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  Apr 2015 Rosie
Arlo Disarray
Ten thousand will die tonight
As they argue who is right
Endlessly, they **** and fight
Losing touch, and losing sight

"Farewell, my friend" I must say
As another loved one ships away
To fight a fight that has no sway
A pointless battle of sick decay

Two dead soldiers drop in dirt
Bullet holes all through their shirts
All are fighting, most are hurt
Nothing helps this, nothing works
  Apr 2015 Rosie
Perfect is worthless seen through the eyes of a serpent
A word I'm sure is uncertain, spoken from any one person
I've come to realize earth is a curve of choking emotions
Seventy one percent ocean but see, the fire is the potion
We keep a flame in our hearts just to keep away the commotion
Forsworn and broken, stuck to a preconceived notion
We heat the coldest of parts but we don't foresee the explosion
We've chosen hate over love and we let our minds remain frozen
We're hopeless roamers and loners subject to being torn open
We stumble through the black, hands splayed blindly groping
For some sort of hope although we're lost in the ***** mess
Of pretending to be alive, free and full of alertness
Too often we keep our hearts rib-caged and vested
Let nothing come between our minds and this message
A vestige of optimism found underneath a veil of depression
But being hopeful for a future is a subtle transgression
To the laws of the present where we learn only one lesson
"Sever the bonds between eyesight and connection"
Dissecting human nature and replacing it with technology
Follow me I'll show you our true psychology
We seek a light in a cave but digging used archaeology
We advance not through screens, but 'forward ideology'
We accept a flawed system and in return are plagued harshly
By the 'gods' of the world because 'goods' are placed sparsely
Mark my words, the hand of time is our only true opponent
We believe the hand of 'him' to be the earths advancing component
So we fake smiles and play this game but we don't own it
We just bought it of the market that we created unknowing
Listen because I am showing independence in words
Not trying to preach, I just want you to learn
Free verse. I just let the words type themselves.
I've been told not to run with scissors.
I've been told to be safe and not sorry.
I've been told to live quiet and lonely.
Not to feel; but to hear, not to listen.

I've been told to keep feelings inside me.
I've been told to love words when unspoken.
I've been told not to care for what's broken.
Not to know; but to touch, without feeling.

But who am I? A girl made of feelings.
Who am I? A person of soul.
Who am I? The one at the base rung,
Ready to catch those who fall.

Who am I? The first one to stand up.
Who am I? The one who can fly.
Who am I? A friend who will be there,
No matter at what time of day.

Yes, it arrived unexpected.
Am I a bit over the top?
No. I have been this way, always.
It just took its sweet time to come out.
No matter how much you try to suppress someone's true personality and feelings, they will show themselves eventually. The truth remains the truth, whether in your favour or not.
Rosie Mar 2015
Sadness, I am full of it
I'll smile during the day and nobody will know the difference
But when the lights go out
And im alone in my room
The saddness will show in little pear shaped tears
They will fall down my cheeks, down my chin,  and into my hair
never slowing
Always going
My eyes are the taps and the sadness the pull
The tears that fall are the drops from the leaky tank
And I will cry, I will cry until the tank runs dry and the pull subsides
Then, I will sleep preparing for the same tomorrow
Because the sadness is relentless and it will never let me go
Rosie Mar 2015
Yes I am young,
but I feel trapped,
Trapped here on earth,
Trapped in my own body.
And I long to be free.
Free from the bonds that hold me here,
Free to fly and soar and dive,
I want to be free like birds are free.
Free like the birds.

— The End —