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Kabelo Maverick May 2014
A sneak peek tip in my wisdom booth, mental.
Medicine speaks I have an impacted wisdom tooth, dental...
Got me thinking is it wisdom to trust prescriptions to soothe,
but not prayed for? Guess that's Life, can't be too judgemental about the use of academics set instrumental to make humans move gentle...
I'm not cynical, coz anything without God is detrimental, in fact, suicidal.
And if this is not vital, then why so many soldiers can't find survival in hospitals? We need a principle to combat late reactions, it's not difficult if you see God fundamental, careful...making Life experimental is making Life a no miracle. Just remember, you were made central to resemble something you can never handle, so best bend your knees and light a candle!
© 2005/07/20
Kabelo Maverick Nov 2018
The identity is not correct,
God’s people dishonored
and in a state of aggression,

Geographically topsy turvy,
the history is miseducation

Blasphemy spits in the
face of the Motherland
like mocking the wrath
of a silent Beast

Like scorching the sky for Thunder
We’re provoking Divine Intervention

Kabelo Maverick May 2018
Fresh words, new notes coming
Threshold like fresh air, blue notes are summoned
Hope intact, you want to call it the missing note
Dope impact, you bluntly fall in it kissing foes
And so you reach the pinnacle, only to start again…
Continue to teach the cynical,
Only to stop the pain
Kabelo Maverick May 2017
...the most difficult
thing in this existence,
still remains the simplest...
Happy Africa Month
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
If the best plan is impromptu
   Then I suppose I'll be a Man of Tomorrow
If there's a constant beat in my chest
Then I have a constant need to chance
If time is timeless
Then why make mine all about stress?
If I can wake, prepare and iron my shirt
Then I suppose I could awake, be aware and find my search
If every death is fate
Then I suppose every breath is faith
And if tomorrow never comes
Then I guess I better come...
The Power of the Third Eye
end epic, iota hardly seen in an endemic order,
but Angelic, coz Iona is the heartbeat of an eccentric daughter
University of life is puking the adversity in my file,
I covet the philosopher’s stone
coz’ eternity is nigh, while the City
dies from this Covid in the esophagus, throat
Suddenly, the World seems so ominous
about what was solemnly written in the Word,
greed so oblivious

And history will probably
repeat itself if we don’t prostrate,
and end this misery properly
coz’ in death, We don’t
'post straight'
Kabelo Maverick Sep 2018
"...still waters run deep,
but I still have a few more waves to catch
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2015
"...the answer to longevity is not only in the sweat you put in work, but most importantly, it's in believing that it is impossible for you to be tired of being who you are..."
Kabelo Maverick May 2014
And so it's all a circle, round
Never cheat your hurdles, around
Karma says it's all bound to come around soon
And when it does, make me proud
So this can sound cool.
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2014
"...have a new mind...!!!"
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2015
Hardly months,
and it seems like you were never here…
A breath from my lungs...
As I stare into the scenes of this bitter air

You brought out the best in me
A mysterious mixture of shenanigans and selflessness
Only you, out of the rest…could see
What I felt for you was tantamount to cheating
I fell for you bcoz’ you reminded me
of something paramount I was seeking

Sharing our pedigrees like War Stories
I remember those times and your advice, Souljah
Caring about my debris in life...
I’m sorry I never saw the signs of your demise
…So far…

I call this Candle here Badbye
Seeing how your closest peers
Just go by after your passing,
gives me a bad vibe…
But everything soon comes full circle…
Coz’ every King must overcome loop hurdles

Souljah on, Shero…!!
I remember how you used to
tell me to sober up before…
A dedication to my friend, Zodumo Msane, died 2014/11/06
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
Beasts feasting on prey... dishing on the words of Kings who wouldn’t fall to their knees and obey. I could almost hear their young play, as the mother watches with a haunted conscious of a young Fay. Come hither, and perhaps stretch your hands and catch a fire in a desired rizla, coz come winter, these words could be just as banned and burned by some sinner. A barefoot impaired but reaching for that stepping stone far from a mile, where manhood is shred but brothers keep breaching and stretching jail bars to a smile. Singing psalms of liberation in the blazing Sun of the plantations, stone-bashing patience and building railway stations never brought any justice or emancipation to the nation. Hence, Brothers found sense in taking a chance for the people, using pens from bribed fences illegal, and the library as a class for lessons of the Eagle. Unseen revolutionary pages and books smuggled through visitations, vice or versa... Brothers battered to solitary cages for sharing books of the struggle through imitations, Life of a hustler. Many of them died, because many others spied for the other side, despite loyalty. I guess with every Field Hero outside comes a yield ***** inside royalty. Retrospect, read and see what Malcolm reprimanded fallacy like the Big Six for, then introspect your creed and if you believe, welcome this reminded policy like the 46664...
like I said...banned and burned!!
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2014
Life, yours in the making
Your salvation is not another hand saving
They lied, you’re of no breed and born alone
That’s why you’re unique and somewhat forlorn

