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20h · 149
Road less travelled
"Ditsela di matlapa,
    di tshela le malapa

Even when I was an infant
I knew I would travel this distant
Thrown in an abyss, a tragic instant
Then blow them with a kiss, basic instinct
As I flow on roads often walked on, mending bridges
and sew the clothes of orphans walked on, mending cringes...
7d · 168
We need a


We have no
Apr 10 · 33
Prince Lore
I’m not a poet
I don’t write poetry
I’m a silhouette
I don’t like poverty

I’m a Black Freedom Writer
A poor man’s dream
I take back the kingdom
like a fighter from
the sewer mainstream

I’ve been tryin’
to tell them since dawn,
I’m a seed residing
from Heaven,
Prince Lore.
Apr 3 · 107
There’s a lot of primal loss,
blood, tears and adversity
that went in to ensure
your sovereignty

They fought rivals with rifles,
‘cause Blood Tears And Uncertainty
meant War for your solvency
Mar 14 · 62
“The things we prevail,
discern in offense
just to be Kings again,
and return to innocence.”
Mar 13 · 47
Ides Of March
“...You’re either going
to watch as a spectator,
or you’re going to march
as a Game Changer...”
Mar 12 · 98
Point Of No Return
“…I want to destroy the world with Love
like a thief in the night,
I’ve come to grips with being
written on my enemies' walls
Mar 8 · 71
so fair
and transparent,
you’d swear,
it’s transcendent

Mar 7 · 80
Hunch Perks
I get a hunch and start writing something down,
Armageddon grudge starts fighting what’s coming around
It has its perks for what lurks in the rear-view, just hurts coz
Church has a curfew…a time to purge minds and hairdos…
My imagination is my friend, but my emancipation is not a trend
Nay, I listen to my intuition like the voice of God now,
Pray I glisten to fruition, when They hoist the Rod out!
Mar 6 · 707
The world gives birth
to Monks, Locksmiths and
mocked Rockstars
All live on Earth
to debunk false myths
and cockblockers!
Feb 27 · 42
but Invincible…
You can’t see,
but can be seen
Someone is there...
But a Summon you
can’t bear
Feb 21 · 106
"Elusive Mind"
“Strong men
don’t carry
They can
Feb 19 · 184
No thoughts of refuge, it’s bad…
throw it in the refuse bag
Mystery miss me coz' I choose black,
History feel me, I can’t refute Dad!
The symmetry of the cemetery
is relevant, you can’t rebuke that…
An emissary mandatory and misunderstood
became a revenant, coz'
I refuse that
Feb 14 · 60
It's funny how the continuum
has become rule of thumb,
when the answer is right
in front of the nose
Cunning to call it a ‘conundrum
and just move on numb…
The master is white,
in front of the foe

Feb 12 · 50
Eyes fixed on showbiz
the mind of the people in the “box office
Jinxed to show this...
as it’s not yet time for people of the lost Prophets
Skyscrapers, networks running the sky for the bigger scheme
Life data extracted for hubbing a lie that can **** a seed
Jump on the couch and press ‘On
laugh, but watch who’s the chess ****?
Feb 5 · 159
"wish I wrote that..."
I always thought
if I was to go unknown
as a writer, then I
would draw my word…
But no ways, not when I can
own the cipher
to unlock my world!
Feb 4 · 100
“a bet?
the Word
the World…
and yet,
the World
the Word.”
Feb 1 · 32
In a nutshell,
I’m not a circle
but speed humps ahead
That’s ****…
and it’s not a hurdle
I’m seeking to
jump again
Jan 30 · 76
Can I
How can I shine?
My city built on a shrine,
tenacity built-in rhyme
My seedlings building time

How can I cry?
When my propensity is a crime
with this integrity in mind...
So much intensity
in my prime

Wow, can I try?
Jan 30 · 144
I can truly say
I never knew myself
until I named you…
Bamboozled and derailed,
I never knew my wealth
until I made you

I love you, Kemet!
Jan 25 · 39
like a heartbeat,
silence like
a calm beast
Jan 24 · 33
Empty wells
and waterfalls…
then, envy swells
with metaphors.
Don’t be surprised,
when you find yourself
in a less than perfect
Don’t be…suffice!
and remind yourself
of the mess that you
must protect on the
want to fall in love
I’d rather rise in love…
Send my flaws in
the wind like doves,
My father’s skies engulf…
Stand tall as a Mill
and be tough,
Are my rights
Dec 2018 · 376
"the killing station"
Kabelo Maverick Dec 2018
with a spear

