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Jake muler Aug 2015
Anyone notice this
That in my own fathers time it was 31 cents a gallon for gas now all of a sudden they tell you its demand for gas that's why all is going up in price but I've come to learn that government has an unlimited supply of everything us 'regular people' aren't getting
Jake muler Sep 2015
Two kit kats cheapest ever seen in a carry out
Makes a grown man scream
Shout. Horray for two for 65 cents.
Jake muler Jan 2016
So many have omitted everyone else
So many have eliminated meaningful actions,
So many have deleted the word love and its operation.
So many have expunged its meaning,
So many have lost them self,
So many are all about them self
So many lost everybody else,
So many seek killing , straight ticket to hell.
So many love to hate,
Hate is the new love,
Hate hate, has become like a mans time to *******.
Hate hate, the normal, manys fate,
Hate hate, plugged into the mainstream,
Hate hate, ruins poor boys dreams,
Hate hate, get a date with disbelief,
Hate hate, you came early again not late,
Hate, get the hell out of here, we need love,
Never tried real poem really on my page hope this can be enjoyable to read
Jake muler Sep 2015
The moment you realize
I forgot my glasses,
Since my eye's are horrible
That's fine
My girl said my eyes look,adorable.
Jake muler May 2016
Sleepy as can be
Need some perfect sleep
To catch me dreaming of you
Jake muler May 2016
The air breezy today, but the sky

The sun out today
And my sleeves rolled up to.

The grass vivid green
The bees flying for a while.

The kids are all in school
Learning uneducations style.

Poets are writing
To let their feelings drift.

Lovers are making love,
Some are cheating, getting away for now with it.

Cars are driving pushing steel
Drivers in a hurry.

The squirrels outside, take natures ride
No longer do they worry.

The pollution down on the other side
Of town makes its debut.

Bars down the road filled with drunken loads
Hurt and pain, filled with cigarette ****'s.

Streets cracked, cement chalked
By the little ones who don't care.

I wish I was young, again not to stress
Of the adulthood that I've arrived to here.
Jake muler Jul 2015
**** truck almost hit me at the roadway of penny street
And the exit of seventy
Almost slammed by a truck, I thought is this it.
Jake muler Sep 2015
To many complain these days
If they don't get their way its a rant an moan session. Daily work has shown me the meaning of costly annoyance.
Jake muler Sep 2015
All this news on war is starting to get a little bit tiresome and annoying'
Jake muler Aug 2015
Cherish the thought not the attention
Jake muler Feb 2016
The criminals are the civilians
And the good guys are the government
Oh sorry I meant to flip this poem around I think I did it backwards opps
Jake muler Nov 2015
Get your bang for your buck
Just dont get ripped off
Jake muler Mar 2016
When I'm alone I'm just used to it. Better to turn the music up. Go with the flow. And get taken with the beat outside my window up into the air
Jake muler Apr 2016
The day is chilled
Nasty, this weather
Has taken a huge dump
From the beau monde's
Own destructive hand's.
One day they'll topple
Making way for the
Poorer man.
Jake muler Nov 2015
Being happy is a happy thing...
Jake muler Oct 2015
Everybody is trying to be some big star, Just be yourself!
Jake muler Oct 2015
Shouldnt we the people in our constitution mean we the people have power over the government. Not vice versa.things are half *** backwards.
Jake muler May 2016
I got to remember
There's bigger things
Than this
Jake muler Nov 2015
Bought me a subway sandwich today and couldn't help but think subway needs a new spokesperson big time
Jake muler Jul 2015
Dashcams caught me again
Car ticket with full money spent
This bites.
Jake muler Nov 2015
Wow the colds coming in quickly I want the snowfall but the cold can blow. No! No blowing like the wind. It can blow.
Jake muler Oct 2015
Our country is filled with maximum prison's but trying to understand why our politician's and big time rollers who spend all our tax dollars aren't doing life? Little strange to me. What bologna!
Jake muler Sep 2015
A good day for a walk and a good talk
No phone to speak and no television no more BROKE.
So off today to the new , ABC warehouse. A bomb television store down the road that catches any bored dudes attention
Jake muler Aug 2015
So i went to work last night, got home, hit alarm on
What happens!
Alarm let me sleep in another two extra hours, thanks buddy
Jake muler Sep 2015
Grades better now at school
Bills payed up
Hair cut fresh check
Clothes washed check
Forgot to get car fixed which leads me to I actually didint do any of this stuff I'm out of luck . this ***** *******
Jake muler Sep 2015
Seems, the harder I work. The less money I get for that work. Seems for sure like a catch 22. Everything stays old nothing seems new.
Jake muler Dec 2015
When the world gets more ******* in the *******
Gas prices go down then? It's a catch 22 for real
Jake muler Sep 2015
I figured out the meaning of life
Just chillax
Jake muler Jul 2015
Scissors a handbag for class and a sketch pad
To burn this baby down
Jake muler Jul 2015
My room today such a fatal mess, try my hardest and clean the best
Jake muler Nov 2015
Plant a seed and watch it grow. Plant a seed in warmth or snow.
But I hate the cold!
Jake muler May 2016
Come to Ohio
Journey through the Midwest
Come to Ohio
You won't know how to dress
Come to Ohio
Sure you can invest
Come to Ohio
Pollution fogs the factory breath
Come to Ohio
Here's a coat for the summer
Come to Ohio
Here's some shorts for the winter
Come to Ohio
Here's some algae bloom to drink
Come to Ohio
Oh wait Ohio stinks,
Come to Ohio
North and South to the borders
Come to Ohio
Drugs come and go and ****** enters
Come to Ohio
Streets cracked no money left
Come to Ohio
No work just *** to sell, from the girls men kidnap and infect
Come to Ohio
Prisons just about every block
Come to Ohio
We got no view, and black skies to, a lake that's brown, shoes new.
Come to Ohio
Hood's where the ******'s are popping
Come to Ohio
No laughter just sobbing
Come to Ohio
What's wrong don't like it yet?
Come to Ohio
No keep going, Ohio forget.
Jake muler Apr 2016
Tasted the cool cool water
It's chill gave me the vitality I needed.
Jake muler Jul 2015
I got thirty dollar's in gas
And a few dollar's to cruise to the big city
What newness will I stumble into today
Hopefully not more cop's
Jake muler Nov 2015
A bomb to cost millions to put into the hands of terrorist's is the government's game while the blind follow the blind, the economy's crock, what a shame. While taxpayers follow the illuminatis lies, media pushes hoaxes, the USA's suicide. The worst part, the people dont realize they have the power not the big brother above us, so people get the **** power back, stop being cowards! start protesting what really needs protesting and stop believing all CNN and every other news corp Tell's you, mass panic will be coming yet no ones prepared. Were dummies at the government fair
Jake muler Mar 2016
Gritty green dollar, soon to dissapear, economy in shambles, economy's death, from greedy ruling peers.
Jake muler Aug 2015
Had to check out the toy section today its been since forever since had the original spider man action figures and seeing these new toys sparked a flame in me. They don't even try no more with toys. Now I know how dad felt with my generation.
Jake muler Aug 2015
As crazy as it is I think
I wanna go to work Tommorow because this doing nothing today
Is horrible
Jake muler Dec 2015
My advice. Let noone knock you down, noone! When they do get back up, humans seem to wanna bring another down anymore. What the hell happened? Where's the one helping the less fortunate out? Where's the one where love is love and hate is past tense . where are we as a kind! ? Helping another? Giving to another! Knowing what's in your purse or wallet isn't all there is to life! Life's **** precious. So ponder this word. Take it as it is. Even when I'm having a bad day at work, home, or anywhere I well know to treat others good. If we start treating others like we want to be treated we might get somewhere, yet seems we're going backwards not frontward on. What happened? Guess that's for each individual to decide.
Jake muler Dec 2015
We define ourselves only the way we see others, I think we need to define others with a little more respect to appreciate ourselves the more.
Jake muler Mar 2016
As far back as I can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster.
-Quote by Ray liotta in good fellas movie.-