Explore my domain and find yourself
For once, you’re the Main and Man shall delve
You’ll find all elements, resources and money
to craft your elegance  and remorse to your liking
This is something of a must…
Coz’ in the end, it’s just you and no one to trust

What’s in it for me you ask?
I heard loneliness don’t last
The personification.
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2018
Every time I take a bath,
It’s baptism
Every time I prevail this
Math called fascism
I pray more, now that I’m alone...
Atone more for what I say
now that I’m a Stone.
Kabelo Maverick May 2020
How shy,
and juvenile I was…
blue, when
they hurt
my eye

Now, I
find Horus
by the river Nile,
Isis, through my
third eye

Kabelo Maverick May 2020
It’s not

It’s just
different cult!
Kabelo Maverick May 2019
"Between a Rock and a hard place
Seen a lot in a fast pace
Real talk with a scar face
Beneath and across the surface
Between the lost hiatus...
Believed and stopped stargaze!"
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2019
I’m fate,
number 8 on Earth…
I’m afraid, my day of birth
is bait to put you to slumber,
hate the curse…

Imagine, the hole
is infinity...
did I mention,
the Holy Trinity?
tension is only
in Sin City

They lied,
it can never be over,
it’s in the eye of
the beholder

Win or lose,
they don’t believe
in forever

Blowin’ in the wind
or loose screws
so they’re deceiving
for pleasure

Jump into the pool
The water is not too cold
Just don’t be the fool
Be immortal or
you’ll fold!
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2018
"You’re blessed every second of every day my friend…
We are just blinded by the world’s definition of what a blessing is.
That’s why the revelation is always a shock,
because we have no idea how important we are…
How significant we are, how deserving…our essence, our existence…No blessing has ever been predicted in time…
It’s always in the power of hope and faith.
You’ll know it when it happens…
Remember, it starts with a mere thought to change everything.
If you believe it, trust me…something will give back.
Maybe not today…but it will, because you’ve willed it…"
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2018
Fool’s fury like a fuse,
ignites the well inventory
Careful, I’m fuming my muse,
I might just tell the infant story
Burned and banned, pages mistaken for gambit
Learn about a Man whose sage is taken for granted
Desires so inspired sometimes the eyes go fiery
He denies it all inside, sometimes the tides go feisty
Surreal catastrophes when this young man’s
resilience’ pushed to the limit
Real Atrocities haunt him more than the
villains of Kush and Kemet  
3 witches align his life like Macbeth,
3 wishes grind his knife, it spikes backpack.
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2019
Arteries like art in trees
Atrocities might come in threes,
but series of my blood is green
Like palm trees on Jesus’ Sunday
It’ll plant seeds for seasons, someday

