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Kabelo Maverick Feb 2015
Our fathers…dead, our policies…dead,
Ancestors jealous coz our prophecy’s ahead…!
**** that, I heard they're filled with so much dread,  
That’s why this world was too small for the both of us to break bread…
Look, now my people are dying sprayed with lead…
I could’ve chosen to live this life with you instead,
And put a stop to these signs coloured Red!!!

Inspired from the words of a poet I read...
_Maverick_inspired by a poem written by Eric Lecage
titled "Cries of a fatherless generation"
Kabelo Maverick Sep 2014
I’m born, the world is warm
I learn about God, Love and Peace is never forlorn
Memories of compassion and safety like a song
No more lessons lately, wonder what went wrong?
A sting of a Bee in my heart said they were gone
I tried to reach the next of kin a lot, but only felt next to sin along
Once, I heard a Lion Queen roar
And so the young had to leave and be in the raw
3.5k · May 2019
Kabelo Maverick May 2019
Mind set
for greatness,
The blind met
the greatest…
My eyes set
to break the lens,
I’m kind so let’s
take a chance…
Dice and bet
with fake friends,
Find the net and
break defence
3.0k · Nov 2018
a fistful of tears
Kabelo Maverick Nov 2018
The identity is not correct,
God’s people dishonored
and in a state of aggression,

Geographically topsy turvy,
the history is miseducation

Blasphemy spits in the
face of the Motherland
like mocking the wrath
of a silent Beast

Like scorching the sky for Thunder
We’re provoking Divine Intervention

2.9k · Apr 2014
Ice Cream Truck
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
The Sound of delight as the truck tyre rolls on the silent gravel
    The clamorous sound of a Child torrents, and marks the race to calls heard by the 'siren devil'
                 Dusty feet running with cries of others who can't afford that red ice drenched in syrup
Ouma stunning, as a child dampens her tunic with red eyes pressed to see them
Hand reaches in my pocket coined with the Old
Man, I'm missing those times with no dockets for stealing a coin from the Old.
Return to Innocence
2.8k · May 2014
Kabelo Maverick May 2014
Last I read, the Alpha said Jesus gave us Wine, Bread and Fish. The Way, Light and Truth was spread for nothing in return, a moving Church made wide, stead for each. Today I see business in Church all made part of some tradition, no valid permission...just a twisted perception of the less in the lurch and the rich in the mission. All due respect, I've seen Priests get lured by church female adolescence, truth. Priests are mentors especially to juvenescence, no wonder now church feels like a fashion parade courtesy of young essence, youth. Our Kids are now spiritually weak, they think going to church cleanses the sins for the following week. Adults say they've tried, but I see God holding a cane...whoever rebuked my Aunt's burial, pray you're not first in the lane. Where do we run to when Holy places are not such an Oasis? When white man doesn't travel to the moon with you? I don't know your faces...just mine, Black Jesus and Yahweh as basis...
"The Lord knoweth them that are his" (2 Tim. 2:19)
2.6k · Jun 2014
Weekend Bliss
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
Loud beats, clamorous, for a while ticking to a different pulse
Lights embracing the night
Junk food served with chicks
***** intake like water
Smoke exhale like an exhausted car
Minds hyper and fearless to die

Reality laughs as time goes by...!
I'm just about to have a great weekend I thought this piece would be appropriate. Enjoy your weekend!!!
©Weekend Bliss.
2.6k · Apr 2014
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
Five AM, dawn
Like dead and God just woke up
Eyes blink to rekindle, yawn
Mind reinstates the system with an unfastened locker
Predator is prey
Rebels tie boots and camouflage through Monday.
“At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality...We must strive every day so that this love of living humanity will be transformed into actual deeds, into acts that serve as examples, as a moving force.”
-Ernesto "Che" Guevara
2.4k · Jul 2014
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
The Rebel inside...
Imprisoned by an institutionalised conscious
Hear the Lion's roar inside,
It's the Rebel's clamour
Feel the prism of both...
and break free from this prison of ghosts
Be the Lion of course...
Be the Rebel of Cause

Be Rebellion *(Rebel-lion)
2.1k · Jul 2014
Passion of Judas
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
Picture God rocking on his chair, tired and fatigued
by this constant perpetual cycle of this vanity fair
  where Man proclaim themselves deity
and have unconsciously agreed to be disembowelled of their spiritual  piety, in exchange for the reimbursement of this physical tangy
  they call Reality.

