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Kyle Jun 24
Hey, i know it's undeniably hard
It's never been easy to have that kind of standards
You shed a lot of tears and drowned in the sea of anxiety
Trying your best just for you to be the man that they want you to be
But heyyyy, maybe you just have to wait
One day you'll be happy don't lose faith
Or maybe make your move and tell them your rants
And rest if you're tired take a break from being a hardworking ant
There are times that you'll feel that the world is against you
Don't forget that im your friend, you have me, im not leaving you
You maybe someone that i won't be able to reach
But i'll never get tired of being here for you even if the universe had a glitch
You're my human diary, my pillow, my moon
How i wish we'll be together soon
But i know i'm just dreaming
You don't even have the slightest idea that i'm falling
Loving you is really hard
You're the boat who always have the choice to stay on the shore
But instead, you chase the sun
You're the moon that i kept on chasing even if you're already gone
So right now if you're reading this
I just want you to know that i'll never get tired
I'm always here... We're pals and together we're wired
Raise the flag and i'll fight with my sword
Whatever happens don't forget that you have my word
Kyle Jun 24
We met in the most unexpected time with the most unexpected reason
Two unstable soul that are both sailing the sea of sorrow and pain
I saw how you crash along with the waves of uncertainty
And you witnessed how i break down trying my best to stay sane

I love the way you breathe...
Like a fragile glass longing for care
You show me your vulnerability
Your fear of living
And your stupid smile that drives away my sanity

I love the way you breathe...
How you throw your silly jokes that i can't sometimes get
Your incredible way of making me sorry for such a small thing and regret
And the freakin mojos that you use to make my heart melt

I love the way you breathe...
Those falling tears of agony as you clench your aching heart
Bravely thrown heartbreaking words
And your irritating presence is enough for me to realize that you're a breathtaking art

I love the way you breathe...
Every piece of you is astonishingly made
Your soul is drowning me as i tried to untangle each of your secrets
And your illuminating eyes are stealing my innocence

I just can't take it
You're just so amazingly worth it
That despite of being undeniably imperfect
I never get tired of admiring the air you breathe
Kyle May 14
It’s only the heaven’s eyes that sees
And the wind of this world that feels

A thousand miles for me to reach
Maybe out my league for me to seek

You’re like a dark sky with a faded light
That as I get in touched with, I’m seeing an unfamiliar sight

It maybe nonsensical encounter
Not until one day where I consider you as the most familiar stranger

3000 miles, unwiped tears, unseen smiles
Countless fights, damaged egos, lowered pride
Unclear reasons of our paths that collide
Still remained connected by the rope that binds
Kyle Dec 2019
The Universe spoke
we will never be together
Two planets from different orbits
both afraid to risk and commit
A never-ending story full of what if's
Together with the thousands of words that can never escape my lips
Kyle Dec 2019
I'm afraid of falling
So afraid that i stopped my heart from beating
But no matter how hard and painful it is
In the end
it's you that i always miss
Kyle Sep 2019
Pagod... Pagod na ako

Sa bawat Segundo na lumilipas
Sa patuloy na pagtakbo ng oras
Sa pagsilay ko sa mga dahong dahan dahang nanlalagas
Isang salita ang ninanais kong sayo’y sana’y mailabas

Natatandaan mo pa ba? Kung paano tayo nagsimula
Kung papaano ko hindi napigilan na ang puso’y sayo’y tumibok na lang bigla
Naging tungkulin ko na ang mahalin ka
Simula ng sambitin mo sa akin ang mga katagang mahal kita

Ang mga ngiting umaabot sa ating mga mata
Ang mabubulaklak na salitang nagpapakilig sakin sa tuwina
Ang mga yakap na nagdudulot ng ginhawa
Tila yata isang ala-ala na lamang na unti-unting nawawala

Pagod na ako…
Pagod na pagod na ako
Gustong gusto kong sumuko
Gusto kong burahin ka sa buhay ko
Gustong gusto kong ibalik ang panahon na hindi pa kita nakikilala
Pero anong magagawa ko?
Baliw tong pusong to.

Handa akong ipagpalit lahat bumalik lang ang dati
Ang mga panahong ang halik at yakap mo ang gamot sa aking sakit
Ang ngiti at tawa mo ang nagpapagaan sa bigat na nararamdaman
Ang presensya mo lang sapat na upang maging dahilan

Pero ngayon paulit-ulit na sumasampal sa akin ang katotohanan
Pagod na ako kaya kailangan ko ng tigilan

Ikaw parin ang mahal ko
Ikaw at ikaw parin ang nasa isip ko
Pero gustong sabihin sayo na hindi sapat…
Hindi sapat ang meron tayo para tanggapin ko ang lahat

Napagod ako noon pero pinilit kong lumaban
Napagod tayo sa kung anong meron satin, pero isinalba ng ating pagmamahalan
Pinilit kalimutan lahat ng sakit
Ginawa ang lahat para hindi mawala ang ating kapit

Pero lahat ng nararamdaman ko sumabog na tila isang bomba
Sakit, hirap, bigat sa kalooban, lungkot, panghihinayang at pagod
Pagod na kahit ilang beses **** hilingin na magpahinga
Hinding hindi na kayang burahin na parang isang permanenteng tinta

Pero hindi ko na talaga kaya ang aking dinadala
Hindi ko na kayang pigilin ang pagbuhos ng aking mga luha
Hindi ko na kayang humakbang pa at umabante
Hindi ko na kayang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay at bumalik sa dati

Nauubos na ang natitirang lakas
Mga sugat sa puso ko ngayo’y nababakas
Mahal ko pero masakit na....
Gusto ko pa pero nakakasawa na....

Sa bawat Segundo na lumilipas
Sa patuloy na pagtakbo ng oras
Sa pagsilay ko sa mga dahong dahan dahang nanlalagas
Isang salita ang ninanais kong sayo’y sana’y mailabas

Mahal Ko…
Patawad… pero dito na natatapos ang ating storya
Pinangarap man nating maging hanggang kamatayan pero ngayo’y natapos na
Dalawang salitang noo’y kilig ang dulot
Ngayo’y isang matilos na patalim na saking puso’y gumabot

Pinapalaya na kita…
Pasensya at napagod ako sinta
Kyle Jun 2019
The stars shined and the moon gives it light
but the world still needs the sun for the universe to live,
the timing is not right and everything shouldn't be possible.
The girl is too young for it
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