The feeling
shakes peers,
being sincere…
'coz it takes tears
to see clear
Dec 2018 · 94
Monkey Bars
Kabelo Maverick Dec 2018
Using my arms as my legs
across this bottomless pit
Came too far to beg,
coz’ they’ve forgotten this spit
The old hag, great fall and
rat scratches on the sole of my feet

Oh, what the heck, I’ll recreate all
the bad sketches on the wall of my feat
Lost tooth, the devil loathes across my smile
It costs truth, but level roads
are not my style
Nov 2018 · 1.3k
a fistful of tears
Kabelo Maverick Nov 2018
The identity is not correct,
God’s people dishonored
and in a state of aggression,

Geographically topsy turvy,
the history is miseducation

Blasphemy spits in the
face of the Motherland
like mocking the wrath
of a silent Beast

Like scorching the sky for Thunder
We’re provoking Divine Intervention

Nov 2018 · 144
Live Up!
Kabelo Maverick Nov 2018
losing sight
of the good inside

Gloomy lies…
that you’re a plight
coz' of your looks and size

True, besides…
choosing to fight
is for the good of

Live up!
Oct 2018 · 373
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
star called Scar,
miracles like firemen
The sky sources signs
umbilical to inspire man
Power of thought
dreams without proof
or miseducation?
the Hour is odd and
even aloof from
Miss education
Some forgetting and
sought to scorch  
the ceiling, suffocating
coz we’ve lost the
torch to meaning
Oct 2018 · 77
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
Weather is squeezing 365
Matters of squealing deep inside
The future is precarious…
as usual, we’re precocious
Simon says God is dead,
but the sign says, “God ahead
Screens got us facing down more,
It seems we're prostrating
to the “ground floor”…

Oct 2018 · 85
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
never mind the façade,
everything soon comes full circle.
all this vanity fair
will exhaust the sweetness,
and the Child will
cry for the Mother once again

holdfast, this too shall pass.
Oct 2018 · 100
Maverick's penmanship
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
“…I write with a feather of an Angel,
that’s why the weather is unstable
Oct 2018 · 494
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
Yahweh first,
for leading me
through this passage…
My life was a mess,
but now it’s
breeding a message
remember complaining,
climbing this
mountain up stream?
take a gander at
the confetti
Writings about this
life I lead
Sep 2018 · 53
...answered Prayers
Kabelo Maverick Sep 2018
"...still waters run deep,
but I still have a few more waves to catch
Aug 2018 · 469
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2018
Flashbacks and personifications of appearance,
Cashback is the fornication of adherence
Shut! with your big mouth proverbial fantasies,
Can’t you see this big mountain is just Virtual Reality?
If this mud is all matter, then my blood can cure cancer
My peers say I’m crazy, but it’s just a chemical reaction,
Or perhaps my fears are lately just less than the decimal fraction
Ethereal imagery dazzling to the secular eye,
But still banes and trifles to what tomorrow holds
Either deal with idolatry or the baffling homunculi,
than fail stifling on the hallow roads…
Hold, should I materialize further than this?
No, I’d meteorite farther than this…
Aug 2018 · 150
Hope in progress...
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2018
“…The World
blinded to my feat
my Achievements are
something only the
Heavens can see,
too dope to settle,
too much hope
to handle
Aug 2018 · 161
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2018
"You’re blessed every second of every day my friend…
We are just blinded by the world’s definition of what a blessing is.
That’s why the revelation is always a shock,
because we have no idea how important we are…
How significant we are, how deserving…our essence, our existence…No blessing has ever been predicted in time…
It’s always in the power of hope and faith.
You’ll know it when it happens…
Remember, it starts with a mere thought to change everything.
If you believe it, trust me…something will give back.
Maybe not today…but it will, because you’ve willed it…"
Jul 2018 · 119
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2018
like fine wine
I’m sorry for being
blind at times...
I can’t lie

this fine line
I only see rhymes
in my eye
I can’t die

Jul 2018 · 80
Caged Birds
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2018
Caged birds
Stopped singing...
Changed fur
and stopped swinging
Gates pearled
the clock’s ticking

