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May 2016 · 738
Bigger better
Jake muler May 2016
I got to remember
There's bigger things
Than this
May 2016 · 277
A dreamers sleep
Jake muler May 2016
Sleepy as can be
Need some perfect sleep
To catch me dreaming of you
May 2016 · 319
Summers fade in my mind
Jake muler May 2016
Gelid winter night
Yet this is spring.
May is now January
The frost took the place
On my face from February,
I'll dress for all the season's
That blow my way and
Tonight I'll make my stay
In summers fade
In my mind.
Jake muler May 2016
The air breezy today, but the sky

The sun out today
And my sleeves rolled up to.

The grass vivid green
The bees flying for a while.

The kids are all in school
Learning uneducations style.

Poets are writing
To let their feelings drift.

Lovers are making love,
Some are cheating, getting away for now with it.

Cars are driving pushing steel
Drivers in a hurry.

The squirrels outside, take natures ride
No longer do they worry.

The pollution down on the other side
Of town makes its debut.

Bars down the road filled with drunken loads
Hurt and pain, filled with cigarette ****'s.

Streets cracked, cement chalked
By the little ones who don't care.

I wish I was young, again not to stress
Of the adulthood that I've arrived to here.
Jake muler May 2016
The roots of the tree go deep
And the roots of our thoughts
Go deeper. Push the negative
Under the rug with a positive
Sweeper, clean out the muck,
Sweep out the dust, polish the
Rust, and learn to trust
Somebody that you can love.
May 2016 · 1.2k
Come to ohio
Jake muler May 2016
Come to Ohio
Journey through the Midwest
Come to Ohio
You won't know how to dress
Come to Ohio
Sure you can invest
Come to Ohio
Pollution fogs the factory breath
Come to Ohio
Here's a coat for the summer
Come to Ohio
Here's some shorts for the winter
Come to Ohio
Here's some algae bloom to drink
Come to Ohio
Oh wait Ohio stinks,
Come to Ohio
North and South to the borders
Come to Ohio
Drugs come and go and ****** enters
Come to Ohio
Streets cracked no money left
Come to Ohio
No work just *** to sell, from the girls men kidnap and infect
Come to Ohio
Prisons just about every block
Come to Ohio
We got no view, and black skies to, a lake that's brown, shoes new.
Come to Ohio
Hood's where the ******'s are popping
Come to Ohio
No laughter just sobbing
Come to Ohio
What's wrong don't like it yet?
Come to Ohio
No keep going, Ohio forget.
Apr 2016 · 231
Were to blame
Jake muler Apr 2016
Tax us to death
Poison what's left
Steal people's land
In a massive uptaking,
You thought you were
Free, me to but I sneezed!
Reality hit me
What happens behind the
Curtains, old loaded pockets
Fill up with trillions,
While me and you are
Left with chump change.
Who is to blame
We are my man.
Apr 2016 · 260
Grasping warm touch
Jake muler Apr 2016
Alone, the dark is power
Though the brightness is stronger
It pulls me into its grasping hand's.
Jake muler Apr 2016
The day is chilled
Nasty, this weather
Has taken a huge dump
From the beau monde's
Own destructive hand's.
One day they'll topple
Making way for the
Poorer man.
Apr 2016 · 313
The old polish guy
Jake muler Apr 2016
I knew this dude on main Street
Older, wise, a gray haired polish guy
With a smile of carelessness on his face
Wished for just one day
I could have took his place
Apr 2016 · 198
Opening the box
Jake muler Apr 2016
Your eyes may be open today
But can I ask this question!
Will your eyes
Be open the next day?
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
The whirl
Jake muler Apr 2016
Can't stop loving her
She's the moon's direction
Suns reflection
In circular direction
I whirl around her
Apr 2016 · 292
Cool cool water
Jake muler Apr 2016
Tasted the cool cool water
It's chill gave me the vitality I needed.
Apr 2016 · 497
Hazelnut coffee
Jake muler Apr 2016
Middle of the hourly awakening
I'm tired, can't sleep
But the hazelnut coffee
Sounds so good.
Even if I can't go
Back to sleep
And my poetrys misunderstood! It's all good,
My eyes will at least be partially open
When my body starts to lag
Because of the hazelnuts high
The good taste for a minutes grab.
Apr 2016 · 255
Rich in indigence
Jake muler Apr 2016
Make me poor
I'm more rich
Being indigent.
Apr 2016 · 325
Lavish riches
Jake muler Apr 2016
We're all performer's on the same turf
Though life's about choices, the ones
You make it worth. We can endow
With just a sound, a thank you or
Hello. We're the ones who create
Outcomes, were the ones who make
It flow. They say life's a stage, but the
Stage is in undertone. No more good
Actors, everyone's taking from others,
But giving lavishly themselves a place
To be known.
Apr 2016 · 364
Losing your head
Jake muler Apr 2016
One heartbeat away
From the other side
I guess I'm not ready
Not yet to die
Only because I can't do what's
Right. One heartbeat away
From saying goodbye.
One beat away from
Losing my mind.
Apr 2016 · 478
I hit ten thousand today
Jake muler Apr 2016
I hit the lottery today
The ticket was for ten grand
Just playing
April fools
Mar 2016 · 279
cupidity's stupidity
Jake muler Mar 2016
Gritty green dollar, soon to dissapear, economy in shambles, economy's death, from greedy ruling peers.
Jake muler Mar 2016
Sometimes we got to take a lick
To remember to get back on our
Own two feet, just to remember
We're alive
Mar 2016 · 430
Jake muler Mar 2016
Politico giving hope
Politico selling dope
Politico speaking loud
Politico the crowd aroused
Politico same old same
Politico warfun games
Politico with body guards
Politico all of disregard
Politico dictatorship
Politico communistic
Politico socialists
Politico fascists
Politico staged for caskets
Politico one big lie
Politico look in the sky
Politico you won't succeed
Politico the alibi's you bring
Politico you deceive
Politico you make me ******
Politico get my gist
Politico were all upset
Politico is the loot well spent
Politico tell us the people real truth
Politico the streets are burdened it's green you choose
Politico you choose you loose
Politico were not outside the box anymore
Politico were knowing more and more
Politico why don't you tell us all what's in your bills
Politico what about the Americans here you've killed
Politico I know you don't listen
Politico man you sold us all out, you sold your own
Mar 2016 · 633
Old and young delinquent
Jake muler Mar 2016
We live for work
While being on vacation
Still at the job, still getting scammed
While others are making millions
Ruining the country
World and nation.
They put us on plantations
To be corporate guinea pig's.
Teaching boys to stay little boys
Knocking men down to the misery bench.
We take pride in our friends and family doing good
Seeing them make it.
The corporations love to break that, for the purpose of power
Money hungry, seeing you dead dumbed and a delinquent
Mar 2016 · 198
Take it or leave it
Jake muler Mar 2016
Take it or leave it
It's your free will
Mar 2016 · 384
Different face out of place
Jake muler Mar 2016
Guess the world's just a difference face trying to fit it's way from out of place.
Mar 2016 · 250
Beats making me high
Jake muler Mar 2016
When I'm alone I'm just used to it. Better to turn the music up. Go with the flow. And get taken with the beat outside my window up into the air
Mar 2016 · 471
Not ready for the dark
Jake muler Mar 2016
Taking life easy and slow. Kind of sick of the fast life. Fast life means fast death. And I'm not ready to die yet
Mar 2016 · 1.4k
Europe's prime
Jake muler Mar 2016
My roots strong
Weeding their way all the way from europe. Humming thrumming from the pillars of Rome, to the sea walls of Greece, from Germany not far-off, France to the left.
Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, a stones skip to the right. Switzerland just up ahead, Swiss Alps the high life.
A side of the world where all things consist, different ideologies, different faces, Europe's best of the best.
Mar 2016 · 528
Stage talk and closed doors
Jake muler Mar 2016
Anyone else look up at the political stage and see all these polibitchins talk out in the open
And wonder