What a kiss of life!!
2.1k · Jun 2014
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
They've been drinking our milk to phase puberty and still...
Then they take the liberty to phrase, "don't cry over spilled milk"
while they're busy milking you, often to the marrow
and just to hit that last nail in the coffin narrow
They sell you Clover
just to seal the game over!
No offense to all the dairy lovers out there...
I'm addicted to Milk myself, but mmm...
doesn't mean you can't keep an open mind?

"this poem is actually one big PUN,
I managed to squeeze giggles while writing, so yah...! "
2.0k · Apr 2014
Innocence Worth?
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
*****, sweet, innocuous Seed
Survived ****** brutality...

Pride, slick, promiscuous deed
Unprotected *** fatality.
To the tattoo tears of unhealable pain...
I summon an unbeatable prayer.
2.0k · Jun 2014
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
Love...still a token of existence, your Merciful Testament made time so distant. The Heart of Man is now hollow and dark, living is a mere breath of chance and luck. Our Planet has lost its Heroes now, ask our parents, all the Bikos now lay on pillows coz of the Ones and Zeros. I still Love my World and your eminence Lord or maybe you to Priests and Presidents more. These words are not to be written once again, they exist only in the truth and light of this page once and never again. For I'm not proud of the latter...people's vices as hate surfaces, you would expect something better. Kids perish, always in harm's way, deem the manner...nowadays, parents are kids on an Aids' ladder. Envision the World and Pray, when you see through the eyes of a Kid who's a bit fatter.

Food shortage on the News footage while we hold our plates, carnage and wars killing our foliage, we hold a future without days. As vanity reigns, I fear our image will grow mutant. Ancestors will abandon our sanity ways like a school headed by students, weak and lucent. I pray for core amends dearly and hope for better trends Earthly and in the Sea, so this Letter can just be a lonely message in a bottle drifting away steadily in the deep...

Sincerely yours,
Letter from ©asis.
1.4k · Apr 2014
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
The sound of my footsteps; a hoping guidance to faith
My sound of breath teaches this blackness I’m alive in fate
The echoes tell me the journey is deep and far from over
My eyes, a drunken blind man, I feel far from sober
Skin is dry and cold, a symptom of no light
But though I’m driven by some divine force to fight
In my mind I ponder, what will the world think if I fail?
In my heart I wonder, how will it feel when I prevail?
This task of greatness shakes my guts
No choice now, I am no more men in huts
I hear drops of past storms telling stories of Maverick
The devil’s poetry, devious and mesmeric
My damp shoes are cold feet, at times I miss Mother’s towel
No more excuses, comfort zone of being fatherless

I continue reciting Tunnel…
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
"To all the fallen Kids, Heroes and Sheroes that fell victim to the massacre of June 16 1960, Sharpeville, Soweto…
Callings for new Seeds and Haloes, we pray for new Victors and Messiahs…coz still we ask “So where to?”*

