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dear upstairs neighbor,
do you own an elephant?
I think that you do.
© 2021  J.J.W. Coyle
Jake muler Jul 2015
Just got the worst news possibly I could have gotten and it gets me angered to know why it happened. Disgruntled isn't even the word I should use, just more in sorrow from such news. What to do what to do but stew in sorrow right now
This maze that is called life
has its claws clenched deep inside flesh
that i have no where to twist and turn
or whom to lean on and love

I am just a head on shoulders
feeling nothing but doom and nursing
nothing but tragedy after tragedy
oh how it can play tricks on you

Only yesterday did i have
the whole world in my hands
yet only crumbs do i own now
i guess that is the maze that is called
in the mourning
the moon
begins to rise
to the
in the room
between the thighs
forbidden fruit
from a filthy city
that ruins lives
so the troupe
snipped ribbons
ripped ties
flew the coupe
and found suit


thought it was provoking

when they
caught em
smoking loosies &
tagging in
elementary school
bathrooms &
peeping ****** movies for free
mercy me, a perturbing
flea ridden circus
ballyhoo at
high noon
look between
the alleyways
like pearly gates
adjacent to
& facing toward
the gallow stage
saved for traitors

& may I say

these are unhallowed days

triple x files.
furious grady stiles
walked the
daily eighty miles
to the liquor store for
his quick pick or maybe just
a curious
eye sore for bored out tricks
on the nearest corner &
the queerest gory ***** flicks for
a nickel a dime a quarter

- mind the camera -

prison bar

flock stickered on
the flickering light
mock bicker then its
quiet on the farm tonight
⁢ doesn't seem right  
the sicker sheep seek
sleepless nights
in the street
took Darwinian flight &
a diving leap
to diamond minds
thicker fleece &
meaner teeth
drinking on cheap forties
sneakin up on sweet
***** mother glory

A memoir.

— The End —