What the heck are they saying behind
The closed doors?
Guessing it doesn't match their stage talk
Jake muler Mar 2016
As far back as I can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster.
-Quote by Ray liotta in good fellas movie.-

“Nothing personal, it’s just business” ~ Otto Berman

“Las Vegas turns women into men and men into idiots.” ~ Bugsy Siegel.

“This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey, that’s great. But its very, very unpredictable. There’s so many ways you can ***** it up.” ~ Paul Castellano

Thirty-two hundred dollars he gave me. Thirty-two hundred dollars for a lifetime. It wasn’t even enough to pay for the coffin.” (ray liotta as Henry hill) good fellas movie.

“I hate to say this, but this place is getting to me. I think I’m getting the fear.” Dr. Gonzo( fear and loathing in Las Vegas)

“If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.” Jules. ( movie pulp fiction with John travolta and Samuel l. Jackson. Also starring bruce Willis.)

“No matter how big a guy might be, Nicky would take him on. You beat Nicky with fists, he comes back with a bat. You beat him with a knife, he comes back with a gun. And you beat him
with a gun, you better **** him, because he’ll keep comin’ back and back
until one of you is dead.” Ace Rothstein ( movie Casino) Robert deniro, Joe pesci.
Jake muler Mar 2016
The lifestyle of crime
Is no way to get by
Living the high life
Is fun for its while.