Worthy knowledge deserves the one who will acknowledge, it found another, he was in shortage, threatened, he found joy in carnage.
Retaliation turned sour, as we shed tears for fallen heroes. Rest in peace to all the Petersens, the Malcolms and the Bikos.
Great minds edify and think beyond limits and sky.
This systematic routine of life laced with politics and economy infiltrates us numb, living in a liberated space and yet at times feeling so dumb.
To equip oneself with the truth, the past, broadens the mind with a quality that will seize to last.
A continent, must be God’s definition of art, beautifully authentic ancient dark civilization…envy must’ve burned the heart.
Propaganda made victims, a disease intended to chronic; now all that’s seen is reversed conscious, invincible and sonic.
Pride is you, continent, head up, chest up, we becoming confident. Mother of the soil shining naturally yet shining somewhat redundancy.
Reconciliation over retribution, an astounding virtue, still forging a social democracy.
Peace will be hard to find in this pandemonium world.
True healing comes from divine providence, I was told.
Male and female, human beings, we need to perceive each other like nature, true identity knows no stranger.
1.4k · Mar 2019
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2019
1.3k · Dec 2014
Destroy to Rebuild
Kabelo Maverick Dec 2014
What scares me is the whole concept of “Destroy to Rebuild”...
I’ve been thinking about it and regrettably it seems highly unlikely
that Humans will overthrow Bigotry and Segregation by any means other than being threatened to extinction as a Species. This is the only way Humans will thrive to unite together towards a common goal, which is SURVIVAL. ****…!!
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2015
Barricades detach my demeanour slowly…
Wear my shades to match my deceiver clothing
A kiss of *** good to balance pH mantra
…I did some good to malice and got defaced, gangsta…!!
I’m a whirlwind and terribly vexed
to be mentioned in the same pun as Labour Rights
I make the world spin, probably next…
Repurpose myself and brace plugs for my neighbour’s lights…
Maverick.penmanship© Equilibrium of my Rights and Wrongs 2015/03/04
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
"Born 20120718 08h00 AM"

Here’s to my new-born child of the Pharaohs, I swear, no more news on the kind of a farrow. Colour of the Soil, you fill my heart with a new Love unknown. See the Colour of the Oil that fills the Art your true bloodline own. You’re the Oasis of the world, so beware of greeks bearing gifts closely. Amongst the many faces of the world, beware of these wearing sheep’s clothing. They’ve stripped Mother Africa of her identity and buried her alive, Brothers and Sisters, Nubia and Kush. I trip on Azania and her density burning in silence, oh my blisters…not another Minister media pushed. That’s why you have to be my winning goal in this game defense, call her crazy because her Name deepens, But that’s for those not willing to know where they came, **Princess...
1.2k · Apr 2014
Liquefied demon
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
Flashbacks of a juvenile burning curiosity like the charm of a snake, outside looking in...And all the setbacks between the two sides luring the tediosity to take some straight on the side while school is in.
Big ups, the cotton wool is pulled over our eyes, how do you shape-shift between freedom and destruction?? I pick you up through the rotten like a fool even though I know inside I can't escape a stiff one, while you lead them down that path of destruction. The comfort of Noah being a drunk is naive, I delve in your chemical name called Spirits. That's why you're a demon drug like how Eve and Adam were beguiled into this subliminal game and lost the Sphinx. Master of inebriation, you're probably the cause of an Old Man's flaws or the reason why we lost our Love for...The Answer to Liberation, seeing Old Timers and Mentors slip and fall on odour tavern floors...
Excuse me and watch your step, tomorrow they might think I'm on drugs coz' of your transgressions. Exclude me and watch you're back, you never know...they might just think I'm a **** coz' of your aggression. Exorcise in solitude and stop disturbing the peace between families and friends. Our Sisters are now exercising fortitude in the fog, curbing their dreams by imbibing in fantasies and trends.
Pains to see Good Men possessed out of success and in denial...
But then again Real Men will profess out of such stress and be the Lion.

Hear that...craziness cunning hard for a kiss of ***,
"You wanna forget your troubles?"
I say Cheers to that blaziness coming can kiss my ***,
"Give me another double".
Inspired by: Ursula Rucker
1.1k · Apr 2019
Road less travelled
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2019
"Ditsela di matlapa,
    di tshela le malapa

Even when I was an infant
I knew I would travel this distant
Thrown in an abyss, a tragic instant
Then blow them with a kiss, basic instinct
As I flow on roads often walked on, mending bridges
and sew the clothes of orphans walked on, mending cringes...
1.1k · Apr 2014
Vanity (the personification)
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
Sophisticated beauty, they call me Style masquerading Kings and Queens flamboyant
I'm deep at times in skin, clothes, material turn minds inane
I'm amused in vanity
I was there behind the tree, searching for Adam and Eve, when victory in apple ignited my might as humanity once blind could see...
It's amazing how I'm carried with time,
former to latter, juvenile females now even feel me before Love, they worship me better...
Men trade Talents and Riches to imbibe in fountain, I'm mutual to god, I'm moving a Mountain...
I am before to now and here, face of victory
Feel my eminence
Nothing is more real than opening your eyes to YOU as evidence.
Appearance Vs Reality
1.1k · Apr 2014
Ode II
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2014
Get that Boy nerdy, a coy from the get-go
The poignancy of things nature on...
Let the Soil ***** him, a ploy from the ghetto
and the point they can't see brings Change along

