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  Nov 2014 Hailey
Barkley Layne
He does not give me butterflies


No, the feeling he gives me in my stomach,

It stings.
  Nov 2014 Hailey
She kissed me,
And I kissed back.
And then we fell,
Fell into the deep abyss,
That I call love.
  Nov 2014 Hailey
Love is a rainbow, but it ends with rain
Love is pleasure, but it gives you so much pain
Love is warm, but it's also cold
Love shines, but it isn't always gold
  Oct 2014 Hailey
Patrice Diaz
i'm done with love
i'm done with feelings
i'm done with words
that never had meaning

i'm done with hatred
i'm done with feelings
i'm done with flames
that never seem to burn out

i'm done with sadness
i'm done with feelings
i'm done with tears
that never fade away

i'm done with a lot of things
i'm done with people;
how they bring others down
how they let things linger

but there is one thing i haven't given up on:
  Oct 2014 Hailey
Musarrat Bte Salam
Greenery, O you beautiful thing, barely visible in the wake of early dawn.
Amidst the darkness,dew drops form across your petals.
Sometimes visible like crystals at my lawn.
I look through you, the ray has hit your window,
As I try to grasp the details you reflect like a mirror,
You perish upon my gentle touch,
And here I thought you would turn into gold.
Oh my, I sure am getting old.
Searching for answers within the dew drops of the early dawn,
Knowing everyone just started to yawn,
And lift their sleepy heads,
Here I am standing,wondering where do these dew drops lead to.
Dew drops,you are like ripples of tiny bubbles,
But sometimes,I feel you are the tear drops that fall from the eyes of my own.
And sometimes,I think you are the drops of love from the vast ocean,
Endless,with no edges or corners,
Perfect in your own solitude.
  Oct 2014 Hailey
Swimming in swirls.
Dancing with smoke trails.
Hung up on these girls
with their golden locks and pigtails.

Curl me around your finger.
Strung out on different pills.
Let's leave this place together
and fulfill those greater thrills.

Hear the music echo
in those ears that still ring.
Move your body to the rhythm.
I want to hear you sing.

Sweet melody.
Released free and clear.
Tonight we are in harmony,
but tomorrow I'm not here.
Hailey Oct 2014
I see the way he looks at her
And it makes me sad
The way his eyes light up
The slight smile on his face
I remember when
He looked at me like that
But that is what was
Not what is
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