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3.5k · Sep 2015
Scamming for gas
Jake muler Sep 2015
Wanna know what ***** ****, paying for fifty Buck's in gas
And only getting twenty five bucks worth, gas station scammers
3.5k · Mar 2016
No butt lube
Jake muler Mar 2016
We can talk all we want. But til we do something about us being **** ******* by big brother. We're gonna keep getting **** plugged without the vasoline
2.7k · Dec 2015
Poetry potty
Jake muler Dec 2015
The moment when your not at home, a public restroom even isn't around, your stopping off at a job site where construction workers work during the day. And big burly men take craps in porta pottys, with no toilet paper left but only left upon a ****** topped toilet seat. With the fresh stench of ****, crap, and men's beer puke and *** smell aligning the walls of the *****. I wish an inventor (poet inventor) would make poet's special pottys. I'd be his co-creator. We'd call it,
Poetry pottys!
Jake muler May 2016
The roots of the tree go deep
And the roots of our thoughts
Go deeper. Push the negative
Under the rug with a positive
Sweeper, clean out the muck,
Sweep out the dust, polish the
Rust, and learn to trust
Somebody that you can love.
1.8k · Jul 2015
What we want
Jake muler Jul 2015
If we took the time we just might find what were really after
1.4k · Sep 2015
Life blows up the butt
Jake muler Sep 2015
Some chose the wrong profession, yeah I'm one of the chooser's.
1.4k · Oct 2015
Living life
Jake muler Oct 2015
Bought me a new grill today,burgers. Dogs, the bit's. Got stuffed majorly, had a good day. Saw the nieces, nephews, and family.
That's what life's about.
Jake muler Jul 2015
This goes for all who are picking on my now ex girlfriend please for me stop messing with her like serious you guys are lamos thank you much your freind Jake kesstler muler
Got people bullying my ex girl and making profiles to spy on her and whatever else than talking to her as such like she is someone else yeah well how bout you all write me personally there are lots of lies being spread on here some know better but some are plainly psychotic as me and others do see there are alot of fakes here with fake profiles but you wanna say she's fake now you will have to put up with my **** not going to let this fly you got issue with her you are a gonner to me and as her ex man I can tell you she's far from fake your the  fake one's, funny how you all can say she's fake yet wit no proof to back up your ******* other than someone me and my ex and few others know are spreading this lie its OK karma is a *****, also you all lost an amazing poet in this place because I can't even get hold of him because I know he's hurt from someone talking behind his back like others are doing to my ex so if you wanna be safe stop being a bullshitter and spreading lies for those who are lying themselves  and for people saying she's got another profile half of you have other profiles so before you point your hypocrite fingers point them back in own eye socket didint wanna do this but one of you already made good friend leave here due from your **** talking behind his back now don't wanna see ex girl friend leave will be hott if you do that so kindly back off
Thank you
1.4k · Mar 2016
Europe's prime
Jake muler Mar 2016
My roots strong
Weeding their way all the way from europe. Humming thrumming from the pillars of Rome, to the sea walls of Greece, from Germany not far-off, France to the left.
Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, a stones skip to the right. Switzerland just up ahead, Swiss Alps the high life.
A side of the world where all things consist, different ideologies, different faces, Europe's best of the best.
1.2k · Jul 2015
Cleaning up
Jake muler Jul 2015
My room today such a fatal mess, try my hardest and clean the best
1.2k · Feb 2016
systematic global education
Jake muler Feb 2016
systematic global education
' biggest farce buffoonery created by a group of control freaks.
Controlled by those who control the minds.