Plasma splash from head bust
The numbness from a kiss of ***
I can't believe I'm open...

Plus my cash disappeared must
nonetheless forget it, coz' it's done...
I can't believe it's an Omen.
1.1k · Aug 2014
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2014
I would write,
even when I know no one else would read
I would rhyme,
even when I know no one else would heed  

Desertification, I picture nothing but pen and page
In the same respiration, the Creator wrote something
in the Sand for Change…
986 · Feb 2015
a quote for tenacity
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2015
"...the answer to longevity is not only in the sweat you put in work, but most importantly, it's in believing that it is impossible for you to be tired of being who you are..."
958 · Feb 2015
My name is Maverick.
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2015
Spirit fooled, my roots are blue now…
a birth insemination façade, it’s all really just a departure station
Blood is overrated like heirlooms now,
my earth interpretation of the Son is really just a miniature statue
From good to bad, popped the lid off by shoplifting,
Coz’ I’m from the hood and glad I can prop what I pulled off by uplifting.
This conniving side, Kundalini said it’s critical…
I remember the pain of discomfort in jail...
Sleeping inside that biting minky next to a Criminal clustered my praying effort to make bail. Spitting fire across with rage, the only love I can feel is from my Mother, so beware of blind fury...My Siblings’ wires are crossed with age, they only love what they can feel from Matter and Affairs , as if bewitched by Muti. I don’t have friends, rather Associates, there’s nothing like a relationship controlled by a timely device. The Real Ones are under the Sand, I call them Appropriates…She was ahead of her Creation ship but opposed by a tide of an untimely demise. Now I’m in solitude on this table surrounded by demons, but Jesu still breaks bread…A Soldier should learn to stay stable even though his bound to say “Yes” to deal with fake Men.
So fasten your seatbelt and countdown the launch sequence
Ready to blast off this sieged land compound, notch the frequence…
My name is Maverick©
943 · Jun 2014
Out-of-body experience
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
Not to **** it,
or cry songs of deferred hope
and countless threats


