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Haydin Apr 2015
It calms me
The soft words of it make my eyes grow tired
Oh poetry, what soothingness you bring
Haydin Apr 2015
Oh, love.

Look at you.

Infecting so many people with your beauty.

You're a mean one aren't you?

I only have so much to spread.
Let me explain...

I love many people in my life and find myself surrounded by many beautiful girls
So sometimes I feel like love can just be mocking me because I only have so much love within my spirit
Haydin Mar 2015
I know it's hard
I know you think it'd be better off without you
But that's a lie
You mean so much
Let me show you
Stay with me and let me show you
Let me show you compassion
Let me show you peace
Let me show you love
Because *I love you
Don't let hate and lies bring you down
Haydin Mar 2015
Do you ever get the lonely feeling...
Like you want to hold someone...
And you don't know why?
You just want someone that you love next you so you just wrap your arms around them...
You just want to kiss their cheek and let them know how much you care...
You just want to whisper in their ear and say 'I love you'...
You just want to smile at someone...
You want someone there to love.

You only want someone there.
Hey look a vent.
Haydin Feb 2015
I see you.
You have my attention.

You think no one cares how you're feeling.
You think no one cares that you cry yourself to sleep.
You think that your life is a complete waste.
You wish this life wasn't your life.
You think no one cares.
"No one cares"...
You have convinced yourself of this
You feel invisible to the world
But I see you.
I see your pain.
I see it.
I see how you fall into pieces every night.
And I hate to see that you have this pain.
Run over these next few words.
Carefully, please.
Can you believe me when I say that what you see in yourself is not what I see?
Whatever you see in yourself...
"Sorry excuse"...
Those are all lies
What I see a beautiful, worthy soul.
Please believe me on that.
I love you.
And nothing you have ever done could ever change how much I love you.

You're not invisible.
I see you.
And I see a beautiful, worthy,  wonderful soul.
Inspired by the song Invisible by Disciple.

— The End —