Not me- go control someone else clowns
When the state or federal government control the education of all of our children, they have the dangerous and illegitimate monopoly to control and influence the thought process of our citizens.
Quoted by Michael Badnarik
1.2k · Sep 2015
Food scammer
Jake muler Sep 2015
When it comes to buying fast food the fast food chains always trick us into getting more. Anyone else,notice in the drive through we ask for a thing of fries and the cashier sais so you will  like a pop with that leading me to buy more. Big time scams. But I can't resist Americas slob mentality,
Jake muler Oct 2015
Hot latte, with some chocolate dust sprinkles on top. Man I will be frank, Americans got it to easy, to easy. That's the american way. To many American's now have it to easy, ******* off of government funds away from the one's who really need them. We got a ghetto every 5 or 10 miles. A suburb every few miles, a mansion 1 to every five burbs. We got It easy with groceries, a store we get food from! Dont need to grow food anymore really, everything is manmade poisoned and antibiotic shots in your chicken and beef. We have dudes who wanna buy women, or men that wanna buy men. Even men who wanna buy trannies ( transexuals) or dudes who buy woman who are really men. but what countrys not that way. We got all different creeds breeds all here. Doctor's you can pay 200 bucks for the illegal way to get scripts, prescriptions for the not knower's. We have mad alcoholics here like no tomorrow. And serious ****** and dope addicts, We have jocks, idiots, goths, strippers, musicians, the best actors in the world. Along with the best movies. We have the old western U.S. we have the east coast where oceans you can get from the south to the east to the west. We have hillbillies, rednecks, gangsters, wannabees, liars, thieves, killers, rapists, city boys, country girls, Mercedes Benz, old pickup ford, motorcycle gangs -baddest ever.. We have everything here to get you in jail, hell and heaven. We can make you sin. Or make you want to repent. Come to us. Come to the united states of america. Forgot a big thing! The soilders. We got the best marines army navy all soilders in the world here.we have the most weapons of any country in this weird place. We have soilders who lose their lives for things they think their fighting for when really its rich overshadow government money their fighting for. We got huge graves, big tombstombs. Mostly marked with men who died unrespected from world war 1 , 2 and possibly three sometime in our sunny future. Welcome to America. Heaven and hell in one slice.
1.1k · Aug 2015
School lateness
Jake muler Aug 2015
Making class again late at 8 am rush traffic time I really hope I don't catch a traffic ticket again
Already owe the school thousands so really don't wanna owe thousands in tickets to the cops. I'd really like to break big brothers eyes in the sky looking down at my license plate
Jake muler Mar 2016
As far back as I can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster.
-Quote by Ray liotta in good fellas movie.-

“Nothing personal, it’s just business” ~ Otto Berman

“Las Vegas turns women into men and men into idiots.” ~ Bugsy Siegel.

“This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey, that’s great. But its very, very unpredictable. There’s so many ways you can ***** it up.” ~ Paul Castellano

Thirty-two hundred dollars he gave me. Thirty-two hundred dollars for a lifetime. It wasn’t even enough to pay for the coffin.” (ray liotta as Henry hill) good fellas movie.

“I hate to say this, but this place is getting to me. I think I’m getting the fear.” Dr. Gonzo( fear and loathing in Las Vegas)

“If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.” Jules. ( movie pulp fiction with John travolta and Samuel l. Jackson. Also starring bruce Willis.)