*sometimes the Spirit-Soul tires
and longs to return *Home
regardless of death.
you are beyond you!!
865 · Oct 2014
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2014
Swallowing pride is less change on the price then the focus blinks the golf post. Sweet Love undone, shame, it’s no hole in one when folks impose on soft ghosts. As Man rest below, it’s like we misunderstand more and so the next fellow will follow. Old stories weren’t so cold, once upon a time family and friends wouldn’t trade you for gold. But don’t be caught out worn out; coming to terms with new germs makes the heart want to turn back to the cool perms. So afraid of Love that breeds us, worse, we can’t punch Aids without a glove on; Jesus… plus nowadays it even busts one in handcuffs, believe this. But who am I to judge the weathers, besides, my friend thinks I’m soft like white pampers. Just days ago, my eyes were pepper sprayed by white crackers, pick sides, and my colleague couldn’t pay his dues, all he did was explain tired matters, in all this I just decided to grow white feathers and God forbid, I cursed their wild manners. Silence still spoils the years, no doubt, I learned in this lair, how loud you roar the strength of Bears, that’s what it’s about. I can’t wait till my mother reads this... why I had to walk out of my Uncle Steve’s burial ******?
I thought I was missed, in minutes I saw her with this deep look in her eyes, fixed, then it turns out my in-law thinks my boys and I looked like gangsters in the midst, I felt my heart twist…almost threw a fist to expand what his mind missed, but ****, no kith and kin greetings and kisses… I had to take leave; my family is now Mr and Mrs. From now on end, they’ll see me with a fresh eye, this is how I’m meant, forever until the flesh dies. I guess best times are with strangers, in a rendezvous called Timbuktu I met these boys and not famous, we crushed a lot but touched the dot, the heart of failures. The *****, trees, good food clouds greed, you could snooze or leave, I swear the mood won’t bleed. Best you crown them abundant like a peace antique, that’s Mr Brown and London, my good friends indeed. It’s a Mystery what life can bring; last week over beer, I exchanged fears with a King. Possessed in some foreign church, this dream had me glad to blink while he cracked the Da Vinci code, digging to find the King of Kings. Our minds froze, as we came to realize how deep we’ve grown… time is old, I knew then our faith and freedom would have to come bold. It’s a strange time in my life, at the same time I’m deeming the name of my wife. Dog marked Kemet as next to thrive, same line, I might get me a Queen or stone my life at night. Envision the sight, with a Nefer that should be…breathing life into Pharaohs that died. Of course, kids will know what Mommy’s womb means; I mean no offence but watch the Mummy movies. Reminds me of a dream Mommy had, I was drunk and so old, I really think it’s nothing bad, I’m just young with an old soul but ex-factors be spinning my head though, and I’m hoping for some Excalibur spinning ahead, you know. Slaves are made to be industrious in a place they hate but I’m tired, it’s time for hearts to get paid. But hay, wrestling with time like I’m messing with mine got my final warning signed. My boss said I’m immature; I need to pull up my socks until I’m in for sure. I saved her the cause coz at times passion gets passionately *******, even words can’t open the door. Not to mention, I’m all bushed with hair like Samson’s intertwine, I don’t want to cause tension, hence let’s all push affairs like Santon, sipping wine. No more talk about the word, blind. They’ve been too kind, as the world gets embarrassing through their ‘eyes’. You’ll think it makes sense, when you realise how much they miss in a chance, then it blends, The first sense. It’s scary, I mean Harry…would you know when you’ve met the Carpenter? Will he be fairy or nostalgic with a scent of lavender or may be carrying messages like that guy, the Messenger? How will you know, if you can’t respect another? and yet you’re still awaiting him, who lives in you forever. Man lives forever between the lines, God how can we ignore it? My cousin is as passionate as I with no job, how does he endure this? I’ll do whatever I can to help you out Cuzz, hold on, I promise. I’m not known for counting my losses but don’t be so sure I’ll cater; fraternizing with sources is just my second nature. Pick up this heavy Rock and take a good look at the ants, in this manly clock, many subscribe to false pretence. No one wants to be in the dock and that makes perfect sense, but why all the false defence? Might as well play tennis with church, serve an ace to the priest; confess my habits to purge, in search of reason why my people fail to merge? My Dead Blood bless my verse, and my high school friend, I missed his piece called Living on the verge back then. I can remember being so young and thin, shy and dim, I couldn’t tell how it’s been ever since. Looking back being juvenile, it just seems like we dwelled in better sins. Free Mandela hit White students wild and Blacks at the same time flying with brighter wings. Nervous minds in the hall, my friend questioning the principal whether or not he’s racist. First time, I see an old man running away from the ball, explaining principles with no basics. Standard 9, every one in line curious to know who’s going to make prefect, SRC was just fine but not on the same intellect. Matriculated with a distinction but articulated no instinction. We could’ve married some of those chickens if it wasn’t for those unresolved feelings. Now the eggs have hatched, gone with those legs, a dream of the past, but then you gave me that eye on the streets to **cache…
809 · Oct 2018
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
Yahweh first,
for leading me
through this passage…
My life was a mess,
but now it’s
breeding a message
remember complaining,
climbing this
mountain up stream?
take a gander at
the confetti
Writings about this
life I lead
808 · May 2014
Kabelo Maverick May 2014
The beating rhythm of my heart
The knocking Realms die hard
Echoes of the Hereafter
Echo their laughter
Spirits from above merry and play
Misfits fall in Love everyday
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2016
Open sesame,
grant passes to all and hail the King of hypocrites
Omens sense me,
plan the masses like Hellboy the grail of things opposite

