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 Oct 2015 Hailey
Are my words worth reading?

How long does it take you to decide?

3 lines in?

Maybe 4?

If you made it this far, what do you think?

Do you think my words will be

Only just what you want to see?

Words of love or pain

or whats lost or maybe found?

Could this be written in blood

trickling down my fingertips?

Could my words be only yawns

and sighs or relief or retreat?

Could they be calls....

warning the the weary wanderer


Could my words mean nothing

Just plain, empty ink

sprawled across the smooth white plain?

Could I have wasted your time?

Wasted each movement of your eye

as it pans across the cold, hard screen.

You tell me.

You're the one who read this far.
Find meaning in everything.
 Oct 2015 Hailey
bad dreams
 Oct 2015 Hailey
woke up flustered in the middle of the night
with tears in my eyes, & you on my mind
dedicated to everyone who has no one to be there for them during their 3:23am panic attacks.
 Jul 2015 Hailey
LA Brown
 Jul 2015 Hailey
LA Brown
Mommy, mommy are you okay?
Wake up, wake up it's Saturday!

Mommy is sick leave mommy be!
I'm still in bed, can't you see?

Oh poor mommy, what can I do?
I really, really want to help you.

I need water, and something to eat.
Walk lighter, not so heavy with your feet!

Here, mommy, here, is this good enough?
You don't look very well, kind of rough.

Quiet down child, I am sick I said!
Can't you get that through your thick head?

Sorry, sorry, what else do you need?
Would you like a book, something to read?

Turn off that light what are you doing!
Stop those tears, I don't need your boo-hooing!

Please mommy, please don't be mad,
Seeing you sick just makes me so very sad.

Turn off the light and just go away!
I am not going to play with you today.
 Jul 2015 Hailey
Helen Murray
Hear my cry.
I’m just brand new.
I survived the womb
and my first breath drew.
For the next twenty years
must I suffer child abuse?
Must I be the victim
Of  a criminal choice?
There’s a twenty per cent chance
That my childhood will provide
An evil ****** education
that I will deride.
There’s a twenty per cent chance
I’ll have a very large account
for my mental health requirement.
Think I’d rather dismount
from life right now
than go through all of that.
Can you please change my outlook?
I’m being very frank.
I cannot face life
Through such insufferable pain.
I’d rather go back
To the place from which I came!
But I can’t!
P-L-E-A-S-E  H-E-L-P   M-E
I like to present this poem with a picture of six human babies plus a baby elephant, so that people might consider which will be the victim.
 Jul 2015 Hailey
Andrew Durst
I couldn’t
always be there.

It was as
simple as that.

And in a world
where everyone
  needs everything
to be at their
  beckoning call,

I just wasn’t
  good enough.

-Andrew Durst.
Hello everyone.
 Jun 2015 Hailey
I will love you till the end he whispered
and that's when she looked in his eyes
as she touched him he withered
after all his words were her lies

I have no where else to be
she heard him every night
in the cold hearts and warm bodies
only the claws dug deeper and tight

don't let go of me you ******
he heard her moan so softly
as the moans got louder
the silence screamed loudly

she had never been so lonely
as he turned his head away
the look in his eyes
voicing more than words can convey

in her fading dreams he lingers
like he did when they were young
now the distance seems long enough
in how far they have come

only the stares she says
they are enough to make her his again
she knows when he wakes
she can hear him call her name

and he can still make her smile
like he did when they were young
and if nothing else they know
they shared what they've become

i love you more than life he smiled
as she woke in his arms one day
she had never been more beautiful
he knew he loved her more everyday

i love you she whispered silently
for she knew he had no heart
he caressed her ever so softly
there would be a morning in few hours

i love you more than life he said
before he disappeared back into the dark
with all her wishes gone and paid
now she keeps a broken heart
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