“No matter how big a guy might be, Nicky would take him on. You beat Nicky with fists, he comes back with a bat. You beat him with a knife, he comes back with a gun. And you beat him
with a gun, you better **** him, because he’ll keep comin’ back and back
until one of you is dead.” Ace Rothstein ( movie Casino) Robert deniro, Joe pesci.
1.1k · Apr 2016
The whirl
Jake muler Apr 2016
Can't stop loving her
She's the moon's direction
Suns reflection
In circular direction
I whirl around her
1.0k · Jan 2016
Expensive love
Jake muler Jan 2016
If you came from a broken home to, real love exists. I know. Love isn't poor or rich. Love though I realized in the poorest of houses. Is more valuable and meaningful then that expensive love, the poverty-stricken seem to understand more what has value, as to those who are wealthy in expense don't know to much about value, at least the value of love. Moneys value they might know. But love, dont think so
973 · Nov 2015
Working class heros
Jake muler Nov 2015
I took a chance for a new job today and I realized.. Even if I get the bottom of the totem poll job, I'm a working man. Those are the best. We know how to and what to do best. Cheers up to the working class hero!
962 · Sep 2015
Butthole sucks
Jake muler Sep 2015
Grades better now at school
Bills payed up
Hair cut fresh check
Clothes washed check
Forgot to get car fixed which leads me to I actually didint do any of this stuff I'm out of luck . this ***** *******
938 · Dec 2015
What a scam
Jake muler Dec 2015
Paying into taxes yearly to get some small type of payoff around the first of the year. And those taxes going to what? Killing people? Stuff I didint even know about! Stuff the American people don't know about.
What a scam!
887 · Jul 2015
Hate school
Jake muler Jul 2015
Paper and schoolpens will be this schoolboy's end
884 · May 2016
Come to ohio
Jake muler May 2016
Come to Ohio
Journey through the Midwest
Come to Ohio
You won't know how to dress
Come to Ohio
Sure you can invest
Come to Ohio
Pollution fogs the factory breath
Come to Ohio
Here's a coat for the summer
Come to Ohio
Here's some shorts for the winter
Come to Ohio
Here's some algae bloom to drink
Come to Ohio
Oh wait Ohio stinks,
Come to Ohio
North and South to the borders
Come to Ohio
Drugs come and go and ****** enters
Come to Ohio
Streets cracked no money left
Come to Ohio
No work just *** to sell, from the girls men kidnap and infect
Come to Ohio
Prisons just about every block
Come to Ohio
We got no view, and black skies to, a lake that's brown, shoes new.
Come to Ohio
Hood's where the ******'s are popping
Come to Ohio
No laughter just sobbing
Come to Ohio
What's wrong don't like it yet?
Come to Ohio
No keep going, Ohio forget.
881 · Mar 2016
First vote to elliot
Jake muler Mar 2016
I say vote Elliot the hello poetry founder as president
First vote casted by me.
768 · Jan 2016
Priceless blood line
Jake muler Jan 2016
I am starting to remind myself where I came from. Not some royal family, not some kingdom of rulers, I came from an era of hard working hero's. Hero's who got no respect in their every day lives, from their jobs royalty would see as low-status. I came from a blood-line where the blood may have been low-born, plebeian, and commoner background! But that bloodline taught me about what's really important in our short spanning of living. That low status blood is what makes me royal, because by the hard work that may have never payed into royal king blood, it payed into my morals, that's far more priceless,
765 · Oct 2015
Jake muler Oct 2015
I couldn't wake up by a cappuccino today
Took me a red bull, one pink and purple stacker - from stop n shop. And a cup of coffee, Now I'm ******* my head off, hands are shaky, eyes tired, got more energy than an American stripper. And trying to ease down, just not happening. Like Chong said to cheech- You took the wrong stuff man, the wrong stuff,the wrong stuff. This bites!
756 · Sep 2015
Jake muler Sep 2015
A good day for a walk and a good talk
No phone to speak and no television no more BROKE.
So off today to the new , ABC warehouse. A bomb television store down the road that catches any bored dudes attention
752 · May 2016
Bigger better
Jake muler May 2016
I got to remember
There's bigger things
Than this
749 · Aug 2015
Strange tuesday
Jake muler Aug 2015
A cool girl, a cool beer, with foaming suds to Bubble my ears
Then a cool band playing so me and my girl can relax out
Nothing better than tonight
A strange Tuesday and yet the best I've ever known.
702 · Nov 2015
Big time
Jake muler Nov 2015
Bought me a subway sandwich today and couldn't help but think subway needs a new spokesperson big time
689 · Aug 2015
Money blows
Jake muler Aug 2015
School expects me to shell out what?

Fifty grand in what?

Three years tops!

Guess I won't pay
Guess I'll see the financial cops.
686 · Mar 2016
Feasting on ourselves
Jake muler Mar 2016
Sometimes we got to feast on our own words..
To learn something about ourselves.
667 · Sep 2015
Jake muler Sep 2015
Some things just
To put it nicely.
666 · Mar 2016
Old and young delinquent
Jake muler Mar 2016
We live for work
While being on vacation
Still at the job, still getting scammed
While others are making millions
Ruining the country
World and nation.
They put us on plantations
To be corporate guinea pig's.
Teaching boys to stay little boys
Knocking men down to the misery bench.
We take pride in our friends and family doing good
Seeing them make it.
The corporations love to break that, for the purpose of power
Money hungry, seeing you dead dumbed and a delinquent
665 · Oct 2015
Sad world money blues
Jake muler Oct 2015
Money makes the world go round, that is sad.
639 · Jan 2016
Hip hip hooray
Jake muler Jan 2016
All the poets who write here are treasures. The poets here get me through sometimes my Hellish dark days. And for you all I tip my poetic glass pen to say. Hip hip hooray!
631 · Jul 2015
Jake muler Jul 2015
The day is hot today as the cool breeze is like a icecube today
Jake muler Mar 2016
The lifestyle of crime
Is no way to get by
Living the high life
Is fun for its while.

But in the end
It casts betrayers as friends.
Benedict arnold's with grins.
Happily they pretend
As your sitting in a hole
Of your own filth.

Watch for the dudes
Who call moms (****).
Watch for the girls
Who think makeup makes up

The lifestyle of shame
Just leads to more guilt.
Not relieving yourself.
But imprisoning by the

Life's about decisions
The crime of self we can escape.
Though our minds are in constant state of ****
From mainstream society.