“Nothing personal, it’s just business” ~ Otto Berman

“Las Vegas turns women into men and men into idiots.” ~ Bugsy Siegel.

“This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey, that’s great. But its very, very unpredictable. There’s so many ways you can ***** it up.” ~ Paul Castellano

Thirty-two hundred dollars he gave me. Thirty-two hundred dollars for a lifetime. It wasn’t even enough to pay for the coffin.” (ray liotta as Henry hill) good fellas movie.

“I hate to say this, but this place is getting to me. I think I’m getting the fear.” Dr. Gonzo( fear and loathing in Las Vegas)

“If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.” Jules. ( movie pulp fiction with John travolta and Samuel l. Jackson. Also starring bruce Willis.)

“No matter how big a guy might be, Nicky would take him on. You beat Nicky with fists, he comes back with a bat. You beat him with a knife, he comes back with a gun. And you beat him
with a gun, you better **** him, because he’ll keep comin’ back and back
until one of you is dead.” Ace Rothstein ( movie Casino) Robert deniro, Joe pesci.
Jake muler Dec 2015
Everybody's in love
Until they get a beer or a joint inside them. Then they forget a wife or husband is at home waiting for them. Then love doesn't exist to them no more!
That's the despicable truth.
Jake muler Mar 2016
Guess the world's just a difference face trying to fit it's way from out of place.
Jake muler Jul 2015
Just got the worst news possibly I could have gotten and it gets me angered to know why it happened. Disgruntled isn't even the word I should use, just more in sorrow from such news. What to do what to do but stew in sorrow right now
Jake muler Dec 2015
Some say its a dog eat dog world, I've found in the end of this dog eat dog show, both dogs end up dying. Because when you eat another of your same kind you get nowhere, and hatred never wins, neither does eating another. Put the eating of another in the hatred category! You will just lose bringing the other person down with you, instead of dog eat dog. It would be dog eat self.
Jake muler Jul 2015
Headed down 90 before the way to the sweat box then what did I see out of the two way split. I saw a McDonald's sign in the clear that read to me three double cheeseburgers for one dollar
And ten cents so I stop to get me the three promised and **** they had told me the sign was wrong that the woman who did it
Should have put three for THREEDOLLARS! Mixed up, I'd say, give woman a break? Yes, but now no good and have to eat the bagged good's at the companies dispense now.    Great. Thank you mckie d's for the three for a buck ten more like a buck plus two
Jake muler Jun 2015
Don't know what to put I'm a new guy just supporting his girlfriend on here so cheers
Jake muler Jul 2015
The breaker breaker hitchhiker
Jake muler Jan 2016
I soaked in the heat waves through her nostrils, climbed out of her ear. Heard the electronic boom in her sorrows, I knew winter was near.
Something new tonight for me
Jake muler Jul 2015
A jocks worst nightmare
Studying working 49-50 hours a week now Maby part of like but come on
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