Kabelo Maverick May 2018
Ample time means timeless
Emblems, pride seems mindless
People are just crazy and free
Pupils must fairy and flee
Who wants to be a Mason…?
When you can be amazing…
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2020
"Born to fight
for what’s right…
No matter the plight,
No matter the height
Bona fide, coz I keep
it in plain sight…
like a Cartesian
plane kite
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
The Gift and Talent given for free
Lifts the Tenants living for He
Pen's ink inspired by Water from the same Source
That's when I think of the Fire that flames the same Cause
The Mind is pricele$$, see the sign: This loose leaf is not for sale
Time is timeless, so read between the lines...
This Book seal is not *'pass or fail'
I am not for sale
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
The power of inspiration in strength, break-through or be moved...
See that Ton of Ice ******* like Tyson's punch end,
Lee made it through imbued
Never thought of putting emphasis in senses of security
They came in through my fences taking chances in scrutiny
Regret, coz senses with no art of war defences leaves a Man with
a lesson of cruelty
Make way coz here enters the Dragon,
from today kneel down and pray for all fears that enters a Legend
Run the streets along a black side-line while the road is yellow
Defeat Masters of all Worlds single file, while your role is still mellow
Ever heard of a Man jumping walls, Chi?
Disbelief in the hearts of most, thought it was a cheat...
Like the gods resisting a new zeal called Jeet
They couldn't deal with the presence of a new breed called Lee
© Bruce Lee 1940-1973
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2019
Burdens of the flesh
Burning of the cash
Virgins of the past
Versions of the hags
Curtains when I pass
Searching for finesse
Church is when I rest
Burden is my path
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2019
Curse, or is it reaping
the debt of my Father’s sins?
lost in the lurch, beeping left
on my Mother’s things. I heard
they’re dreaming theft, but I believe
it’s death. Here lies another king…
The stakes are flames, arrays of desire
an inexplicable functuay of light and pain…
I take the blame for playing with fire,
in this despicable display of
my plight again.
Kabelo Maverick May 2020
"…an appeal
certain to arrive,
to appease
the burden you
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2014
Swallowing pride is less change on the price then the focus blinks the golf post. Sweet Love undone, shame, it’s no hole in one when folks impose on soft ghosts. As Man rest below, it’s like we misunderstand more and so the next fellow will follow. Old stories weren’t so cold, once upon a time family and friends wouldn’t trade you for gold. But don’t be caught out worn out; coming to terms with new germs makes the heart want to turn back to the cool perms. So afraid of Love that breeds us, worse, we can’t punch Aids without a glove on; Jesus… plus nowadays it even busts one in handcuffs, believe this. But who am I to judge the weathers, besides, my friend thinks I’m soft like white pampers. Just days ago, my eyes were pepper sprayed by white crackers, pick sides, and my colleague couldn’t pay his dues, all he did was explain tired matters, in all this I just decided to grow white feathers and God forbid, I cursed their wild manners. Silence still spoils the years, no doubt, I learned in this lair, how loud you roar the strength of Bears, that’s what it’s about. I can’t wait till my mother reads this... why I had to walk out of my Uncle Steve’s burial ******?
I thought I was missed, in minutes I saw her with this deep look in her eyes, fixed, then it turns out my in-law thinks my boys and I looked like gangsters in the midst, I felt my heart twist…almost threw a fist to expand what his mind missed, but ****, no kith and kin greetings and kisses… I had to take leave; my family is now Mr and Mrs. From now on end, they’ll see me with a fresh eye, this is how I’m meant, forever until the flesh dies. I guess best times are with strangers, in a rendezvous called Timbuktu I met these boys and not famous, we crushed a lot but touched the dot, the heart of failures. The *****, trees, good food clouds greed, you could snooze or leave, I swear the mood won’t bleed. Best you crown them abundant like a peace antique, that’s Mr Brown and London, my good friends indeed. It’s a Mystery what life can bring; last week over beer, I exchanged fears with a King. Possessed in some foreign church, this dream had me glad to blink while he cracked the Da Vinci code, digging to find the King of Kings. Our minds froze, as we came to realize how deep we’ve grown… time is old, I knew then our faith and freedom would have to come bold. It’s a strange time in my life, at the same time I’m deeming the name of my wife. Dog marked Kemet as next to thrive, same line, I might get me a Queen or stone my life at night. Envision the sight, with a Nefer that should be…breathing life into Pharaohs that died. Of course, kids will know what Mommy’s womb means; I mean no offence but watch the Mummy movies. Reminds me of a dream Mommy had, I was drunk and so old, I really think it’s nothing bad, I’m just young with an old soul but ex-factors be spinning my head though, and I’m hoping for some Excalibur spinning ahead, you know. Slaves are made to be industrious in a place they hate but I’m tired, it’s time for hearts to get paid. But hay, wrestling with time like I’m messing with mine got my final warning signed. My boss said I’m immature; I need to pull up my socks until I’m in for sure. I saved her the cause coz at times passion gets passionately *******, even words can’t open the door. Not to mention, I’m all bushed with hair like Samson’s intertwine, I don’t want to cause tension, hence let’s all push affairs like Santon, sipping wine. No more talk about the word, blind. They’ve been too kind, as the world gets embarrassing through their ‘eyes’. You’ll think it makes sense, when you realise how much they miss in a chance, then it blends, The first sense. It’s scary, I mean Harry…would you know when you’ve met the Carpenter? Will he be fairy or nostalgic with a scent of lavender or may be carrying messages like that guy, the Messenger? How will you know, if you can’t respect another? and yet you’re still awaiting him, who lives in you forever. Man lives forever between the lines, God how can we ignore it? My cousin is as passionate as I with no job, how does he endure this? I’ll do whatever I can to help you out Cuzz, hold on, I promise. I’m not known for counting my losses but don’t be so sure I’ll cater; fraternizing with sources is just my second nature. Pick up this heavy Rock and take a good look at the ants, in this manly clock, many subscribe to false pretence. No one wants to be in the dock and that makes perfect sense, but why all the false defence? Might as well play tennis with church, serve an ace to the priest; confess my habits to purge, in search of reason why my people fail to merge? My Dead Blood bless my verse, and my high school friend, I missed his piece called Living on the verge back then. I can remember being so young and thin, shy and dim, I couldn’t tell how it’s been ever since. Looking back being juvenile, it just seems like we dwelled in better sins. Free Mandela hit White students wild and Blacks at the same time flying with brighter wings. Nervous minds in the hall, my friend questioning the principal whether or not he’s racist. First time, I see an old man running away from the ball, explaining principles with no basics. Standard 9, every one in line curious to know who’s going to make prefect, SRC was just fine but not on the same intellect. Matriculated with a distinction but articulated no instinction. We could’ve married some of those chickens if it wasn’t for those unresolved feelings. Now the eggs have hatched, gone with those legs, a dream of the past, but then you gave me that eye on the streets to **cache…
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2018
Caged birds
Stopped singing...
Changed fur
and stopped swinging
Gates pearled
the clock’s ticking

