing through my ears
and i cant help but smile with elation
truly the most beautiful music i've come to hear

i want to visit all the places that
broke you right in half
and i'll replace all the memories you have
that make you so ******* sad

i'm gonna make you love your smile
the sunshine of my life
i'm gonna stick around for a while,
for you, i put down the knife.

razor blades and candle wax
how its made and what it lacks
a night to remember, a day to live forever
i will never forget you, not ever.
You, are my shining armor.
Protects me from all dismay in my life.
I, am yours. I am sure to make you feel sated with good vibes.
I'll give you assurance of my fidelity to you.
You, are mine. As how you convey.
So as we always hoped. We are one.
 Apr 2015 Kaitlyn Marie
Do you ever get the lonely feeling...
Like you want to hold someone...
And you don't know why?
You just want someone that you love next you so you just wrap your arms around them...
You just want to kiss their cheek and let them know how much you care...
You just want to whisper in their ear and say 'I love you'...
You just want to smile at someone...
You want someone there to love.

You only want someone there.
Hey look a vent.
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