Play the field, to be cruel is to be kind, man…
I paid the bill, so be good to be mine then
Judas kiss was a diss…Jesusness was bliss
That’s why I kiss both cheeks

I’m on guard, take the World it’s yours
What kind of God saves the World with laws??
802 · Nov 2014
Kabelo Maverick Nov 2014
“I’m being hated, and I’m sure in their dreams I’m beheaded,
why else would they say I’m big-headed…??”
quote of the day
802 · Jun 2014
Fela Kuti
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
My attitude stinks?
My attitude stings!!
“One thing I want to assure them,
if they think I'm gonna change or compromise my attitude in my way of life,
Or in my expression or in my goal towards politics…
Then they are making me stronger, and I am  much, much stronger now.”
801 · Feb 2019
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2019
No thoughts of refuge, it’s bad…
throw it in the refuse bag
Mystery miss me coz' I choose black,
History feel me, I can’t refute Dad!
The symmetry of the cemetery
is relevant, you can’t rebuke that…
An emissary mandatory and misunderstood
became a revenant, coz'
I refuse that
800 · May 2014
Mary's Womb
Kabelo Maverick May 2014
The deepest core of Love, Weak...
Like the deepest raw inside, wooing
Heaven was the devil's peak...
and so many saw their demise cruelly

Never call them bitchez, it's a home where us fishes reside...
Similar to Mary's womb enriched with a Chance for us to reach the sky.
771 · Feb 2018
The World is an Oyster
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2018
...But the Word is the North Star...
742 · Oct 2018
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2018
star called Scar,
miracles like firemen
The sky sources signs
umbilical to inspire man
Power of thought
dreams without proof
or miseducation?
the Hour is odd and
even aloof from
Miss education
Some forgetting and
sought to scorch  
the ceiling, suffocating
coz we’ve lost the
torch to meaning
735 · Mar 2015
Rhyme Or Reason
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2015
Rhyming is a gift not a choice.
When I rhyme I feel like I'm actually creating something out of the abyss...*

*Writing is like a voice.
When I write it’s not always about creating something, it’s just bliss…
724 · Dec 2018
"the killing station"
Kabelo Maverick Dec 2018
with a spear