The page turned
the flock’s winging...
Kabelo Maverick Jan 2019
How can I shine?
My city built on a shrine,
tenacity built-in rhyme
My seedlings building time

How can I cry?
When my propensity is a crime
with this integrity in mind...
So much intensity
in my prime

Wow, can I try?
Kabelo Maverick Nov 2017
I will not break
I will not bow
What’s wrong with being great?
Make them ask how?

I will not take
I’d rather give
I build and bake
What would, if my father lived

I will not fake
That would be a mistake
Coz I have a conscious about fate

I’d better have faith
Someone screams, “But God is dead”
cautious about the cream and cherry
red on this *Cake…
Kabelo Maverick May 2014
Last I read, the Alpha said Jesus gave us Wine, Bread and Fish. The Way, Light and Truth was spread for nothing in return, a moving Church made wide, stead for each. Today I see business in Church all made part of some tradition, no valid permission...just a twisted perception of the less in the lurch and the rich in the mission. All due respect, I've seen Priests get lured by church female adolescence, truth. Priests are mentors especially to juvenescence, no wonder now church feels like a fashion parade courtesy of young essence, youth. Our Kids are now spiritually weak, they think going to church cleanses the sins for the following week. Adults say they've tried, but I see God holding a cane...whoever rebuked my Aunt's burial, pray you're not first in the lane. Where do we run to when Holy places are not such an Oasis? When white man doesn't travel to the moon with you? I don't know your faces...just mine, Black Jesus and Yahweh as basis...
"The Lord knoweth them that are his" (2 Tim. 2:19)
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2019
Words that
conjure up
out of thin air,
now, we’re
but tomorrow,
We’ll be

a Cloud
engulfed in
purple haze,
a Gods’ puff
to the pearly

Cloud 9.
a "Fawn" inspiration
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2018
Misunderstood like an opal
I come back to the hood hopeful
Maverick’s too good and boastful,
pushing up this death cloud with my shoulders
wish you could hear how my breath sounds, my soldiers
Crying rain tears, I’m the weatherman or perhaps
the gravity and reality of loss also. Trying to prevail fear for the
Betterment of this perplexed hypocrisy and vanity of course,
Not So?
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
Yahweh first,
for leading me
through this passage…
My life was a mess,
but now it’s
breeding a message
remember complaining,
climbing this
mountain up stream?
take a gander at
the confetti
Writings about this
life I lead
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2018
Like a celebration of nothingness
A kiss of *** for the numbness
A serenading of something else
We miss the drum, but nonetheless…
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2014
Truth carved by the bold
Wish you were the muse loved by the World
Art belittled to products, hurts like brand-new shoes
My heart brittles for such, coz’ of these brand-new fools
Cheers, accolades with standing ovations feeding our desires
I hear echoes late, is it withstanding storms with patience or cheating the fire? Get to the point where angry is Love,
And touch the soil so you can hang me for being a dove
Unnatured species promiscuous with the bloodline of Iscariot, the nerve…Read this uncensored thesis, like how you believe in Prometheus, syfys and these patriots you serve...
I’d Love to tell you that the yolk of my heart resonates a planet unknown…That the Soul of my Art will exonerate you from this magnet ten fold. That Existence is preliminary to existing, not the other way round. That this is the military of my existence, to figure the way out…