But in the end
It casts betrayers as friends.
Benedict arnold's with grins.
Happily they pretend
As your sitting in a hole
Of your own filth.

Watch for the dudes
Who call moms (****).
Watch for the girls
Who think makeup makes up

The lifestyle of shame
Just leads to more guilt.
Not relieving yourself.
But imprisoning by the

Life's about decisions
The crime of self we can escape.
Though our minds are in constant state of ****
From mainstream society.

Though will you follow mainstream?
Or imaginative beliefs?

The difference between the three
Decides your fate.
Change now
While Its not to late.
Giving another shot with different style tonight!
Mar 2016 · 689
Feasting on ourselves
Jake muler Mar 2016
Sometimes we got to feast on our own words..
To learn something about ourselves.
Jake muler Mar 2016
Late night t.v
Mind set on nothing.
American stupidity at its best
With snack in hand.
Jake muler Mar 2016
Who are you?
No ask yourself that question. Who are you?
Mar 2016 · 887
First vote to elliot
Jake muler Mar 2016
I say vote Elliot the hello poetry founder as president
First vote casted by me.
Mar 2016 · 3.4k
No butt lube
Jake muler Mar 2016
We can talk all we want. But til we do something about us being **** ******* by big brother. We're gonna keep getting **** plugged without the vasoline
Feb 2016 · 225
Like many think
Jake muler Feb 2016
Some say just relax all will be cool
Obviously you don't know me. Like you think you do
Feb 2016 · 303
Precious air
Jake muler Feb 2016
Being locked up all day in the house, when taking day off from work, then going outside after constantly being inside. Wow! A breath of fresh air is so nice. Even if the air is cold, so many don't even realize how wonderful their air is, until it goes away. Precious air how I love you,
Feb 2016 · 543
Backward criminals
Jake muler Feb 2016
The criminals are the civilians
And the good guys are the government
Oh sorry I meant to flip this poem around I think I did it backwards opps
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
systematic global education
Jake muler Feb 2016
systematic global education
' biggest farce buffoonery created by a group of control freaks.
Controlled by those who control the minds.

Not me- go control someone else clowns
When the state or federal government control the education of all of our children, they have the dangerous and illegitimate monopoly to control and influence the thought process of our citizens.
Quoted by Michael Badnarik
Feb 2016 · 515
Who cares anymore
Jake muler Feb 2016
Let's be honest
Who really cares
Feb 2016 · 390
Salsa hot
Jake muler Feb 2016
What goes best with some spicy salsa? Hot poetry.
Feb 2016 · 188
Words do it baby
Jake muler Feb 2016
Fingers don't feed the mouth
Words do
Feb 2016 · 226
Pig out
Jake muler Feb 2016
That moment when you eat like a pig, feel full.
But you continue to chow like the world's ending tommorrow.
Today's that day! Today's pig out day
Feb 2016 · 249
Struggle down an up
Jake muler Feb 2016
We got to survive
We struggle
We got to stay alive
Its a jungle

We got to do what we can
To feed our self. We wave the red flag. When we get no help
New way of poem tonight
Feb 2016 · 221
Last wake
Jake muler Feb 2016
The best way to stay alive. Is to live life like every day is your last wake
Feb 2016 · 496
Jake muler Feb 2016
What am I doing up early crazy hours
I wish I could eat some Italian food
Go see a weird movie,
Talk to a Friend on the phone
Yell as loud as possible
Or go grocery shopping.
Maybe grocery shopping is the way to go
Walmarts always open.
Just got to watch out for the
:pretend; security guards
You know the young high kid that's nineteen working at 3 am
Trying to be cool and bust someone to maybe win that employee of the month badge and a free sub from subway.
Got to watch for peeper eyes.
All I want is a oven-made pizza, chips pop ice.
Also could throw in some random to the mix. Go wild! It's
Wally world!
Jan 2016 · 241
Electronic boom
Jake muler Jan 2016
I soaked in the heat waves through her nostrils, climbed out of her ear. Heard the electronic boom in her sorrows, I knew winter was near.
Something new tonight for me
Jan 2016 · 217
Rip it out
Jake muler Jan 2016
Rip a man's heart out, then bleed it dry. That's your way of saying goodbye.
Jan 2016 · 524
Zombie mode
Jake muler Jan 2016
Pitter patter, my eyes are getting sleepy. Think a good sleep will do, why am I writing. Why am I awake? I think this brains sleepwalking for me. Jake's not even here. Or is he? Ive passed the sleep stage. I've entered\zombie mode. Maybe I'm a zombie. But if im a zombie, why do I want funyuns, don't zombies like blood thirsting things, like chicken or turkey.
Jan 2016 · 226
Fairy tale land
Jake muler Jan 2016
Where does one go, when his mind goes, that place
Noone knows.
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