Though will you follow mainstream?
Or imaginative beliefs?

The difference between the three
Decides your fate.
Change now
While Its not to late.
Giving another shot with different style tonight!
574 · Feb 2016
Who cares anymore
Jake muler Feb 2016
Let's be honest
Who really cares
557 · Oct 2015
global greed
Jake muler Oct 2015
Got me a new ride today.
Also i found out how much the salesman scams for a comission.
Greed for sure makes the globe spin on its axis
556 · Sep 2015
You got me
Jake muler Sep 2015
Three times today a fast food meal
I'm feeling like a trucker on the road, don't understand how a trucker can do it eating this much in one day, but it's way to good to pass up three burgers from Wendy's in one day. You got me Wendy's you got me. Though if I die from a heart attack from all three of your meals today at least give me a Wendy's tribute at my funeral.
Jake muler Jan 2016
Politicians are those old cassette tapes, they still kind of work when you want to use them, though when you use them over and over again, they get worn out, start repeating the same old junk and their film starts spitting out and getting tangled.  You try to push them back Into the tape hole to start making sound again , but all it is , is gibberish. And got to rewind to get to the parts you want. Then you always keep going past the parts you want. Or you fastforward over the good stuff. And get to the worst song of the cassette. Then we end up pitching out the tape because we realize how bad its gotten chewed up on the inside. And how the tape wasn't worth all that money in the first place.
536 · Feb 2016
Backward criminals
Jake muler Feb 2016
The criminals are the civilians
And the good guys are the government
Oh sorry I meant to flip this poem around I think I did it backwards opps
529 · Jul 2015
Engineering bad idea
Jake muler Jul 2015
A jocks worst nightmare
Studying working 49-50 hours a week now Maby part of like but come on
Jake muler Oct 2015
I just wish like everyone else that Americans could get a whole year worth of free gas for all of us, we should be aloud to fill our cars up with gas up to two times a day, since we're giving billions and more to tax dollars that are just going into fatcat pocket books and projects more than illegal overseas and in our borders that Americans don't even know about that I think they would be pretty upset knowing where the money really goes,and the irony is our money is completely worthless anyways us being 17 trill in debt so I think our government can afford for all American's a free year of gas and a full fill of gas up to twice daily! If I was president bet yourself everyone would be getting that free gas for a year, that would help low payed workers like me who go to school or single moms and dads who make pennies and have kids to get a booster. I'm ready to run for the pres. And best believe the oil wealthies wouldn't like me as president and I don't like them particularly to much either. That's who I am American.
519 · Jan 2016
Get busy
Jake muler Jan 2016
Either get busy living

Or get busy dying.
This quote comes from Tim Robbins in the movie Shawshank redemption. The part he is talking to Morgan Freeman out in the prison yard. Awesome scene!
515 · Mar 2016
Stage talk and closed doors
Jake muler Mar 2016
Anyone else look up at the political stage and see all these polibitchins talk out in the open
And wonder

What the heck are they saying behind
The closed doors?
Guessing it doesn't match their stage talk
514 · Aug 2015
Jake muler Aug 2015
Why try an be Mr nice dude nice guys are nice but I'd rather be the guy not liked everyone can be some liked Mr nice but I'm happy where I'm at ,
Stating opinions
508 · Jan 2016
Zombie mode
Jake muler Jan 2016
Pitter patter, my eyes are getting sleepy. Think a good sleep will do, why am I writing. Why am I awake? I think this brains sleepwalking for me. Jake's not even here. Or is he? Ive passed the sleep stage. I've entered\zombie mode. Maybe I'm a zombie. But if im a zombie, why do I want funyuns, don't zombies like blood thirsting things, like chicken or turkey.
499 · Dec 2015
Catch 22
Jake muler Dec 2015
When the world gets more ******* in the *******
Gas prices go down then? It's a catch 22 for real
494 · Feb 2016
Jake muler Feb 2016
What am I doing up early crazy hours
I wish I could eat some Italian food
Go see a weird movie,
Talk to a Friend on the phone
Yell as loud as possible
Or go grocery shopping.
Maybe grocery shopping is the way to go
Walmarts always open.
Just got to watch out for the
:pretend; security guards
You know the young high kid that's nineteen working at 3 am
Trying to be cool and bust someone to maybe win that employee of the month badge and a free sub from subway.
Got to watch for peeper eyes.
All I want is a oven-made pizza, chips pop ice.
Also could throw in some random to the mix. Go wild! It's
Wally world!
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