The feeling
shakes peers,
being sincere…
'coz it takes tears
to see clear
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2016
My thought process never really got around this...
How I could not profess to latter, the feelings for a goddess profoundest. From genesis you willed the cycle of life like Mother Nature, even though it grew to be your nemesis, you still recycled time to mother a stranger. Pincushioned by Love once…no twice, the repercussions of a chronic illness costs an arm and a leg. Pushing love once, no dice, but sneaking cousins call it weakness and so they come and beg. Polaroid picture of a vintage flower you are, keeps shining through the darker lens...Paranoid feature, a linkage to my late Father’s cool car, keeps driving to Wonderland. Ma, I’ll always admire your strategy of war, patience is virtue. How you always lit the fire of synergy and lore, I’m your patent statue. Inhale coz out of breath, resuscitated late being paid, or realised the thorn of this lifeless hell.
Derailed and out of depth, an eviscerated state of being, as I laid my eyes upon her lifeless shell. Hide eternal gears, moving aerial still…shots coming fly under. I cried internal tears during the burial...
the deal is shortcomings lie under. Best say it real, they tried to **** us both Eyes and Toes. Hence, I break the deal coz God sealed us both like Ice and Stone. Nefertiti won the game of thrones now, name me king!! Never guilty, walk, aim, overthrow the beast now, Angels sing!!
© Dedication to my late beloved Mother, died 2015/09/07...
682 · Aug 2018
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2018
Flashbacks and personifications of appearance,
Cashback is the fornication of adherence
Shut! with your big mouth proverbial fantasies,
Can’t you see this big mountain is just Virtual Reality?
If this mud is all matter, then my blood can cure cancer
My peers say I’m crazy, but it’s just a chemical reaction,
Or perhaps my fears are lately just less than the decimal fraction
Ethereal imagery dazzling to the secular eye,
But still banes and trifles to what tomorrow holds
Either deal with idolatry or the baffling homunculi,
than fail stifling on the hallow roads…
Hold, should I materialize further than this?
No, I’d meteorite farther than this…
678 · Jul 2014
Jekyll and Hyde
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
Page late for purpose
Blame the person caged by age and its curtains
I sense a web of change to delay and weaken
Being stabbed out of range left me derailed and beaten
Heart cried fear out of rage as  I lost touch with nature
Here starts a new year, 2008 as I fought and touched her with anger
Regrets of closing that open door, free
Like charging God for the chosen Lord to be
Compassion hooked and tossed only to catch a ‘selfish’
I saw a stranger in the mirror, fashion-hooked and forged to match maverick, Jekyll and Hyde, was it real or a lie??
The curse of a good man switch, like the dream of my Ex being a witch
I deem it worse if all Man were rich
My colleague saw my haircut and said it all punning
How ironic to compare ‘Us’ Samson’s shortcomings
The burden of the eaten is bulging, I ponder Adam’s apple
…And the Garden of Eden is still cunning, will I ever settle??
The World is a ring of punches
Appearance Vs Reality
Who will be King of Conscious??
Split personality.
675 · Jun 2018
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2018
So different, unique
But decadent and meek
Peek through the deficit
Kneel to the exorcist
Some throw bones
to the wise Voodoo priest
Come throw clone dice
on the Buntu streets
An Angel inside hell
an Ancient Scribe to tell…
663 · Mar 2015
Kabelo Maverick Mar 2015
I'm very modest when I’m hungry…
but very honest when I’m angry.
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
F*ck the "Free World" for still hating Africa,
coz y’all still blab about changing the world,
but actually changing the world starts by changing Africa first!!!
654 · Jul 2014
Banned and Burned
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2014
Beasts feasting on prey... dishing on the words of Kings who wouldn’t fall to their knees and obey. I could almost hear their young play, as the mother watches with a haunted conscious of a young Fay. Come hither, and perhaps stretch your hands and catch a fire in a desired rizla, coz come winter, these words could be just as banned and burned by some sinner. A barefoot impaired but reaching for that stepping stone far from a mile, where manhood is shred but brothers keep breaching and stretching jail bars to a smile. Singing psalms of liberation in the blazing Sun of the plantations, stone-bashing patience and building railway stations never brought any justice or emancipation to the nation. Hence, Brothers found sense in taking a chance for the people, using pens from bribed fences illegal, and the library as a class for lessons of the Eagle. Unseen revolutionary pages and books smuggled through visitations, vice or versa... Brothers battered to solitary cages for sharing books of the struggle through imitations, Life of a hustler. Many of them died, because many others spied for the other side, despite loyalty. I guess with every Field Hero outside comes a yield ***** inside royalty. Retrospect, read and see what Malcolm reprimanded fallacy like the Big Six for, then introspect your creed and if you believe, welcome this reminded policy like the 46664...
like I said...banned and burned!!
646 · Oct 2013
Players Prayers
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2013
Work, money, Love and my Life...
****, honey, love and my wife?

...And players will tussle and strive lust,
while prayers hussle to arrive with us...

641 · Aug 2019
Pulp Nonfiction
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2019
"Hear no fear
Here, no fear
Dear Sophia,
Dare phobia
632 · May 2014
Kabelo Maverick May 2014
Touched by Indians on the forehead for blessings
Going to Court with this ambience in my head for the stressing
Twilight zone intuitions as we fall victim to false pretence
Twilight zone institutions as we fall victim to false preachers
Yep, my Life is a mess, but a Message...
'Gotta dodge the knife fast and get through that passage!!
Kabelo Maverick Oct 2014
I have one life to live, so why get married??
I mean they say life is short, so let live and let’s live…
I have no time to settle coz I’m subtle…
I have no time for soapy Love
I feel like Bobby Brown…

Maybe I am supposed to be a Rockstar…
Plus I don’t know how to propose, look at my raw scar…
But yah, I guess this won’t mean **** until “it’s all said and done”
Maybe die sad and young…

I think I’ll call this piece, *One life to live!!!
©ne life to live.
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