**But…when last have you seen a human being?
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2014
Life used to be simple...
Now it's used to be sampled.
"The art of practising a creative lifestyle"
Jill G Hall.
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2015
Our fathers…dead, our policies…dead,
Ancestors jealous coz our prophecy’s ahead…!
**** that, I heard they're filled with so much dread,  
That’s why this world was too small for the both of us to break bread…
Look, now my people are dying sprayed with lead…
I could’ve chosen to live this life with you instead,
And put a stop to these signs coloured Red!!!

Inspired from the words of a poet I read...
_Maverick_inspired by a poem written by Eric Lecage
titled "Cries of a fatherless generation"
Kabelo Maverick Jan 2019
I can truly say
I never knew myself
until I named you…
Bamboozled and derailed,
I never knew my wealth
until I made you

I love you, Kemet!
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2018
All my friends are dead
All my fans are red
All the rands are bled
All amends are dread
All my trends are read…

All my plans ahead.
Kabelo Maverick Dec 2014
What scares me is the whole concept of “Destroy to Rebuild”...
I’ve been thinking about it and regrettably it seems highly unlikely
that Humans will overthrow Bigotry and Segregation by any means other than being threatened to extinction as a Species. This is the only way Humans will thrive to unite together towards a common goal, which is SURVIVAL. ****…!!
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
Man's best friend
I say Man's best guard with Black and White vision
Born naturally and tamed
But always intrigued to know what's cooking in Man's kitchen
I'm on guard, at night I see secrets unfold the evil inside to cause grief
Tomorrow they'll awake and forget the past
and I'll probably have the same beef
Mankind grind forth blind
When I bark no one hears, why else would an infant cry tears?
We bury bones deep 'coz we're without tones to speak
You never know when Man's heart goes bleak
When I cross the streets I look quad,
those that came before were either deceased or barred
Still we remain Rebels of this verse...
So if you hear a bark calling you dog it's not a curse
Look back, it's god in reverse...
"We walk by faith, and not by sight"
Kabelo Maverick Dec 2014
The beautiful thing about Wisdom and Knowledge
is that it transcends along with you even after death.
I suppose that’s the reason why
the Mind cannot be downloaded in the end…!!
Know More©
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2018
So different, unique
But decadent and meek
Peek through the deficit
Kneel to the exorcist
Some throw bones
to the wise Voodoo priest
Come throw clone dice
on the Buntu streets
An Angel inside hell
an Ancient Scribe to tell…
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
"To all the fallen Kids, Heroes and Sheroes that fell victim to the massacre of June 16 1960, Sharpeville, Soweto…
Callings for new Seeds and Haloes, we pray for new Victors and Messiahs…coz still we ask “So where to?”*

Worthy knowledge deserves the one who will acknowledge, it found another, he was in shortage, threatened, he found joy in carnage.
Retaliation turned sour, as we shed tears for fallen heroes. Rest in peace to all the Petersens, the Malcolms and the Bikos.
Great minds edify and think beyond limits and sky.
This systematic routine of life laced with politics and economy infiltrates us numb, living in a liberated space and yet at times feeling so dumb.
To equip oneself with the truth, the past, broadens the mind with a quality that will seize to last.
A continent, must be God’s definition of art, beautifully authentic ancient dark civilization…envy must’ve burned the heart.
Propaganda made victims, a disease intended to chronic; now all that’s seen is reversed conscious, invincible and sonic.
Pride is you, continent, head up, chest up, we becoming confident. Mother of the soil shining naturally yet shining somewhat redundancy.
Reconciliation over retribution, an astounding virtue, still forging a social democracy.
Peace will be hard to find in this pandemonium world.
True healing comes from divine providence, I was told.
Male and female, human beings, we need to perceive each other like nature, true identity knows no stranger.
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2019
“Strong men
don’t carry
They can
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2018
Poignancy of nature drawing in
Man, Fish or Herbivore
The point they can’t see
Of a stranger crawling in:  
San, ***** or Holy War…?
Metamorphosis explodes
better transform back
Matter emphasis exposed…
The latter transforms, Black!!
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2018
N!gg@ been maimed,
mutilated and abused spiritually
My life’s been insinuated a mess somehow…
the world amused cynically
But it’s a rejuvenated message now,
and the Words confuse them similarly
King Maverick©
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