The page turned
the flock’s winging...
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2018
our biggest FAILURE yet, amongst all our grand designs and revolutions so forth, POVERTY. And it should be a SIN to think otherwise. In fact, to even utter the word “progress” should not be admissible to the tongue. Yes, technology has broken ground in the lines of industrial communication and data. And in digitalizing the Global front, but still fails dismally in sweeping the dust off the FLOOR, in layman's (lament) terms …the dusty faces of the POOR. Why is the World so keen in ostracising poverty as a human problem??? How can we be proud and call ourselves Inventers and architects of paradigms like the Food Chain, deriving History and experimenting the destiny of bloodlines from the sweat and adversity of the disadvantaged or non-privileged?? It’s so dehumanizing, no wonder God has no voice.  That’s why the world can never progress into the Future, coz we actually obsess in this perpetual vicious cycle like a possessive toy we can’t get enough of. It’s now become an unnatural part of this so-called human development and we’ve condoned it for so long, if anything it’s become bliss…IGNORANCE IS BLISS, right?

That’s why some of us are so absorbed by insurrection, we call ourselves REBELS…Because we don’t fall for the “Okey Dokey”, the “PINK is the new black, so let me be ***” propaganda. We don’t sell out the poor, WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR A PINK WORLD, WE ONLY HAVE TIME FOR A “THINK” WORLD,

Jun 2018 · 75
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2018
Jun 2018 · 124
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2018
So different, unique
But decadent and meek
Peek through the deficit
Kneel to the exorcist
Some throw bones
to the wise Voodoo priest
Come throw clone dice
on the Buntu streets
An Angel inside ****
an Ancient Scribe to tell…
Jun 2018 · 85
...My 2 cent$ worth...
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2018
"…Your character, demeanour,
How you project or articulate yourself
Could be just a figment of your imagination.
It’s really in the authenticity of your Spirit
(Indians/Buddhism call it Mahayana/Nirvana)
that gives the canvas substance
which inevitably(…God-willing) becomes
what we call today, REAL
even if it WASN’T from the inception (evolution).
Therefore, if you’re not authentic (Real)
Nothing is…you see with your Brain, so
If you’re not true to yourself or you’re
not manifesting what truly resides
within you. Then you’re NOT BORN YET
You’re as good as null and void…”

I should call this one REALIING(Realing 2)
Maverick Notes
Jun 2018 · 165
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2018
Before the ra!nbow
Bubbled inside a ra!ndrop
Before the pain goes
Humbled and enshrined
Where I came from…

Eardrop or eavesdrop
WARter, plus my bred crops
Fear drops the kingdom
Water or just my teardrops
May 2018 · 62
Surreal too...
Kabelo Maverick May 2018
"May the enigma
of Art continue
to shirk the
ungodly hours
May 2018 · 114
Blue note
Kabelo Maverick May 2018
Ample time means timeless
Emblems, pride seems mindless
People are just crazy and free
Pupils must fairy and flee
Who wants to be a Mason…?
When you can be amazing…
May 2018 · 72
Strange pull
Kabelo Maverick May 2018
Married to Pandora,
boxed and enslaved to the paradox
Mary or the dollar? Lost but engaged
to beat the paragons

Crushed ****** and
garlic to crush the gingivitis
Touched sinner like a gothic grunge,
Sometimes I wonder if I have
the genes to fight this…

Love no longer Earthling,
but now lingers on Earthing
Give the flame selflessly,
and forgive the same passionately

Great fall snap,
pressure height in the ****,
true phobia
Embrace the call trap,
inertia tight hither
…but euphoria…!
May 2018 · 285
Kabelo Maverick May 2018
Fresh words, new notes coming
Threshold like fresh air, blue notes are summoned
Hope intact, you want to call it the missing note
Dope impact, you bluntly fall in it kissing foes
And so you reach the pinnacle, only to start again…
Continue to teach the cynical,
Only to stop the pain
Apr 2018 · 89
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2018
Mazes, jigsaw puzzles
Perils of snakes and ladders
Amazing, as I jinx all troubles
and devils with the sage of my letters
Eat dust or catch the gingerbread man
Jesus made me a catch, fisher of dead men
A kaleidoscope life rippling to a point of decipherment
Climb the *****, thrive flipping like the poise of Spiderman
No special case, just immortal and complex
So essential, this trait of my moral compass
Apr 2018 · 61
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2018
Maverick to Highlight
Imagine, parallel to the skyline
Did I mention? The plan propels to the sunshine…
Ethnic to Sapphire, the frantic mends
Magic like Satire, the tragic ends
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